Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Non-Member Return Process

If your local Sam’s Club store accepts non-member returns, it will usually process your request in one of two ways:

  • Use the membership ID listed on the receipt to find the item
  • Use the first and last name of the purchasing member to find the item

With either of these methods, Sam’s Club will look up the purchaser’s membership and print a temporary membership to process your return. According to Sam’s Club, certain items in house, like Sam’s Club exclusive cleaning products, do not require a receipt. To process a return, you will need your receipt and item (even if it was purchased online).

What is the best way to return a mattress to Sam’s Club?

Sams Club will accept a returned mattress if it is in their possession during normal business hours. Return the mattress to Sams Club by removing any tags and bringing your receipt. To prove your identity, you may be required to show your Sams Club card or photo ID. The store might keep track of your returns and ban you from returning fraudulently.

Sams Club offers a flexible return policy on mattresses. However, it all depends on where you are located. Most mattresses can be returned within 30 days after purchase to receive a complete refund. You can return a mattress purchased on sale if you keep the receipt. The mattress may not be returned by the warehouse due to a design defect, however the store will refund you your money.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

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Is It Possible To Return A Mattress Without Having A Receipt?

You can send a mattress back to Sam’s Club with no receipt. However, if your receipt is included when you return the mattress, it will speed up the entire process. The business, on that note, is aware that misplacing receipts occurs from time to time.

When returning a mattress, a Sam’s Club employee may be able to look up your receipt. Bring your Sam’s Club member card when returning your mattress.

If you return a mattress without receipt, your refund will be applied towards a Sam’s Club gift card.

If you return your mattress to Sam’s Club online, you will have access to a duplicate of your receipt.

Register on Sam’s Club’s online site to view your receipt.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Online Purchases

Online purchases can be returned in a variety of ways.

Send the item back. Most items bought online can be sent back via the mail or at the nearest store. If you want to mail the return, go to your account page and look at your orders. Just follow the instructions to complete your return.

Return it in stores: If you want to return an item you bought online to the store, bring your receipt and the items you want to return to to the returns counter. The item that you bought online cannot be exchanged, however you may return it to receive a full refund.

Sam’S Club Electronics Return Policy

Below is a list of electronic products, sorted by return deadlines.

  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid
  • No contract
  • ATVs
  • Go-karts
  • Golf carts
  • Others electric and gas vehicles

Commercial heavy equipment:

  • Vending machines
  • Hood vents and commercial cooking ranges
  • Ice machines
  • Commercial equipment
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Tablets
  • Smart devices
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Gaming consoles
  • Video games
  • Software
  • Movies
  • Musik
  • Additional electronics

Major appliances:

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators larger than nine cubic feet
  • Freezers
  • Ranges
  • Cooktops
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Note that customers are responsible for the proper removal of gasoline before returning motorsport products. A gasoline purge certificate may be required for returns.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S Club Return Policy Explained

Sam’s Club locations allow for return of in-store or online purchases. The company includes a disclaimer in the product description if a certain item can’t be returned.

Staff members may ask you to show a valid photo ID and your Sam’s Club membership card when submitting a return request.

Sam’s Club suggests that you keep your receipt, proof of purchase, in order to make it easier for Sam’s Club to process your return.

All accessories, manuals and packaging must be returned in the original condition. Sam’s Club may offer a partial refund for returns that lack any items your purchase came with.

Promotive savings and product prices will be credited or refunded. If you purchased Instant Savings products, your company will refund the total amount of the purchase less the Instant Savings amount.

When Do You Get A Refund On Your Mattress To Sam’S Club?

After returning a mattress in-store, your money is immediately refunded to the card you used to make the purchase. Sam’s Club will refund your money immediately if you return a mattress.

On the other side, online mattress returns can take as long as 7 days to process your refund and return your money.

Sam’s Club will reimburse your money back to the credit or debit card that you used for the purchase of the mattress after it is processed.

Additional Important Information about the Sam’s Club Mattress Refund Policy

It can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the Sam’s Club return policy. Depending on the item you want to return, the company has several deadlines:

  • You can return mattresses, heavy equipment, and motorsports gear within 30 days.
  • For mobile devices, it’s 14 days
  • The 90-day guarantee covers dryers and freezers as well as other householdware.

If you have a receipt, the company will refund you using the same payment method you used. You will receive store credit if you do not have a receipt, which you can use to purchase Sam’s Club merchandise.

Sam’s Club accepts returns for most items. However, Sam’s Club will not accept returns on these items.

  • Prescription medications
  • Customized Products
  • Gift cards

Even if you meet the deadline and your item meets the return criteria, Sam’s Club reserves the right to refuse your return request for any reason.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Can I return my mattress to Sam’S Club without a receipt? (Not For Sam’S Club Members)

The Sam’s Club return policy allows customers to return their mattress without a receipt. However, the policy does have some exceptions. The store can deny a refund if the customer abuses the return policy. The store will refund the money on the customer’s shopping card if the return is approved. The customer can view their order information online and download the receipt to confirm before they return their mattress.

Sam’s Club customers can return their mattress for a refund or exchange it for another size as long as it is unworn and in new condition. Sam’s Club will only allow you to return your mattress if it has been damaged. The customer must remove all tags from the mattress and send it back to Sam’s Club. It is also possible to mail back the mattress for a refund without a receipt.

Sam’s Club accepts returns online, along with a receipt. To return a purchase, the customer should log into their account, click on ‘Order History’ and fill in ‘Returns Kind’. Once the returned merchandise is received, the customer will receive an e-mail containing a return label. Within five to seven days, the company will process your return.

How does Sam’S Club’s Electronics Return Policy work?

When returning electronics to your local Sam’s Club, it’s important to note that these returns must be made within 90 days from the date of purchase in order to receive a refund or an exchange.

If you’re wanting to return a mattress to Sam’s Club, you’re in luck. Sam’s Club won’t accept the physical mattress as a return, so all you need to do is bring the original receipt and the mattress tags to get a full refund or a replacement.

The return period for large appliances such as televisions and air conditioners is 90 days. Remember to include all manuals, instructions, and packaging to receive a full refund or replacement item.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S Club Refund Policy

First, we will know which item you will be able to return in how many days, you have to read the information given here carefully which will be very helpful to you.

Sam’s Club cannot accept returns on some items. If you have any questions about why the item isn’t returning, Sam’s Club Customer Service can help you. All of this information is from Sam’s Club Return Policy.

You are not eligible to return or exchange the above product after you have used or opened the box, so you cannot process to return the product. If you want more information about that product policy, you can get it by calling the customer service of Sam’s Club.

This information will tell you which products can be returned and which cannot. If you own a product that’s eligible for return, then you must use it. Many people have come here to find out how we got into Sam’s Club. Returning Items You have 3 ways to return an item to Sam’s Club, you can easily return the item by selecting any one of the ways.

Make a Return Request Online

If you’d rather make a return request via the internet, follow these steps:

  • Register online for your Sam’s Club Account
  • Go to the Purchase History tab and click it.
  • Choose your item and request a return.
  • Please be patient as your request is processed.
  • To ship your parcel, use the prepaid shipping label
  • Send your receipts, tags and other documentation to the company. Do not send the mattress back.

Your mattress may take up to seven business days to be refunded or exchanged. Sam’s Club may deduct shipping fees from any refund unless your item is damaged in transit. The company will deduct the fee from your account if you want to exchange your mattress.

If you purchased the mattress in person, you will not be able to initiate a return request online.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sam’S club sells what types of mattresses?

Sam’s Club is a warehouse discounter that specializes in both name-brand and non-branded goods. While you can buy many name-brand mattresses at Sam’s Club, you should also look for off-brand discounted versions. Although some of these models are not as durable as others, they do offer a wide selection of top-rated brands. Before you make a purchase, ensure that you compare the warranty and quality of each mattress.

Although Tempurpedic and Tuft & Needle mattress are more expensive, they remain affordable and very popular with eco-conscious buyers. Sams Club offers a full return policy on all mattresses, no matter what type. Customers are sometimes disappointed by the quality of mattresses. Sams Club allows you to return your mattress without any receipt. The return process usually takes five to seven days to process.

Send a return by mail

By mail is the only way you can get a return label to return an item. It is essential to have a return label in order to return an item. Sam’s Club Customer Service will ask for the return label before you can call them. We will then learn how to obtain a return label.

Step 2: All you have to do now is open the order history then select the item you want to return, then click on the return option below.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the item that you wish to return, fill out the form. Then you have told the reason why you are returning the item.

You now have the Return label. Either you download it or print it. After getting it, you have to do apply the return label on the packed box. The courier will deliver your item to you nearest post office.


You can easily return the item by visiting the store of Sam’s Club near you. You won’t need a return label to return to the store, but a customer desk assistant will help you if you visit Sam’s Club’s store and ask you to return to Sam’s Club’s customer desk.

You can call

In By Calling Customer Service will tell you that it will allow the application to return the item and will say get the return label then send the item to the address with the return label, you will have to send the item to the address given below.

Sam’s Club Customer Service Number: 1-888-746-7726

Sam’s Club’s Return Address

Sam’s Club

Attn: Product Returns

RMA#: (write your RMA number here)

2250 International Street

Columbus, OH 432228-3834

Using the information above, you can easily return the item to Sam’s Club. This page contains all the information you need to return your item to Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club’s Return Policy can be contacted for more details.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Ship The Item Back To Their Facility

If a store is not close to your residence, Sam’s Club will also accept your return by mail. This applies only to online orders. You cannot return your in-store purchase by mail.

Follow these simple steps to ship your item back to Sam’s Club.

  • Log into your Account and navigate to “My Account” to view the Order Details section.
  • Select the items you want to return and print the return label.
  • You should securely pack your returned item, including all documents and packing slips (if applicable), and then attach the return label.
  • Drop off the package at your nearby US postal office to ship it back o Sam’s Club.

For assistance with your online returns questions, please call the Member Service Center at 1-888-677-7726.

Does Sam’S Club Do Exchanges?

Yes, Sam’s Club offers a 365 days exchange policy. You can return the product within 365 days of purchase if you receive the incorrect item or are not satisfied with it. Sam’s Club will replace your item.

Sam’s Club exchange policy offers 365 days only on unopened products. It is possible to exchange the item within 90 days if it has been opened.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

How does Sam’S Club return policy on mattresses work?

Sam’s Club offers an unconditional return policy if you’re not satisfied with the purchase of your mattress. You must return the mattress in its original packaging and within 30 days of purchase. The full amount of the purchase price will be returned, less any handling and shipping costs.

Can I Return Promotional Items At Sams Club?

Promotional items do actually qualify for a return. The company will however deduct any promotional savings from the refund. For instance, if you bought with Instant Savings, their team will calculate your refund as the bill amount minus any Instant Savings you got while purchasing.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Is There A Restocking Fee For Sam’S Club?

The Sams Club mattress return policy does not require a restocking fee. Up to 30 days after purchase, customers can return the mattress in-store or online for a full refund. The store may refuse to accept your return after this time. Be aware that the store may deny your return if the mattress is significantly older or does not meet your specific needs.

What’S The Return Policy On Mattresses?

I started a live chat session with Sam’s Club as I couldn’t find their return policy on mattresses anywhere.

At first they told me they need to contact the vendor as they give them return instructions.

Then I said “It’s Serta. Will you take it back?” It hurts my back and is very painful.”

They immediately said, “Yes, definitely we can take it back.”

If you bought it in-store, take it back to Sam’s.

For more information, contact them by calling 1 (888) 746-7726 if you purchased it online.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

Sams Club Return Policy On Mattresses

Sam’s Club will accept returns for used mattresses. However, many stores do not require that you bring your mattress back to them. The store will not accept the return of the used mattress. You only need to take the tag “Do Not Remove” from your mattress along with your original receipt.

Which Products are Not Included in This Policy?

Although Sam’s Club has a no-questions-asked return policy on mattresses, certain types of products are not covered under the policy. Sam’s Club doesn’t cover wholesale trading programs, for instance. Sam’s Club is able to handle returns for certain products. Be sure to include the original receipt and the “Do not Remove” tag with your mattress before you return it.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

What if I am not a Sam’S club member, can I return gifts I have received from them?

If you’re needing to return a gift received from a Sam’s Club member and are not a member yourself, that member must accompany you to a physical store in order to process the refund or exchange.

Short Answer

Some Sam’s Club store locations will allow you to return items without a membership, but most won’t. Those that do allow non-members to make returns usually require that you bring the receipt and accept most items within 30 days of purchase. We outline the details of the non-member return policy below.

Sam’S Club Return Policy

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Sam’S Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club has a range of products available at its national stores, such as cleaning supplies and food.

  • If you aren’t satisfied with the merchandise that Sam’s Club has provided, how can you return it? Well, look no further because here is everything I’ve discovered about Sam’s Club’s returns policy!
  • Sam’s Club’s Return Policy in 2022
  • Sam’s Club members can send most items back in store or via the mail, and receive full refunds. However, some items have 14, 30, or 90-day return windows. All products, except food and contact lense can be returned unopened.

  • Continue reading to find out more about Sam’s Club’s restrictions on returns, online return procedures, and other information.
  • Sam’s Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Sam’s Club: How can you return items?

    Sam’s Club provides two ways for you to return products that you’re unhappy with. This depends on which product you ordered online and whether it was in-store.

  • You can return in-store
  • For purchases made online and in-store, you can bring the item to your local Sam’s Club for a refund or replacement.

    In-store returns of products should be made with your original forms of payment, receipt, and member card.

  • Shipping returns
  • Sam’s Club offers customers the option to send back items via mail. This however only applies for orders placed online and does not apply to items purchased in-store.

    These steps will allow you to send an item back to Sam’s Club.

  • Log into your account and click on ‘Purchase History’. This is located under “My Account”.
  • To print your return label, click on the ‘Return item’ button
  • Attach the return label on the securely wrapped item
  • For Sam’s Club return, drop off your package at the nearest postal office.
  • Note that Sam’s Club covers the shipping costs for the return, so you need not pay anything at the postal office.

    Sam’s Club’s customer care line is available at (888-746-7726). Before calling, make sure that you have your order number as well as member information.

    Sam’s Club representatives will assist you with any returns questions and can help you get a return authorization for products that you’re not satisfied with.

    Sam’s Club: Which Products are You Not Allow to Return?

    Although Sam’s Club has a lenient returns policy for most items, you cannot return the following product categories either in-store or via mail, regardless of whether the items are opened or unopened:

  • Gift cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Tickets
  • Personalized products (gifts and photos personalized)
  • Prescriptions
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Sam’s Club’s Wholesale Trade Program allows you to make purchases
  • How does Sam’s Club’s satisfaction guarantee work?

    Sam’s Club’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee covers all products eligible for returns that do not contain a restriction on the return window.

    Sam’s Club guarantees that if an item is not satisfactory, they will either replace it or refund you.

    If you’re a Sam’s Club Member and you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a refund.

    Sam’s Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Sam’s Club can you accept returns in-store, but without receipt?

    Sam’s Club customers can return any items to them without needing a receipt. An employee will be able to look at your receipt within two years from the date of purchase.

    Although you can make returns at Sam’s Club without a receipt, it is recommended that you bring the original receipt for a hassle-free returns process.

    Sam’s Club reserves the right to refuse your return, in particular if the receipt has been lost. Each store manager will make the final call.

    Sam’s Club: Can you Return online Purchases in-Store

    Sam’s Club offers the ability to return almost every online purchase at Sam’s Club locations within the United States.

    If you cannot return an online purchase in-store, there will be an indication on the product page. There are some items you may be able to buy online that cannot be returned in-store, such as vending machines or golf carts.

    You must bring with you your confirmation number and receipt when returning online purchases to Sam’s Club shops.

    Sam’s Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Sam’s Club may allow you to return open items

    Sam’s Club will accept returns on certain products, even though they’ve been opened.

    For example, if you purchase a TV or any other electronic device and realize you do not like it after using it for a few days, you can still return the product to Sam’s Club.

    You must return all items opened to get a complete refund.

    Sam’s Club might refuse your return if you don’t own all of the accessories.

    Sam’s Club will accept returns on all clothing, shoes, and electronic items.

    Please note, however that certain products (such as contact lenses or food) must not be opened in order to return them. This is for safety and health concerns.

    Sam’s Club: Can you get a full refund for shipping and delivery costs?

    Sam’s Club is unable to refund delivery and shipping charges for online returns.

    These charges can only be refunded if an employee of Sam’s Club made an error in your order, or if your shipment was damaged.

    Sam’s Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Sam’s Club – How can you receive a refund?

    Sam’s Club stores will only accept returns of purchases purchased in-store.

    If you paid by check or cash, however, you can return the item with a cash refund.

    For items bought online at Sam’s Club, you will receive a credit to the account that was charged for the original purchase.

    You now know the Sam’s Club returns policy. Please also check out our posts about Sam’s Club jewellery return policy and Sam’s Club furniture returning policy.

  • Conclusion
  • Most items can be returned to Sam’s Club stores without restriction, no matter if you purchased them online or in-store. These items purchased online can also be sent back for free.

    Sam’s Club will accept returns without receipts on purchases in the past two years. This also applies to certain items that are opened.

    Note that several product categories cannot be returned to Sam’s Club whereas certain others have restricted time frames for returns. Sam’s Club customer assistance can be reached for help regarding returns.

    How long does it take to return an item to Sam’s Club

    For all products that have not been opened, we offer a full 365 day return policy without questions. Return all unopened products within 365 days to be satisfied.

    Will Walmart Take Sam’S Club Returns?

    It is not possible to return items purchased from Sam’s Club products to Walmart.

    How Do I Return Something To Sam’S Club? offers a return policy. To send your product back, either bring it in to your club. You can bring it in to Sam’s Clubs to receive a prompt refund.

    Are You Requiring a Receipt to Return to Sam’s Club?

    Sam’s Club will allow you to return your items without a receipt. However, Sam’s Club advises that all proofs of purchase be kept, such as the receipt. This allows for easier processing. You should return your items in their original state with all accessories, manuals, and packaging included.

    .Sam’S Club Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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