Where Is The Largest Target & How Big Is It?

Where Is The Largest Target & How Big Is It? (2022 Update)

Target Corporation
  • Goodfellow Dry Goods

  • (1902–1903)
  • Dayton’s Dry Goods Company

  • (1903–1910)
  • Dayton Company

  • (1910–1962)
  • Dayton Corporation

  • (1962–1969)
  • Dayton-Hudson Corporation

  • (1969–2000)
Founded June 24, 1902

; 119 years ago





January 5, 1962

; 60 years ago




George Dayton


John Geisse

Target Plaza


Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, Minnesota

, U.S.
Number of locations
1,926 stores (2021)


Area served
United States, Canada (formerly, see

Target Canada

Key people

Brian C. Cornell





Products Beauty and Health Products


Clothing and Accessories






Lawn and Garden

Pet Supplies


Small Appliances

Revenue Increase


99.6 billion

US$6.539 billion (2021)
US$4.368 billion (2021)

Total assets

US$51.248 billion (2021)

Total equity

US$14.440 billion (2021)
Number of employees
409,000 (2020)




Footnotes / references


Target’s decision to open large stores allows them to carry a broad range of products and draw thousands of people every day.

  • Seeing how large Target’s stores tend to be, you may have wondered – what city has the largest Target in the country, and how big is it? We have the solution to your intriguing question.
  • Where Is The Largest Target & How Big Is It? (2022 Update)

    Which is The Most Important Target For 2022?

    Annapolis in Maryland, is home to Target’s largest US store. This store is listed as being over 200,000 square feet in area, compared to the typically sized Target store which is usually averaged at around 130,000 square feet.

  • You can read on to learn about the differences between SuperTarget Targets and regular Targets, the best cities for Target Stores, and more!
  • Which Target Store is The Biggest?

    Target has the biggest store at just over 200k square feet. SuperTarget’s largest SuperTarget can be found in Hoover, Alabama. It measures 191,000 sq.ft. and is almost 4.5 acres.

    The Target store at The Valley Forge Shopping Center is King of Prussia (Pennsylvania). It measures around 165,000 square foot.

    The SuperTarget store was a larger Target location that offered more products and services than the regular Target.

    In order to provide a hypermarket experience that rivals Walmart Supercenters’, Groceries was added.

  • Target changed the name of all its stores in August 2015 to simply “Target” and stated that all their stores share one commonality: they’re all Target.
  • After this announcement, newer stores have simply been named Target, although older stores may still have SuperTarget signs on the building.

    Where Is The Largest Target & How Big Is It? (2022 Update)

    Which city has the most Target stores?

    Chicago, Illinois has 21 Target locations. It is also the largest city in America.

    It is tied for second between Los Angeles, California, Minneapolis and Minnesota with each store having 17 locations.

    San Jose, California is home to 11 Target stores.

    California, Texas, and Florida have the highest number of Target locations, with both 310 and 153 respectively. Florida has 126 locations.

    What is The Smallest Target

    The smallest Target is a small-format store located at Wicker Park, Chicago, and measures at approximately 12,800 square feet.

    Target began creating smaller stores around 2018 with the purpose of supporting more urban areas where a larger-sized Target wouldn’t fit.

    The company currently operates 140 small format stores throughout the United States, of which 30 are located close to college campuses. This makes it convenient for students.

    Smaller stores provide a better shopping experience because they’ve usually done extensive research in the area to find the best products (since there is limited space and stock).

    To find out the needs of their community, employees will conduct research into nearby businesses.

    Target’s 6 block radius may mean that one Target store could be completely different than another Target store.

    To learn more about this beloved store, you can see our related posts on some interesting Target statistics, Target’s competitive advantages, and why Target failed in Canada.

  • Conclusion
  • Annapolis in Maryland has the biggest Target. This Target covers approximately 250,000 square feet and occupies approximately 4.5 acres.

    Target, however, is now concentrating its efforts to create more small-format Target stores in the US so that they can better serve small towns and urban areas.

    The larger Target stores that were once known as SuperTarget shops are now called ‘Target’. Larger Target stores with large size have also been named ‘Target.

    Older stores may still have SuperTarget written on the building, however, depending on location.

    .Where Is The Largest Target & How Big Is It? (2022 Update)

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