Walton Family Net Worth

Walton Family Net Worth

Walton Family Net Worth

Walton Family Net Worth

The Van Damme, De Spoelberch And De Mevius Families Story

Adolphus Busch, a German immigrant, and Eberhard Anheuser his father-in law, established a brewery in St. Louis in 1850s. This was a place that had a lot of immigrants from Germany, as well as steady water supplies in the Mississippi River.

Busch was worth $60 million when he died in 1913, and his descendants kept right on brewing. Prohibition didn’t stop the business from producing millions of gallons annually. Instead, they turned to other products like “near beer”, but it has been there ever since.

In 2008, Anheuser-Busch was merged with InBev. This means that each Budweiser bottle purchased in America now sends money overseas. The Van Damme and de Spoelberch families are smiling every step of the way.

Charter Schools

The Walton Family Foundation’s founding was in the 1960s. It was focused primarily on charter schools. This “passion project”, according to Sam Walton, and the Foundation until about the 1990s. The Foundation’s focus on regional and environmental development was only added in the 1990s. [10]

The Foundation has always placed charter schools as one of its top priorities. The Foundation donated $116 million between 2003 and 2015 to charter schools in order to purchase or build new facilities. The Foundation declared in 2016 that it will spend $1 billion over five years on charter schools. Later in the year, the Foundation announced a separate $250 million grant in the form of low-interest loans to aid in building and expanding charter schools in 17 cities. [11]

Walton Family Net Worth

The Walton’S Net Worth

Although the Walton’s managed to maintain their large investments in a quiet manner for many years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide their wealth from the eyes of the public. Their net worth has increased by billions through the sales of Walmart stock. Rumours have it that Waltons sold nearly $6.5 Billion of Walmart stock since 2020.

The famous “Walton Family Foundation” is a topic that cannot be overlooked when talking about the Waltons. In 1987, the pioneer Walton (also known as Sam Walton), was gifted an eleemosynary fund. Although initially, the Walton family foundation was focused on charter schools, it grew to include environmental issues, particularly water-related ones, as the years passed.

The Kwok Family Story

Hong Kong is among the most expensive cities in the world given how dense and compact this world center of trade is, and those who hustled in the real estate game here have made out like bandits. None more so than Kwok Tak-Seng, who became the wealthiest realtor in the formerly semi-autonomous region, which officially reverted to Chinese control in 1997 at the end of Britain’s hundred-year lease.

Kwok’s three sons, Raymond, Thomas, and Walter were not happy despite their inheritance of $30 billion. The siblings have been fighting since the 1990 death of their father. In fact, younger bros Raymond and Thomas kicked eldest sibling Walter out of the family following Walter’s kidnapping (no kidding).

Walter died in 2018, but life has been far from easy for Raymond and Thomas, who were arrested on bribery charges in 2012. Sheesh.

Walton Family Net Worth

Rob Walton Children

Carrie Walton Penner, Ben Walton, SamWalton

On 8th October 1946, he was born

Married to: Chirsty Walton

Unlike other members of the family, John listed his name in the Army; he served as a member of Special Forces in Vietnam. He studied at the College of Wooster. Married to Christy, the couple has a son named Luke. He died in the year 2005 due to an unfortunate plane crash.

John Walton Children a Luke Walton

Born a 7 October 1949

Married to Unknown (now Separated).

Alice started her career as an advisor with the First Commerce Cooperation, moved ahead as the vice chairperson, and handled all the investment-related plans at the Arvest Bank Group. On the personal front, she first married at the age of 24 to a prominent Louisiana investment banker, but within a span of 2.5 years, they divorced each other. Shortly after this, Alice remarried a contractor who designed her swimming pool, but they too quickly separated. She resides in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Core Financials

  • Total Revenue: $1,065,818,231
  • Total Expenses: $412,081,738
  • 373 533,421 dollars in contributions, gifts and grants
  • 373 533,421 dollars in contributions, gifts and grants
  • Net Assets: $2,003,406,082
  • Net Assets: $2,003,406,082
  • Total Revenue $620,380.052
  • Total expenses: $388.491,933
  • 360 527,538 Contributions, Gifts, Grants
  • Contributions, gifts, grants paid: $360,527,538
  • Net assets: $1,771,517.963
  • Net assets: $1,771,517.963
  • The total revenue: $593,729.358
  • Total Expenses: $336,040,265
  • Contributions, gifts, grants paid: $311,719,212
  • Contributions, gifts, grants paid: $311,719,212
  • Net Assets: $1,513,828,870
  • Net Assets: $1,513,828,870

Walton Family Net Worth


Walton took John’s place on Wal-Mart Board of Directors in 2005.

Jim is currently on the Strategic Planning and Finance committees, and he was CEO of his family-owned Arvest bank until he became the Chairman of Arvest Bank. Walton also serves as Chairman of Community Publishers Inc.

Sam Walton acquired the Benton County Daily Record newspaper and founded CPI. However, CPI today is controlled by Jim Walton. He has pledged about $2 billion to the Walton Family Foundation along with his siblings from 2008 to 2013.

The Baton Rouge Advocate, the Louisiana capital, reported in 2015 that PAC Empower Louisiana had given $818,000 to candidates for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. This was in support of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

In September 2016, Walton was reported to own over 152 million of Walmart shares worth over US$11 billion.

As of 2022, Jim Walton’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $64.2 billion.

Sam Walton

Born a 29 March 1918

Born a 3 December 1919

Helen Walton is the Philanthropic Source behind Walmart. Forbes Magazine ranked her 29th richest person in the world and she has $16.4 billion of wealth.

Born on 28 October 1944

Married to: Patricia Rawlings Walton (Ex), Carolyn Funk (Ex), Melani Lowman (Current)

Rob Walton is the oldest of Sam Walton’s sons. He was born in Tulsa. He took up as the chairperson of the Walmart Corporation. He attended the College of Wooster and then received a Business Administration degree from the University of Arkansas. At Columbia Law School, he studied Law.

Walton Family Net Worth

Walton In-Law, Rams Owner, Hopes For Super Bowl Victory

Arkansas has more connections than the two involved players to this year’s Super Bowl. The man who owns one of the teams competing in the game — and the Super Bowl stadium, itself — is a member of the Natural State’s famed Walton Family.

Stan Kroenke married Ann Walton, heiress, and daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton, in 1974. A profile by The New York Times states that Kroenke started a real-estate development company in 1983. He made his first fortune building shopping malls anchored with Walmarts.

Stan Kroenke is the 70th wealthiest person in the United States, with a net worth of $10.7 billion, according to the Forbes 400 website. Ann Walton Kroenke ranks No. 83 on the list, with a net worth of $9.3 billion. Forbes assigned her a philanthropy score of 1, the worst possible rating. Stan’s score is “N/A.”

Since then, he has purchased several pro-sports franchises. The Los Angeles Rams and Denver Nuggets are among them. Also, there is the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Avalanche, Arsenal Football Club (which is part of England’s Premier League) and many others.

Stan Kroenke’s company owns SoFi Stadium, host of this year’s Super Bowl. It opened in 2020 as a home for both the Rams and Chargers, which had recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Fortune: The Dumas Family Of France – Fortune: 111

World’s Richest Families 2021 | businessinsider

This is the family that is responsible for giving the rich and famous Hermes. Jean-Louis Dumas established a company named Hermes that revolutionized fashion and luxury. In the year 1837, Thierry Hermes starts making riding gears for the gentlemen. His sons-in law, Thierry Hermes’s brother-in-laws, decided in the 1950s to expand their business and explore more luxury and fashion opportunities. According to estimates, the net worth of Dumas family is $111.6 billion.

5. Al Saud Saudi Royal Family | Fortune: $100 billion

World’s Richest Families 2021

According to Bloomberg’s 2021 world’s richest families report, the combined net worth of the entire royal family has been estimated at around $100 billion, which makes them the richest royal family among all monarchs, as well as one of the wealthiest families in the world.

The House of Saud, the Saudi royal family, has a monarchical history extending back nearly a century. The family’s massive fortune, estimated at $100 billion, has grown thanks to decades of payments from the Royal Diwan, the king’s executive office. Saudi Aramco is the most successful company in the world and an industry giant, making it possible for the royal family to continue to build wealth.

6. The Ambani Family of India

World’s Richest Families 2021

In the year 1957, Dhirajlal ‘Dhirubhai’ Hirachand Ambani started Reliance Industries. Today, it deals in energy, natural resources, textiles, telecommunications, petrochemicals and more. After the death of Dhirubhai Ambani, his sons Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani took up different portions of the empire to manage. Reliance is the owner of the biggest oil refinery complex in the globe. The net worth of the Ambani Family is $93.7 billion.

Walton Family Net Worth

Grant recipients

Since 1989, the Walton Family Foundation has given almost 22,000 grants to a wide array of nonprofits focused on education, environmentalism, and economic development. In 2018, the Foundation disbursed over $600 million in grants. The majority of recipients have been neutral over the past few years, but a small number have been left-of center to right-ofcenter. [12]

The Foundation donated $100,000 in 2018 to the American Enterprise Institute. This think-tank based in Washington DC is a right-of center think tank. The Institute has received funding from the Foundation almost every year since 2011; it received its first Walton Foundation grant in 2003. Also in 2018, the Foundation gave 147 grants ranging from $500 to $4.3 million The Nature Conservancy, a conservationist group. [13]

The Foundation has also given grants to numerous left-of-center environmentalist groups. It gave eight grants to Meridian Institute worth nearly $2 million and 11 grants to Environmental Defense Fund worth approximately $10 million in 2018. Also in 2018, the Foundation also gave about $4 million to the New Venture Fund, a fiscal sponsorship nonprofit which incubates left-of-center advocacy groups. [14]

The Foundation has also been a long-time supporter of Teach for America, with 63 grants worth up to $17 million going back to 1993. [15]

Funding Milwaukee Charter Schools

On January 8, 2013, the Walton Family Foundation announced it had provided $1.4 million to four new charter schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to the Foundation’s press release, $6.2 million has been spent on 36 charter schools that have been launched in Milwaukee since 2001. The Walton Family Foundation is the largest private investor in new charter schools across the country. [10]

The recipients were North Point Lighthouse Charter School (4220 W. Douglas Ave.), Bruce Guadalupe School (1028 and 909 S. 9th St.), Carmen High School of Science and Technology’s north campus (54996 N.72nd St.), and Rocketship Milwaukee which opened its first charter school in fall 2013.

Walton Family Net Worth


Sam Walton founded Walmart Discount City in Rogers Arkansas, 1962. After opening dozens more branches, Walton in 1969 incorporated Wal-Mart Inc. In 1969, Walton incorporated the store as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The company went public in 1990. Throughout the 1970s-90s, Wal-Mart expanded into a regional and then national retail powerhouse with a business model of aggressively cutting prices through bulk orders from suppliers. [5]

Walton was not altruistically inclined, but he resisted the temptation to direct Walmart towards philanthropic activities. Walton’s 1993 autobiography was published posthumously. He stated that he believed that Walmart had made a positive impact on society by raising the living standard of Americans, especially those with low incomes. Walton also believes that Walmart provided vital products at very affordable prices. He also declared concern about draining value from shareholders and customers through charitable giving. [6]

In 1982, Sam Walton created the Wal-Mart Foundation to serve as Walmart’s charitable arm. Its expenditure was low compared to comparable corporate foundations until the late 1990s, after Walton’s death. [7][8]

The Walton Family Foundation was established in 1987 by Walton as a charity institution under Walton’s direct control. At launch, the Foundation disbursed about $1 million, with expenditures steadily rising over the following decade. In 2000, grants reached $50 million, and would double to $100 million by 2004. [9]

Key Takeaways

  • At $238 billion, the Waltons are the richest family in the world thanks to their massive stake in Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue.
  • Fourth generation of Mars families, second in wealth after the Waltons is currently running the Mars candy company.
  • The House of Saud’s estimated wealth is $100 billion. However, it is hard to estimate the House of Saud’s exact worth due to its size and the large royal family.
  • No. No. 25 is the Johnson family. It still owns $34 billion thanks to its cleaning products.
  • By focusing solely on families, this list does not include the richest people in the world, including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.
  • 238 billion is the estimated wealth
  • Company: Walmart

Walmart is an international retail giant. Founded by Sam Walton in Arkansas in 1962, Walmart is now the world’s largest company by 2021 revenues, with $524 billion and over 2.3 million U.S. associates.

Walmart, best known for large-box stores located in suburban and rural Americas, is criticized for their labor practices and high-priced goods. Unlike Target, Walmart failed to make New York City a hub for its large-box customer lifestyle.

  • Estimated Wealth: $142 billion
  • Company: Mars

Mars candy is the Walmart for candy. It is a multigenerational family enterprise that has been wildly successful and is also the Walmart of candy. The company’s M&Ms are more well-known than its Mars bars. In 2017, the world’s largest candy company diversified with the purchase of VCA, a pet care company, for $9.1 billion.

  • The estimated wealth: $124 billion
  • Company: Koch Industries

Charles Koch owes his staggering fortune to an oil business founded by his father, but today, he is perhaps better known to the general public for his politics, digging into his deep pockets to place his stamp on it–financing candidates and libertarian think tanks, funding university professorships, and lobbying for policy positions, all aimed at furthering a conservative agenda.

  • The estimated wealth: $112 billion
  • Company: Hermes
  • The estimated wealth: $100 billion
  • Company: Saudi Royal Family

The House of Saud, the Saudi royal family, has a monarchical history extending back nearly a century. The family’s massive fortune, estimated at $100 billion, has grown thanks to decades of payments from the Royal Diwan, the king’s executive office.

Ties with Saudi Aramco, the world’s most profitable company and a behemoth of the oil industry, ensure that the Saudi royal family continues to accumulate wealth. The House of Saud’s wealth is difficult to assess accurately due to the fact that the extended family includes as many as 15,000 members. Many of these have started businesses and received government contracts.

  • Company: Reliance Industries

Indian industrial conglomerate Reliance Industries, the only Asian company on our list, might be the least well known to average readers. However, Mukesh Ambani (CEO), whose father established the company in 1957 is 10th among Forbes’ billionaires. He oversees the refining, petroleum, textiles and petrochemicals operations; Anil manages the telecommunications and asset management. Entertainment and power generation are his other responsibilities.

  • 62 Billion USD is the estimated wealth
  • Company: Chanel

French high-fashion house Chanel is legendary for the timeless “little black dress,” the No.5 perfume, and the late high-profile designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died on Feb. 19, 2019.

Brothers Alain and Gerhard Wertheimer now co-own the company that their grandfather staked with founder Gabrielle Coco Chanel. With a combined net worth of $31.2 million, the brothers rank 43rd on Forbes’ billionaires list.

  • 61 billion dollars is the estimated wealth
  • Fidelity Investments is the Company

Fidelity Investments was founded by Edward C. Johnson II in 1946 and is one of the largest financial services firms in the world, providing investment services to millions of people. The firm is now run by Johnson’s granddaughter, Abigail Johnson, who ranks 75th on the Forbes billionaires list at a net worth of $21.2 billion.

  • 61 billion dollars is the estimated wealth
  • Thomson Reuters Company

The Thomson family garners its wealth from Thomson Reuters, the media company. In the 1930s, Roy Thomson, a Canadian radio station owner, started an operation in Ontario. Later, he expanded into publishing.

Thomson Reuters’ chairman is David Thomson, Roy Thomson’s great-grandson. He ranks 26th on Forbes’ billionaire list with a net worth of $49.2 billion.

  • The estimated wealth: $59 billion
  • Company: Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is a German pharmaceuticals company with more than 130 years of history. The Boehringer family, along with the von Baumbachs, remain in control of the company several generations later.

Walton Family Net Worth

How The Walton Family Fared In 2020’S Pandemic

Bloomberg reports that the Walton family was one of many billionaire families to have become richer after the COVID-19 pandemic. Their fortune has grown by $25 billion in the last year. To put that into perspective, the family’s fortune grew by an average of $3000 an hour over the course of 2020.

Walmart, which has over 11,000 locations around the globe, also performed well in 2020. Bloomberg reported the company had a surge in sales during the first quarter even though the retail industry as a whole did poorly for a while.

About 50% of Walmart stocks are owned by the Walton family. After John Walton’s death in a plane accident in 2005, only three of Sam Walton and Helen Robson’s children, Rob, John, Jim and Alice, remain.

Rausing Family Story

In the 1920s, Swedish businessman Ruben Andersson took a chance in the packaging industry and was soon doing well enough to buy out several partners. He even changed his surname to Rausing, and by the 1950s had founded the food-packaging firm Tetra Pak.

But with great wealth often comes great tragedy. Eva Hans, Hans’ wife, was killed by a suspected drug overdose. Eva had been arrested for trying to import crack cocaine and heroin into the U.S Embassy in London in 2008.

Walton Family Net Worth

Small Contributions From Walton Family

The WFF’s assets are less than 1.5% of the Walton’s net worth. [2]

  • Alice Walton, has not given a single dollar to the Foundation.
  • Jim Walton made one personal contribution of $3 million to the Walton Family Foundation, more than 15 years ago.
  • 0.04% of their net worth;
  • Less than one week’s worth of the Walmart dividends they will receive this year.
  • Less than the estimated value of Rob Walton’s collection of vintage sports cars.

Did Waltons Sell Walmart?

June 15, 2021 at 11:24 a.m. According to government filings, the Walton family has sold 12.9 millions shares of Walmart Inc. stock for a total value of $1.8 Billion over the last few weeks.

Walton Family Net Worth

The Cox Family Story

Cox, like Hearst acquired many media outlets over his life, and continues to do so. Cox Communications has more than 22,000 employees in the cable television, broadband internet, and other divisions.

Several of James M. Cox’s grandchildren still work at the company and divide the massive fortune among themselves.

Ties To Conservative Advocacy Organizations

The New York Times published a 2006 report that stated the Walton Family Foundation had donated over $2.5million to conservative research organizations over the course of six years. [7] The press, congressional testimony, as well as the Heritage Foundation and Manhattan Institute all defended Walton Family Foundation.

Walton Family Net Worth

Fortune: $61

World’s Richest Families 2021 | businessinsider

Pierre Wertheimer, a fashionista Coco Chanel founder in 1924 for Paris’ perfume contract. After the death of his father, Pierre Wertheimer’s son assumed control of the business in 1963. Today, Chanel is owned by Alain Wertheimer, and Gerard Wertheimer, as well as vineyards, racehorses, and a fashion house called Chanel. Currently, The Wertheimer family’s net worth is estimated at $61.8 billion.

Walton Family

The Walton family is an American family whose collective fortune derived from Walmart makes them the richest family in the United States of America. [2][3][4]

Walton Family Net Worth

Is The Walton Family Wealthier Than Amazon’S Jeff Bezos?

The Walton family is the wealthiest in the United States. Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer by revenue, was established by Sam Walton. Bloomberg reports that Walmart’s annual revenues amount to $524 billion. Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are all wealthier than the Walton family.

Who Is The Richest Lady In The World?

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the wealthiest woman on the planet. Her net worth of US$93billion helps to rebuild Notre-Dame.

Walton Family Net Worth

The Johnson Family Story

Not to be confused with the “poorer” S.C. Johnson family of Wisconsin (No. The Johnson family of Boston, ranked 15 on the list, has been leading financial services giant Fidelity Investments’ for three generations.

Forbes claims that 49 percent of world’s largest mutual funds are owned by the Johnsons. It is hard to believe that the Johnsons would be able to afford a summer home with the remaining 51 percent.

Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You’D Never Guess It…)

The Walton family remains one of the most wealthy families worldwide. The Walton family’s wealth is derived from the founding of Walmart, America’s largest retailer and business enterprise.

  • You might be asking yourself, how much is the Walton Family worth with this status? Take a guess, and we’ll tell you the answer!
  • Walton Family Net Worth 2022
  • As of 2022, the Walton family’s combined net worth is valued at $250 billion. This makes them one of the wealthiest families in the world. Sam Walton’s five children Rob and Jim Walton own over half of Walmart shares. They each have a combined value between $63.8 to $66.3 billion.

  • Continue reading to find out how the Walton Family generated so much wealth, what their income sources are, and who is the most wealthy.
  • Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You'd Never Guess It...)

    Sam Walton: Who are you?

    Born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Samuel Moore Walton, or commonly known as Sam Walton, is an American retail entrepreneur who gained universal fame by founding Walmart in 1962.

    Walton launched his discount shop after managing an Arkansas five-and-dime business with his brother in the 1940s.

    Sam Walton was a pioneer in the field of discount retail, operating small-town shops as a cluster instead of other retailers.

    Walton used to be known as Wal-Mart. This allowed Walton to bulk buy stock, and sell at low prices.

    As Walmart sustained tremendous growth within its first 21 years, Sam Walton founded Sam’s Club, a warehouse club that runs on a membership basis.

    Walton started to explore the Mexican, Canadian and Chinese markets during the 1990s.

    Sam Robson Kemper’s wife Helen welcomed three grandchildren, Jim, Rob, John, and Alice Walton. Sam’s legacy of business and family inheritance was passed to his 3 living children.

    How did the Waltons begin making money?

    Bud and Sam Walton, the brothers of Walton, started to make money with ‘Waltons’, a one-store five-and-dime. Sam Walton, a successful entrepreneur, opened his first Wal-Mart.

    By 1967 (5 years after launch), the Walton family had already introduced 24 new Walmart stores generating around $12.7 million in sales.

    The company elevated sales by staying true to its original concept of offering everyday brand-named goods at affordable prices, which massively boosted sales.

    Walmart’s initial funding came from the Waltons, who reinvested their earnings and borrowed. They then transformed Walmart into an publicly-traded corporation in 1970 by listing it on New York’s Stock Exchange.

  • The stock opened at $16.50 per share’ however, the family retained over 60% of its total stakes. From the stock’s initial listing, The Waltons made $5 million.
  • Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You'd Never Guess It...)

    How much of Walmart will The Walton Family own in 2022

    Walton’s family owned more than half of Walmart stock in 2022. Walton Enterprises LLC controls 1.0 million shares. This represents 35%.

    The Walton Family Holdings Trust was the beneficiary of more than 4,000,000 shares that the Walton Family Holdings Trust transferred in 2020. It represents 15% of total shares and the highest compensation paid to any stakeholder.

    S.Robson (Rob) Walton, the current chairman, owns 2.6 million Walmart shares equating to 0.09% of the company’s total shares and a market value of $330.6 million.

    Jim Walton is the owner of approximately 6.3 Million shares, worth $730million. Alice Walton has direct ownership of approximately 6.7 million shares, worth $776 millions.

    Walmart Still pays The Walton Family a Living.

  • The Waltons make an estimated $100 million per day in Walmart revenues. That is approximately $70,000 per second and 4 million dollars per hour.
  • They earn more than $3 billion annually in dividends as Walton Enterprises LLC, Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprises LLC owns over half of Walmart’s shares.

    Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You'd Never Guess It...)

    Which Walton Family Member is The Richest?

    The Walton family has a collective net worth of approximately $250 billion, but which Walton is worth the most? Sam Walton, who died in 1992 at the age of 68, had an estimated net worth of $8.6B, or $16B today.

    Sam Walton’s oldest son, Samuel Robson “Rob” Walton (former chairman of Walmart), has a net worth of $62.8 billion. James ‘Jim’ Walton is his younger brother and has a net wealth of $64.3 million.

    However, his only daughter, Alice Walton, tops the boards with a net worth of $66.3 billion.

    Are The Waltons the Most Wealthy Family in Earth?

    In recent years the wealth of Walton’s family has risen dramatically. They are the richest family worldwide and the wealthiest in America.

    Just one year later (2020-2021), family net worth has risen from $191billion to about $250billion.

    As the world’s richest family, the Waltons lead by a considerable margin. In the second place, you’ll find the Mars family (owners of Mars) with $120 billion, the Koch family (Koch Industries) with $109.7 billion, and Al Saud (Saudi Royal Family) with $95 billion.

    Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You'd Never Guess It...)

    How do The Walton Family earn their income streams?

    Walton’s main source of income comes from Walmart Corporation, which includes Walmart U.S.A, Walmart International and Murphy USA Gas Stations. It also has global eCommerce websites. Walmart shares generate over $3B in dividends for the Walton family.

    However, some family members make individual investments that generate significant income streams. Steuart Walton (son of Jim Walton) founded an aerobatic plane and touring aircraft manufacturing company.

    Alice Walton has been a founder of a Arkansas museum since 2011. She now invests her fortune in artistic creations. Crystal Bridges Museum exhibits work by artists including Rothko and Rockwell.

    Rob Walton, however, collects cars and handed his chairmanship of Walmart to Greg Penner. Furthermore, Jim Walton became the CEO of Arvest Bank, later taking a chairman position.

    How much is Walmart’s net worth?

    We know Walmart is the Walton family’s primary source of wealth but have you ever wondered what the company itself is worth? Walmart currently has a net worth of $328 billion. In recent years, Walmart generated a total annual income of $559 billion.

    Walmart’s global network of 11,445 retail outlets is what gives Walmart its wealth. This is how it looks broken down

    America has 4,743 shops, and at least one store in each state.

  • Canada has 408 shops
  • 632 Asda locations in the United Kingdom that are owned by Walmart
  • 2.634 Mexicans
  • 434 stores, including Hypermarkets, in China
  • 423 locations in African countries
  • Chile, 358 retailers
  • 328 stores in Japan
  • India: India, 29
  • Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You'd Never Guess It...)

    Where Does Rob, Jim, Or Alice Rank On Forbes Richest People List?

    In a world where extravagant consumerism is the norm, we live in an era when a small number of successful entrepreneurs are able to sustain their lavish lifestyles. We look at the charting abilities of family members, as the Waltons have been dubbed the wealthiest family on Earth.

    Forbes lists Alice Walton, the 10th wealthiest person in America and the 10th richest women in America as of the Forbes Wealth List. Following up in 11th place is Jim Walton, and in 12th is Rob Walton. Jeff Bezos retains the number 1 spot.

    However, when we look at the richest people in the world, Alice Walton takes 17th place, Jim Walton takes 18th, and Rob Walton sits at 19th.

    Check out our guides for more details on Walmart statistics, Walmarts competitive advantages and Wally World.

  • Conclusion: Walton Family Net worth!
  • In total, approximately $250 billion has been held by the Walton Family. The Walton family was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. They still hold over half of Walmart’s shares and receive more than $3 billion annually in dividends. Sam Walton has a net worth between $66 and $68 billion. His three children Rob, Jim, & Alice are still alive. They are the most wealthy family in the entire world.

    .Walton Family Net Worth In 2022 (You’D Never Guess It…)

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