Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos

Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

Walgreens offers many photo services from over 8000 stores located all across the United States.

Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022?

Yes, Walgreens does provide a same-day passport photo printing service in 2022 which costs $14.99 per pair of 2×2 inch photos. The service can be obtained at any of the 8,000+ Walgreens locations. It is free and available Monday to Sunday. Walgreens is also able to take passport photos of babies and children.

  • If you want to learn more about the cost, discounts for ordering extra copies, requirements, and passport applications at Walgreens, keep on reading!
  • Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

    How much does it cost to order passport photos at Walgreens

    Walgreens sells a set of two 2×2 inch passport photos (standard sizes according to U.S. laws) for $14.99.

    Additionally, you also have the option of taking your own passport photo with a smartphone and printing it from Walgreens, which is substantially cheaper at only $0.35 a photograph.

    You could face rejection if your passport photo is not up to the standards.

    Are All Walgreens able to take passport photos?

    We found that every Walgreens store can take passport shots. However, more rural locations may lack this service, so it is best to call beforehand to double-check.

    Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

    How long does it take to get Passport photos from Walgreens

    Your passport photos will be delivered to you at Walgreens within one hour. If there isn’t a long queue, you can get your passport photos in just a matter of minutes.

    What Do You Need To Take Along To Get Your Passport Photos Taken At Walgreens?

    Your passport photographs can be taken at home without you having to carry any papers or applications.

    Walgreens does not submit any paperwork for your passport applications on your behalf, it only provides you with the passport photos you need for your application.

    Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Do You Need An Appointment To Get Your Passport Photos Taken At Walgreens?

    Walgreens is able to take passport photos at your convenience without your appointment.

    Walgreens recommends that you contact Walgreens to inquire about this service in advance. This will avoid any hassles.

    Online Ordering of Passport Photos at Walgreens

    You cannot place an order for passport photos online at But, Vital Docs can be used to confirm your passport picture and to send it in to Walgreens.

    Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Are Passport applications available at Walgreens stores?

    You can get passport applications in Walgreens. Walgreens will not accept these passport applications. The application must be filled out by you, and it should then be sent to the post office.

    You can learn more about the passport process at the official USPS website. Visit this link for a direct download of a passport application.

    Walgreens offers a variety of stamps to help you send your passport documentation. Walgreens have many other capabilities, including the ability to scan and print photos, documents, or develop film.

    Walgreens has a policy on photo returns that allows you to request a full reimbursement if the passport photo received isn’t satisfactory.

  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens has passport photos available for both the U.S.A and 29 other countries. One pair of 2×2 inch passport photos is available for $14.99. Both are compliant and comply with international and U.S. standards. These photos can be prepared in less than an hour once your images have been taken.

    .Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022? [Full Guide]

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