What Are Non-Machinable Stamps?

What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

USPS is known for its efficient mail sorting machine. The machines can process up to 36,000 pieces a hour of mail! The machines are great for standard-sized mail, but what happens if the size of the mail changes?

Mailpieces that are too large to fit into machines will need their stamps hand-canceled. It takes longer than expected, so it is more tedious.

  • The USPS may charge an additional fee for non-machinable stamps when this occurs. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions concerning Non-Machinable stampeds.
  • What are Non-Machinable Stamps and How Do They Work?

    USPS does not issue non-Machinable stamps. These stamps cover first-class domestic mailpieces and do not meet specified sizing criteria. These items can include rectangular greeting cards and rigid letters. They also cover postage on First-Class domestic mailpieces that don’t meet the specified sizing standards. These items are too large to fit in sorting machines so they must be hand cancelled.

  • You can find out more information about Non-Machinable Stamps here.
  • What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

    What is Non-Machinable mail?

    Prior to diving into the Non-Machinable Stamps, you should have some knowledge about non-Machinable mail.

    To put it simply, “Non-Machinable Mail” is mail that USPS machines cannot sort because it has an unusual size or shape.

    However, the most commonly used type of greeting card is square. The USPS also considers standard-sized letters to be:

  • Rectangular
  • Maximum 3 1/2 inches high, 5 inches long and 0.007 inches thick.

    Maximum 6 1/8 inch high, 11 1/2 inches in length and 1/4 inches thick.

    Let’s face it, letters which don’t fit these criteria can be slowed down or jammed by machines.

    USPS personnel remove unusual-sized mail from the mailbox and stamps are hand-cancelled to prevent mechanical problems.

    It’s not surprising that hand sorting is slower than machine sorting. USPS charges a surcharge for non-standard mail sizes.

    What Is The Non-Machinable Surcharge For First-Class Mail?

    As mentioned above, unusually sized or shaped mailpieces must be processed outside of the standard, automated mail process.

    In most cases, they’re hand-sorted by USPS employees, making them more expensive to process, hence the surcharge.

    USPS will add a Non-Machinable surcharge on First-Class Mail to any recipient who meets the following criteria.

  • Unsigned letter that has an aspect ratio (length/height) lower than 1 1/3.
  • A letter that’s more than 4 1/4 inches high or 6 inches long and is less than 0.009 inches thick
  • A letter with strings, buttons, clasps, or any other closure device.
  • A rigid letter
  • A paralleled side to the short end of the mailpiece, a letter with a delivery adress
  • An item such as keys, pencils, or pen that causes a uneven thickness in a letter.
  • Polybagged, wrapped in poly, and enclosed in any type of plastic. A letter with an outer surface that is not made of paper.
  • The Non-Machinable surcharge currently stands at $0.30

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    What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

    What are the costs of non-machinable Stamps?

    Currently, Non-Machinable stamps sell for $0.88, making them $0.30 more expensive than standard-sized First-Class letters.

    What are Non-Machinable Stamps for Ever Stamps?

    Stamps with the word “Non Machinable Surcharge”, written on them like Forever Stamps are valid forever for the current Non Machinable surcharge.

    Also, regardless of whether you pay less for Non-Machinable Stamps than you did today, the stamps that you bought will still work.

    What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

    Can I Use A Non-Machinable Stamp On Regular Mail?

    Technically speaking you can use Non Machinable stamps to send regular mail.

    Non-Machinable stamps will cover the First class postage for a letter of one-ounce plus any non-Machinable surcharge.

    If your letter is of standard size, you don’t need to pay the surcharge. You will not be charged extra if you are using a non-machinable stamp to sign your letter.

    Are There Two Forever Stamps I Can Use If I Do Not Have a Non-Machinable Stamp?

    For the Non Machinable surcharge you can have two Forever Stamps. Forever Stamps have a current price of $0.58. Therefore, if two Forever Stamps were purchased together that would cover $1.16 worth postal postage.

    The non-Machinable stamps also cost $0.88. For the surcharge, you will need two Forever Stamps to be able to post enough money.

    Even though you could use multiple Forever Stamps to replace a Non Machinable stamp you’ll still be paying for postage.

    A Non-Machinable stamp makes financial sense if one is available.

    What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

    Are there any non-machinable stamps I can buy?

    You can buy Non-Machinable stamps at your local Post Office, on the USPS website, or over the phone by calling 1-800-STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6724).

    Individual stamps can be purchased if bought in-person. Online or over-the-phone, Non Machinable stamps must be purchased in a single sheet.

    How Much Are Non-Machinable Stamps?

    These Non-Machinable stamped are available at 0.88 each. Prices include $0.58 First-Class stamp postage fee, and $0.30 non-Machinable surcharge.

    In comparison, a sheet of 20 Non-Machinable stamps retails for $17.60.

    What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

    How do non-machinable stamps look?

    Non-Machinable stamps are sometimes called butterfly stamps because they all feature butterflies.

    This collaboration was initiated by the Greeting card Association and USPS in 2010.

    Additionally, the organizations wanted consumers to be able to see if enough was being paid for heavier envelopes or those with irregular shapes.

    Therefore, USPS agreed to feature butterflies on all of its Non-Machinable stamps, while greeting card companies started printing a butterfly icon on cards requiring a Non-Machinable stamp.

    Two butterfly stamps are currently available from USPS. The first features the California Dogface butterflies, while the second features the Colorado Hairstreak.

    These stamps, in addition to the butterfly design, also include “USA”, the non-machinable surcharge ” and the release year.

    If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on what are military stamps, what are priority mail stamps, and what are semi-postal stamps.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS non-machinable stamps can be used to send funky wedding invites or birthday cards.

    Is non-machinable mail more expensive?

    Non-machinable mailpieces are mail pieces that cannot be processed by standard automated mail processes. This mailpiece is subject to an additional charge because processing them can be more expensive.

    How Much Is A Butterfly Non-Machinable Stamp Worth?

    December 31, 2009

    What is a non-machinable stamp worth?


    What is the value of The Butterfly Stamp 2021?

    One ounce is still 20 cents. Non-square-shaped cards with a surcharge will see their price rise from 20 cents to 30 cents. Therefore, the Butterfly Stamp’s price will go up to 88 cents. Jun 1, 2021

    .What Are Non-Machinable Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

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