Who Makes Workzone Tools For Aldi

Who Makes Workzone Tools For Aldi In 2022? (Full Guide)

A home remodel can cost a lot because of the need for all the material and the tools required to do it.

Aldi, which sells various tools and other accessories under the WorkZone name, is well-known for their Aldi Finds section. They don’t actually make any. But who is the manufacturer of WorkZone tools, you ask? Your answer is here.

Aldi’s WorkZone tool brand is made by various manufacturers, including Pulsar, Harper Trucks, Merotec, Keter, and Positec. Aldi WorkZone tools include products like generators.

  • I’m going to break down some of Aldi’s WorkZone products, tools and accessories, including who sources and manufactures them for Aldi’s private label. Some of these items are likely to be from surprising places!
  • WorkZone Inverter Generator – Model PG2000is
  • Aldi sold the WorkZone Inverter Generator at $370.
  • The model has a power rating of 2,000 watts and weighs approximately 50 pounds.

    It can be used for all occasions, including when there is electricity needed to entertain guests or go camping.

    Pulsar sells power tools and generators as well, but owners are very fond of this product.

    They are available at Walmart, Tractor Supply Stores and Lowes.

    Pulsar, a Canadian company, is located in Ontario. The distribution center can be found in Cary, Ill., which happens to be only 30-miles from Aldi’s American HQ, Batavia.

    Check out the YouTube unboxing to see more details and read the comments.

  • WorkZone Foldable Workbench
  • Released most recently, the foldable workbench is a handy accessory for any home DIYer without the space for a dedicated workbench.

    Conmetall Meister GmbH is the company that actually makes these workbenches. It’s based in Celle.

    The company makes a dozen tools and accessories, including safety products.

  • WorkZone Foldable hand truck
  • This foldable hand truck was made in 2019 and was sold.

    Harper Trucks in Wichita Kansas manufactured the item. Harper is a specialist in hand trucks, and one of the most important manufacturers in this field in the world.

    Harper’s sells items under their own brand labels at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Sam’s Club. True Value and Home Depot.

  • WorkZone 20V LiIon Cordless Drill +1850 PSI Elec Pressure Washer
  • Home DIYers will all tell you that having a good drill helps with basic tasks.

    WorkZone 20V Li-Ion Cordless Drill is now available. It was introduced in 2019 by Merotec and is now a Sumec affiliate. One of the best things about this drill is the fact that it can be resold online.

    Merotec, which is located in Kennesaw GA, has Sumec as its parent. Sumec is an Asian company based in China with a European base, in Germany (like Aldi).

    In addition to manufacturing the tools sold as WorkZone, Sumec also sells under the brand names G-Force and Yard Force.

    Merotec manufactured the 20V Cordless Drill and the 50-piece Project Kit from Merotec for Aldi.

  • Sumec is also a manufacturer of pressure washers so Aldi can also offer the 1850 PSI pressure washing machine. Sumec owns patents to their pressure washers. They are among the most original in the world. Aldi is proud of them!
  • WorkZone 18-Compartment Cantilever Organizer
  • It can be hard to properly care for tools if your storage system is not adequate. Multi-compartment Cantilever organizers (meaning some compartments extend outside of the main case) make it easier to keep small things, such as screws, together.

    Keter is the company that manufactures the product. It was established in Israel with 29 plants across the globe. They specialize in resin (plastics) for the garden and home.

    Keter is a private label company that sells products.

  • WorkZone Wall Mount Power Board
  • Any workspace needs extra light, power, and outlets. This is what the wall mounted power board did. Balco Lifestyle, an Australian electronics company, is responsible for the design.

    Balco, in addition to providing WorkZone products for sale, also offers its own label with many smart devices such as doorbells 3D printers drones lightbulbs, and other smart devices.

    Balco provides products for Bauhn’s electronics company. This includes Bluetooth technology, headphones, speakers, and charging pads. Aldi actually sells Bauhn technology, like the 76-inch flatscreen that hit Aldi shelves in June 2021 (for only $999! ).

  • WorkZone 6 Amp Jigsaw
  • A saw makes it easier to complete projects at home. The WorkZone Jigsaw comes with 2 blades: one for wood, one for metal.

    This saw is part of the Positec products family. Positec was founded in 1994 and is based in China, with their North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Positec sells also under the Rockwell and Worx brand names. Both can be found in your neighborhood hardware store like Lowes and Home Depot, as well as big-box chains like Walmart.

    To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on who makes Aldi products, a list of Aldi brands, and our guide on the Aldi warranty.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi does not source all WorkZone tools and accessories from one company. Instead, they are sourced from multiple sellers across the US.

    Similar to Aldi’s mealstuffs, many customers purchase the exact same tool at a fraction of their retail price.

    Who manages Aldi Workzone.

    Pulsar’s WorkZone is manufactured by many manufacturers including Harper Trucks (Merotec), Merotec. Keter and Positec. The Aldi WorkZone brand also includes power tools such as drills and workbenches.

    Are Workzone & Ferrex the same thing?

    You can’t guarantee the drill you’re going to sell next week’s is the same model they sold last year. Ferrex (Workzone) and Ferrex, however, are both private or phantom brands.

    Will ferrex Batteries work with your Workzone Equipment?

    Because it is lightweight and small, the FERREX18 V battery allows you to work comfortably. This spare battery can be used with the WORKZONE TITANIUM+ cordless hammer drills/impact drivers, and cordless circularsaws. It is easily replaced.

    Is Aldi A Workzone?

    Aldi maintains a rotating inventory of tools and accessories for work throughout the year. … …

    .Who Makes Workzone Tools For Aldi In 2022? (Full Guide)

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