Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Walmart is the second largest employer in America, with the U.S. government being the number one. The U.S. government employs more than 2 million people, even without including postal workers.

But is USPS a federal job? You might have heard different responses. The truth is not always straightforward.

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  • Why isn’t the USPS a Federal Job?

    There are many sites out there that claim USPS workers are federal employees. But I don’t believe them.

    Based on recent events, I am referring to President Joe Biden’s announcement that all federal employees will have to be immunized (or tested weekly).

    He also ordered that employers who have more than 100 employees must enforce the vaccine mandate.

    The initial part of his announcement threw even USPS employees themselves into a state of confusion, no one was really sure if they counted as federal employees.

    It is clear why. They receive the same benefits that federal employees but work for agencies under the executive branches (the same ones as the president).

    But the Biden Administration realized that clarification was necessary, and so, a spokesperson made an announcement:

    USPS does not have to be included in an executive order mandating vaccination for Federal employees. USPS has a separate statutory scheme and is traditionally independent of federal personnel actions like this.

  • (USPS employees were actually obligated under the executive order – but because USPS employees well over 100 people.)
  • According to the spokesperson, “separate statute scheme” refers to the USPS’s independence governance and seperation from U.S. government employees.

    Therefore, USPS employees cannot technically be considered federal employees. But, it is clear that the difference is minimal.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Can the USPS be a Good Job?

    Working for the Postal Service, even though they’re not federal employees is a generally good job.

    Federal employees have the same benefits, including generous insurance and pension plans. Fully covered life insurance is also available.

  • Hourly earnings start at least the minimum wage. (Learn more about the benefits below.
  • Workforce employees are able to afford enough for their family. Edward Dyer, for example, has five kids in college and a family of five.

    The postal service employees at USPS earn all the benefits, including every cent. This particular job may be very physically challenging and potentially even hazardous.

    What Are USPS Employee Benefits?

    Federal employees have the same benefits that USPS employees. These are amazing.

    Here are some highlights (via

  • USPS covers most medical costs.
  • Vision and dental at very affordable prices
  • FSA: This can be used to cover your out-of pocket healthcare costs and daycare expenses
  • Pension: USPS workers receive federal retirement benefits that include a pension plan and coverage for disability.
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Commuter program
  • Leave: For first three year, you have 13 days off sick/vacation. After three years, it’s 20 days. You get 26 days.
  • Generous wages and salary starting at minimum wage plus time for holidays
  • To forgive student loans
  • Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Is there a better job at the USPS than any other?

    Redditors often recommend getting into a MHA or mail handling associate position when it comes to jobs in the Post Office.

    As r/User3971 points out, “Work inside.

    Some may prefer the physicality of CCA, the City Carrier Assistant (more like a 9.5-5), or an RCA (“Rural Carrier Associate”) to their daytime hours. says CCAs are more profitable, but they also work harder and last longer.

  • The Postal Service is looking for people who are interested in the excellent salary and benefits it offers. These positions are frequently available!
  • How Much Does the USPS Pay Their Starting Pay?

    USPS’s average starting salary is between $18-$21.

    That’s an average. Some pay is lower than others. I see more of the $15-16 range for City Carriers (and Rural Carriers).

    Although it may be a low salary compared with some other career incomes (average is around $70,000), this is still twice the national minimum wage.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Does the USPS offer student loan forgiveness to its employees?

    Even though they don’t technically work for the federal government, USPS employees get all of the same benefits. That includes student loan forgiveness.

    Student loan forgiveness by the government falls under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

    Employers can verify eligibility at this page.

    You can see that it lists the requirements. These include an Income-Driven repayment plan, direct loans, full-time employees, and having Direct Loans.

    What Are The Top Paying Jobs in The Post Office

    It’s no surprise that the U.S. postmaster general is the most highly-paid position at USPS. In 2016, his salary was $285,000 per annum.

  • You’ll be the second highest-paid U.S. official, after the president. (The President earns around $400,000 per annum.
  • estimates that Louis DeJoy (current U.S. PostmasterGeneral) earns closer to $300,000.

    Learn more about USPS by visiting our post: Is USPS a government agency? How to deliver USPS mail, what is the USPS’s job and how you can get involved.

  • Conclusion
  • While USPS employees are not technically federal employees, due to the independent status of the Postal Service as a government agency, they receive all the same benefits.

    Even entry-level USPS employees earn much more than the national average wage.

    .Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

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