Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

In large retailers, shoplifting occurs quite often. Because of this fact, many chains offer a range of policies and procedures to prevent and deter shoplifters.

  • Home Depot is the biggest home improvement retailer in the United States, so you might be interested to know more about their shoplifting policies. Here is everything I’ve found out about it!
  • Home Depot Shoplifting Policy for 2022
  • Home Depot’s shoplifting policy states that shoplifters will be detained by Home Depot security until law enforcement arrives, and will face prosecution as of 2022. Home Depot is equipped with security cameras and security guards that protect its assets.

  • If you want to learn more about the methods of loss prevention used by Home Depot, what happens to shoplifters who get caught, and much more, keep on reading!
  • Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Does Home Depot Have Loss Prevention?

    Home Depot employs a number of loss prevention tactics to protect its assets in-store.

    For example, asset-protection specialists monitor its loss prevention scheme, working to prevent potential cases of theft and dealing with issues that arise as a result of shoplifting.

    Home Depot has also been testing a different method to prevent loss. These tools are not activated by the register and will therefore not function.

    Home Depot can now introduce loss prevention strategies at the point of sale. This does not affect loyal customers’ shopping experience.

    Home Depot tested this new way of loss prevention. Now they plan to offer these power tools in every Home Depot store.

    Home Depot Monitors Security Cameras

    Home Depot often monitors its security cameras as part its loss prevention program.

    The cameras in Home Depot are set up to watch checkouts, store aisles, and parking lots, as well as other areas of operation.

    Home Depot invested $250 million in store renovations to protect 300,000. Employees, reduce losses and improve customer experience.

    Verint allows Home Depot to view CCTV footage remotely or inside its stores.

    Home Depot can also use security cameras to give evidence to the police regarding shoplifting and other crimes to help protect property and bring about criminal prosecutions.

    Home Depot employs deterrents such security boxes, spider wraps, tags to safeguard its stock.

    The stickers are attached on the products of the company to notify security officers if any items have been stolen.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Home Depot does facial recognition

    Home Depot uses facial recognition, despite their commitment to loss prevention techniques such as security cameras.

    As Axios reports, Home Depot is involved with Fight for the Future and refuses to use facial recognition to protect individuals, despite the security measures it can offer to retailers.

    Home Depot Security Guards

    Home Depot has security guards on its premises to help protect your assets.

    Home Depot security guards are known as Asset Protection specialists. Their duties include working with law enforcement and monitoring security cameras.

    Although these security officers are permitted to monitor shoplifters and enforce shoplifting policies in the store, they are prohibited from apprehending them.

    Along with that, employees at Home Depot are also not allowed to apprehend shoplifters as it may involve putting themselves in danger.

    Any employee at Home Depot who is caught apprehending shoplifters will be terminated as per the Home Depot employee policy.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    What does an Asset Protection Specialist at Home Depot do?

    Home Depot’s asset protection specialists can stop shoplifting.

    Home Depot security specialist, The Home Depot Asset Protection Specialist, identifies instances of shoplifting and reviews the security camera systems. He also ensures that Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is functioning properly.

    As with other Home Depot employees they are warned not to risk their lives to arrest shoplifters.

    As per the Home Depot shoplifting policy, asset protection specialists must report dangerous situations to their manager or supervisor.

    Does Home Depot Prosecute Shoplifters?

    Home Depot will prosecute shoplifters who are arrested in its stores.

    Home Depot’s security personnel will keep shoplifters under surveillance until they arrive at law enforcement. Then, the offenders are transferred to police custody.

    It will depend on the extent of the attempted theft from Home Depot. The criminal charge may vary.

    This will apply to items less than $100 that Home Depot sells, as well as items worth more than $300. It is a second degree misdemeanor.

    You should keep in mind, however that criminal proceedings for shoplifting from Home Depot could vary depending upon your location.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Can You Be Banned From All Home Depot For Shoplifting?

    According to numerous reports, being caught shoplifting in Home Depot will result in your exclusion from the store.

    If you have been involved in a serious crime, like armed robbery, then your access to the Home Depot franchise is not likely.

    Home Depot Loses How Much to Shoplifting

    Home Depot does not release the amount that it loses each year to shoplifting in order to protect its assets.

    CNBC however reported that Home Depot is losing around $81million annually to shoplifting.

    Home Depot’s ability to combat shoplifting or retail crime will help reduce loss, which could ultimately lead to increased customer costs.

    Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

    Which are The Most Common Items Stolen from Home Depot?

    Online reports suggest that the most popular types of products stolen from Home Depot stores are power tools.

    Home Depot shoplifters are likely to be drawn to power tools because they’re easy to move out of the stores and can also be valuable to sell.

    To combat shoplifting, Home Depot have been working with pawn shops and similar retailers to recover its shoplifted or stolen items.

    Shoplifters may also be attracted to smaller and more pocket-friendly items at Home Depot.

    Items with security labels in their packaging are also vulnerable to theft.

    Reports indicate that Home Depot is the victim of a shoplifter gang who steals items for return in order to get cash or in-store credits.

    What happens if you steal from Home Depot

    If you are caught stealing from Home Depot, it is likely that you will be prosecuted.

    Home Depot will have video evidence and often testimony from security guards that can and will be used against you.

    Be aware that you may be issued a criminal conviction for theft by Home Depot and could face jail time.

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  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot has a variety of strategies and tactics in place to prevent shoplifting and similar retail thefts from occurring within its stores.

    Home Depot shoplifting can cause serious financial loss to the retailer, which is what it strives to stop.

    Home Depot employs security guards and video cameras as part of their loss prevention strategies to stop shoplifters. Home Depot workers are warned not to go after shoplifters. This is to protect themselves from injury and possible danger.

    Does Home Depot Have A No Chase Policy?

    Stephen Holmes at Home Depot’s corporate office said, “No merchandise of other assets is worth putting the life or health of our customers or associates in danger. Therefore, we have a policy that prohibits us from following shoplifters in any way that could pose a risk to anyone.

    Home Depot tracks shoplifters

    Shoplifters caught at Home Depot are prosecuted. Home Depot security officers will take shoplifters into custody until law enforcement arrive. The charges for criminal offense will depend on the amount of attempted theft at Home Depot.

    What does Home Depot Theft Policy mean?

    Home Depot employees are trained to wait until the customer leaves before they confront you. Security will keep you in the store while they arrest you.

    What Happens When You Steal From Home Depot

    Everything from flooring, appliances and tools is sold by them. You could face serious charges if you’re caught at Home Depot stealing. A criminal record could follow you throughout your entire life if you are caught shoplifting at Home Depot. Punishments may even include jail time.

    .Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

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