Amazon Target Market

Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

Amazon has a large product assortment and is well-known for its fast shipping.

Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

Amazon may seem like a large company but you might be interested in the market that the retailer is targeting. For example, where do most of Amazon’s customers live?

  • Look no further for information about Amazon’s target market; here is everything I discovered throughout my research!
  • Amazon’s Target Market for 2022

    Amazon’s target customers are middle and upper-class people (evenly split among genders), who have home computers or smart-devices aged between 18 and 44 by 2022. Amazon’s 60% target market is also from America, who are more inclined to shop online due to convenience, quick delivery, and low prices.

  • Read on for information regarding the Amazon customer’s buying habits.
  • Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    What Age Of People Does Amazon Target?

    Amazon sells brick-and–mortar products in some locations (through Whole Foods), but most of their business comes from online sales.

    Amazon currently ranks 9th worldwide in web traffic, as of 2022

    With that, Amazon seeks to target a customer base that has access to and frequently visits the internet, making younger generations the ideal Amazon customer.

    Amazon Prime subscribers make up the largest portion of those between 35 and 44.

    Amazon Prime members get access to more savings, exclusive deals and even extra savings than members who aren’t Amazon Prime.

    Amazon has a target age for all, due to the popularity of the internet.

    Are You in the Target Market for Amazon?

    Amazon has a target market that covers any location with access to the internet.

    Amazon, which now has international sales and marketing capabilities, has huge customer bases around the globe.

    Amazon has the distinction of being the biggest tech retailer, and also the number one general merchandise seller worldwide. However, it provides an individualized shopping experience.

    The personalized shopping experience that Amazon strives for is another reason the precise location of the target market is difficult to pin down.

    Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    Amazon: Which country is the most popular?

    While Amazon is an international company it still leads in both the number and quality of its products.

    This makes up more than 60% of Amazon’s overall internet traffic.

    Amazon customers in the United States also frequently buy Amazon products.

    For instance, 48% U.S. citizens visit Amazon more frequently than one time per week. And 89% of consumers based in the U.S. visit Amazon at least once a month.

    With these staggering numbers, it is clear Amazon’s primary target market is in the United States.

    Amazon’s Target Salary Bandit:

  • Amazon’s convenient e-commerce portal and fast shipping times cater to upper and middle-class social groups with average salaries of $51k. T
  • To save money and time, his audience prefers online shopping to in-person.

    This group also likes Amazon’s online aspects because they don’t have time to go to a physical store.

    Also, this group of people is prone to flock to deals and discounts. Amazon is aware of these habits and has designated certain days like Amazon Prime Days or Cyber Monday to help customers save huge on their purchases.

    Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    Amazon sells more of the following gender-specific products:

    Amazon’s gender-specific shopping habits are quite evenly distributed.

  • Amazon is a great place to shop for male and female customers, as they have access to everything they might need.
  • How Often Do Amazon Customers Shop?

    Amazon customers are loyal and purchase frequently from Amazon.

    Amazon Prime customers, however, buy more products than those who are not Prime members.

    Amazon Prime members buy Amazon Prime products on average 48% times per week, while 74% of them purchase items at most once in a few weeks.

    Comparing these numbers to other Prime members makes it clear why Amazon rewards Prime users with special deals.

    This is why only 37% buy Amazon products repeatedly each year for non-Prime customers.

    Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    How Does Amazon Cater To Their Target Market?

    The reason Amazon can attract so many customers is primarily due to its extensive product selection. Amazon offers nearly 120 million products to suit its target market.

    Another way Amazon caters to its target markets is by continuously repositioning products according to changes in the retail economy.

    For example, Amazon closely monitors which products sell more frequently and places advertisements on the website homepage.

    Which Lifestyle Types Do Amazon Customers Have?

    Amazon is looking for people who are familiar with basic technology, and have the ability to use the internet.

    Amazon also offers an online platform that is convenient for shoppers who aren’t able to go shopping in person.

    Amazon’s customers have busy lives and they will be more likely to focus their attention on shopping, work, or other leisure activities.

    Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    Amazon: What are the Most Important Factors for Amazon Users?

    Amazon prices are the primary reason customers shop at Amazon. Amazon’s lower prices attracted 82% to the site.

    Amazon’s low shipping fees, product reviews and flexibility in return policies are just a few of the reasons that customers shop there.

    This has led to more than 40% of Amazon shoppers doing at least 25% of their shopping online.

    46 percent of people shop online, and 46% go to Amazon to check out the prices.

    Convenience is another reason Amazon has so many loyal customers.

    Amazon’s website makes it easy to browse and saves consumers time by not having to go to many stores. is now used by approximately 50% of American customers.

    What percentage of Amazon customers shop there?

    Amazon has an average monthly traffic of over 200 million.

    Amazon claims that it has around 101,000,000 Prime subscribers in America alone.

    Amazon is the preferred marketplace for many consumers.

    These figures do not reflect Amazon Prime’s worldwide customers as Amazon Prime does not exist in all regions where it operates.

    Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

    Amazon: What Do Customers Think About the Company?

    Amazon does have large customers, but this doesn’t necessarily make them agree with Amazon on their social or environmental impacts.

    Amazon is afflicting the environment and retailers with negative attitudes, for example.

    Amazon, according to some people, is a monopoly. This makes it difficult for the market to be diverse.

    However, Amazon has an extensive market for entrepreneurs to sell their products through Amazon to combat this.

    Additionally, Amazon recently announced their new Climate Pledge, which states the company is committing to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, using 100% renewable energy by 2030, and ordering 100,000 electric-powered delivery trucks.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon’s affordable prices and fast shipping are ideal for consumers in the middle- to upper-class who don’t have time to go shopping in person due their work schedules.

    Amazon’s online presence is also a major reason that younger generations (18-30) prefer Amazon. Prime subscribers account for the largest portion of Amazons’ customers.

    Amazon Most Used by Demographic Ages

    The average Amazon user is 37 years old. In June 2019, 53% (53%) of Amazon users were between 19 and 43 years old, according to the report. This is equivalent to 37% American adults. Therefore, Amazon buyer demographics show that the company targets the average American consumer.Jan 3, 2022

    Amazon’s Demographic Targets

    Amazon’s primary market is the middle and upper-class, evenly divided by genders. It targets consumers with smart home devices and computers between 18-44 years old as of 2022. Additionally, 60% of Amazon’s target market are from the United States who prefer shopping online for convenience, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

    Amazon: Which gender uses it the most?

    A survey of 1000 consumers revealed that 54% more women subscribed to Amazon Prime (54%) than 43% (43%)

    How do Target’s Demographics Compare?

    Target’s customers also tend to be younger. Between 58-60% and Target’s customers between 18-24 years old, as against Walmart (where that age range is approximately 48%), Kohl’s (44%), and Kmart (34%). November 3, 2016,

    .Amazon Target Market In 2022 (Age, Gender + Demographics)

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