Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens

Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens

Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

  • PetSmart has nearly 2000 locations across America and is the US’s largest chain of pet-based retailers.
  • In their shops, they sell all kinds of small animal products, including cat and dog food. But, does PetSmart sell live cats and kittens? Read on for everything you need!
  • Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    Does PetSmart Sell Cats And Kittens In 2022?

    PetSmart will not be selling live kittens or cats at any PetSmart location after 2022, due to animal welfare concerns and an increase in cats living in shelters. PetSmart has an adoption program that allows cats and kittens to be adopted. This encourages people to look for sheltered and/or rescued cats and kittens.

  • Keep reading to learn how PetSmart can help you adopt a kitten or cat today.
  • PetSmart Doesn’t Sell Kittens and Live Cats in Their Stores.

    PetSmart decided that it would not be selling any cats or kittens alive, nor dogs or puppies. There were growing concerns for the animals’ long-term well-being.

    PetSmart CEOs came to an agreement that many pets belonging to families, including dogs and cats, ended up in shelters because they were sporadically purchased for gifts or other events.

    Instead of contributing, they decided to clear out space from their shops to encourage the adoption and care of neglected or shelter animals.

    This ensures the continued wellbeing of animals under PetSmart’s adoption centers and helps both adoptive families and their pets to enjoy better and more fulfilled lives together.

    Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    How Do I Adopt A Cat Or Kitten From PetSmart Online?

    PetSmart is a place where you register your interest to adopt a cat or kitten. Follow these steps to do so:

  • PetSmart offers an adoption website. Simply enter your postal code, then click on “cats”. You can also specify any age, breed or gender you prefer for your cat using the filter tool located at the top. Have a browse of all the local cats and kittens near you! You can click the ‘learn’ button for any cat or kitten that interests you. You can read their “My Story” section to ensure the characteristics and lifestyle of each cat suit you. To register your interest click the button ‘ask a group about this pet’. Sometimes you will receive the phone number and email addresses of the adoption organization. If this happens, it is possible to use them instead. Once you have received this information, your adoption group will tell you whether you think that you are the right person to adopt the cat.
  • Can You Adopt A Cat Or Kitten In Person At PetSmart Stores?

    Yes, you can! PetSmart offers a special space for cats in its most stores.

    The PetSmart stores in your area will have these facilities. They can also help you talk to staff about adopting cats or kittens.

    To adopt a cat or kitten at PetSmart, please follow these steps:

    You can find a PetSmart retailer that has an adoption center. Ring the store to ask about adoption availability. Stop by the store and inform a member staff that you would like to adopt a cat. Adoption center staff can help you browse through and choose the right cat for you. The staff can help you arrange for a bonding or meeting with the kitten/cat if they are available. After you have been satisfied, the staff will need to collect your adoption paperwork. PetSmart may also set up a time frame for when your kitten or cat can be adopted. Alternatively, you can also visit PetSmart during their special adoption events. For example, one of their most popular events is their National Adoption Weekend.

    Does PetSmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    What Is PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend?

    PetSmart organizes the national adoption weekend four times per year.

    It is a weekend dedicated to looking for forever homes to animals living in shelters.

  • In just one year, over 600,000 animals were adopted!
  • PetSmart used to sell live cats and kittens in their stores.

    PetSmart never sells live cats and kittens at any PetSmart location.

    PetSmart sold live rabbits and bunnies in its stores but they discontinued this practice at the close of 2007.

    PetSmart continues to sell small live animals such as hamsters and gerbils.

    On their website, you can view a full listing of all the animals available in PetSmart’s small animal section.

    PetSmart might have information that you need to know if they sell dogs, bunnies, or axolotls.

    Additionally, if you just adopted a cat, you can also see our guide on getting your cat microchipped at PetSmart.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart is not able to sell cats and kittens live at its shops.

  • PetSmart instead partners with leading adoption agencies across the United States to assist formerly abandoned cats and kittens in finding their forever homes. Online and in-store adoptions are possible!
  • .Does Petsmart Sell Cats & Kittens In 2022? (Try This Instead)

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