Woll Cookware Review

Woll Cookware Review

woll cookware review

Woll Diamond Plus induction nonstick: An In-Depth Product Reviews

Woll Diamond Plus Induction Sillet 11 Inch THE COMPANY Woll, a German manufacturer of cookware, is well-known for its thick, nonstick aluminum cookware.

THE PRODUCTS THAT ARE BEING REVIEWED The following review is of the Woll Diamond Plus Induction 11 Inch Fry Pan. But it could also apply to other products in this product line.

The interior is rivetless which makes much more sense than other brands that do not coat the rivets with nonstick, leaving bumpy stainless rivets there to accumulate burned-on food. My particular model of pan did not have detachable handles, but to compensate, the handle is supposedly made of some plastic/rubber material that can withstand 500F (260C) in the oven. Woll-Induction Fry Pan with 11 inch Detachable Handle, which is cost prohibitive, I do not recommend. These glass lids, according to company marketing material, are oven safe at temperatures up to 500F.

Scanpan (a Danish company that produces cookware similar to Woll’s) both try to hide the fact that their nonstick pans use PTFE (Teflon being the most famous PTFE). Each company boasts about how it uses hard materials such as titanium, ceramic and diamond. This is to deceive consumers.

PTFE, which is extremely flexible and nontoxic by itself, is very easy to use. PTFE does start to crack at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 20 degrees Celsius) and can then cause serious harm to both birds and mammals. Furthermore, PTFE is so slick that it usually requires another chemical, PFOA, to bond to the underlying aluminum pan. PFOA can stay in groundwater for up to a decade.

Woll claimed that their bonding process is super-high temperature (20,000 Celsius plasma jets) with no PFOA. Although this might be true, it’s not as impressive as it seems. U.S.-based nonstick makers have already pledged to eliminate PFOAs completely by 2015. Woll doesn’t say which alternative to PFOA it uses. Is it true that high temperatures and a mixture of ceramic, titanium, or diamond to roughen up the aluminum can bond PTFE to the pan without the use of ANY chemicals? The company doesn’t answer my questions. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Woll uses a chemical very similar to PFOA that has not been demonstrated to cause cancer and other problems-yet. Since many plastics that are “BPA free”, do not have the same quality as the BPA plastics that they replaced with, other companies may use chemicals similar to BPS. Woll should be praised for not polluting environment with PFOA. But if they simply substitute it with a chemical that is the same or worse, that would not represent a substantial improvement.

Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch Woll Diamond Plus Induction Skillet 11 Inch RATINGS For an explanation of ratings methodology, click here Overall Rating: 4.45/5 Very Good.

woll cookware review

Woll Cookware: Is this German manufacturer’s high-end diamond plus line the right choice for you?

Why Woll Cookware A nushell makes it non-stick and is versatile. It also has a high level of durability.

Did you know that copper conducts heat at four times the rate of diamonds?

When you read about Woll cookware, the following are just a few of its most notable benefits.

It’s not surprising that the company is keen to present their products in the best light. There are many cookware manufacturers in this market. Manufacturers try their best to grab their audience’s attention and provide them with a product that meets all their needs. Fierce competition forces them to come up with an ever-better technology if they want to stand out.

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Here’s my Woll Cookware Review. I will try to determine if the German-based manufacturer of cookware claims their technology and products are as great as they claim. A big question is how much the price of the Woll cookware is going to be worth.

woll cookware review

Woll Diamond Plus Line

Currently, Woll’s most renowned cookware line is the cast-aluminum Diamond Plus. The company offers exactly what its target market is looking for, high-end cookware with a durable and attractive design.

They want to cook their favorite meals fast, without losing any of their great taste. I reviewed their diamond 10-piece cookware set. There are also three other pans available separately.

Image Name Available Sizes Diamond-Reinforced?

Won’t Scratch Extremely Price for Diamond Plus/Diamond Lite 10-Piece Cookware set N/A

Two fry pans are included in this 10-piece cookware set: an 8-inch and a 9-inch pan, and two saucepans. The 7 inch, 2.1Qt saucepan comes with a cover. An 8 inch saucepan comes with a cover. A 7″ saucepan has a lid.

Although this option alone can give you great freedom in cooking your favorite dishes, the best thing about cooking is how each element works together.

woll cookware review


The cookware collection is available as a set of 10 or individually. This set includes a saucepan measuring 2.1-quart in size, and one of the larger pans measuring 3.2-quart. There is also a saute pan measuring 3.7-quart. A 6.3-quart stockpot and a 6.7-quart pot. All lids are included. It was priced in the middle of the range when we reviewed the set.

As with all Woll cookware, the Diamond Plus/Diamond Lite series comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This cookware set is very popular with many people. Customers love the ease of use and clean-up, as well as the nonstick coating that lasts for years and the perfect weight. A few customers complained about their cookware becoming warped, or even warped, while they were cooking, and the nonstick coating starting to flake off after just a few months.

Patented coating made from hardened copper provides 4X the heat conductivity.

Nonstick coatings are PFOA-free.

Cookware is dishwasher and oven safe.

Several customers were disappointed that the non-stick coating on these pots didn’t last very long.

Customers complained that the lids were too tight on their pots, which allows steam to escape. It also makes cooking more time.

woll cookware review

Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Review

September 26, 2014 by Audrey 6 Comments This post contains affiliate links for which I could earn some commission if you click and buy.

A set with more sturdy pots and pans will cost you more, but it is definitely worth it. The Woll Diamond Plus cookware set is one of those that belongs to this category. We will be reviewing this set to see whether the $750 you spend on it (10-pieces) is well worth it.

Many people buy the Woll Diamond Plus cookware as individual pieces due to its high costs but you can also get it as a 10-piece set which, of course, will be more economical. Although the set retails at about $90 for the 9.5-inch frypan, it can be purchased as a whole set for $500. The 10 pieces are:

2.1-quart covered saucepan

3.2-quart covered saucepan

6.3 quart covered stockpot

3.7-quart covered saute pan (11-inch)

woll cookware review

The pros

German made. – Today, cookware is often made in China. Even major brands have established manufacturing plants in Chinese cities to keep the cost down. You may be able to use German technology in your cookware but actual pots and saucepans are still manufactured in China. Woll Diamond Plus, however, is an improvement on that. This product is produced in Germany by advanced technology using a manufacturing plant that meets strict environmental regulations.

Heavy duty: The pieces are stronger and solider than nonstick ones. Although it’s not as heavy as cast iron pieces (the Lodge Color 6-quart stockpot weighs approximately 14 lbs), the set is solid at 25 lbs each for 10 pieces. Comparatively, the T Fal Initiatives ceramic 14-piece set weighs only 10 lbs and the Cook N Home Nonstick 16 lbs. So, it is a good compromise for those who don’t like using thin cookware but can’t lift too heavy ones either.

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Durable – Nonstick cookware is not the most durable of all cooking surfaces. They can be recalled for a short time, with some complaints. The Woll Diamond Plus is getting positive Amazon reviews. Some buyers also commented on how the pans held up after more than one year, and that they have not lost any of their nonstick properties.

There are no rivets in the interior – Some pots and saucepans have handles that are attached to their bodies. This creates crevices where sauces can get trapped. This set features a smooth, clean interior from the top to the sides.

woll cookware review


It’s expensive – The price for one pot is over $100, and the set of 10 piees will cost you close to $500. While German-made products are more expensive, you can still find a nonstick set at other companies such as T Fal for around $100. The 12-piece T Fal Metallics set is only $80 at the time of this review and has a high rating on Amazon. The quality and the design are both different, but it’s worth asking if the higher cost is worthwhile.

Safety – Many are happy to spend more money for safer cookware, free from PFOA and PTFE. Woll Diamond Plus claims to be PFOA-free, but it is not mentioned that it is PTFE-free. This can be an issue for more health-conscious buyers given the high price involved.

A cookware set that costs $500 without knowing for how long is expensive seems a little excessive to me. I expect to use the set for 5-8 years, given its price. For a good stainless steel set like the Calphalon Tri Ply , there is a great chance you can get that kind of durability but for a nonstick set, it certainly carries a higher risk of failure. And that too, at a greater price point (the Calphalon Tri Ply costs about $100 less when I was writing this).

So, would I buy the Woll Diamond Plus 10-piece cookware set? The short answer is no. I don’t doubt it is well-made but the cost is simply too high to invest in a whole set without knowing if I will like the feel of it and I will have to take the chance that the coating will stay smooth and nonstick for the next 5 years at least. If you really want to get involved in the brand, you might be able to try a small pan you use every day before you commit so much money on a complete set.

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woll cookware review

Woll Cookware Review. Is it worth the investment?

Rachel Fields Cookware the cookware market has become so saturated that there are too many options for consumers.

So much choice and innovation can be a blessing. Take Woll Cookware, for example. This premium, German-made line of culinary tools is designed to provide the best possible cooking experience.

In today’s Woll Cookware Review , we’re going to take a look at the top three products from the brand. And in the process, we’ll also answer some frequently asked questions that may crop up in your mind.

Let’s begin, then!

Woll Diamond Lite-Diamond Reinforced nonstick…

woll cookware review

More About the Brand

Before we get into detailed product reviews let’s briefly explore the company. Woll is an American manufacturer of cookware. Woll was established in 1979 by a family and employs state-of the-art technology to make high quality cookware.

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All products from the brand are made at advanced factories with the advantage of German engineering. What’s more, they are manufactured using nanoparticle-infused aluminum, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. Further, they are scratch-resistant and can even be used with induction cooktops.

Another advantage of Woll pots and pans is that they have diamond-embedded surfaces. This makes them completely nonstick. It also allows for greater heat conduction.

These products are quite expensive due to their advanced technology. This shouldn’t stop those passionate about their culinary experiences.

woll cookware review

Woll Cookware: Do You Need It?

2nd Choice Woll-10-Piece Diamond Lite Induction Cookware Kit Check Current Price WOLL 10-Piece Sapphire Plus/Diamond Lite Nstick Cookware Kit Check Latest Prices 3rd best Choice Woll-10-Piece Saphir Lite Kitchenware Set Set See Latest Price Our complete review and buying guide for Woll cookware is available here.

To find the best cookware for your kitchen can be a tedious task. You should consider several things when purchasing cookware. This isn’t just one pan. It’s a complete set of cookware. But don’t worry, because I have already done the legwork for you. I will focus this article on Woll and their range of cookware.

Woll, also known as Norbert Woll GMBBH, is a prominent company that makes cookware made of aluminum or stainless. Norbert Wolff founded the company in 1974. Today, it is a well-known German brand that is a common choice for most kitchens. Most well-known for its stunning designs and non-stick coating technology, including diamond crystals.

A great heat conductor, diamond works four times better than copper. Your cooking time can be cut by as much as half. Woll has a reputation for being a trusted brand due to its combination of quality and affordability. Take a closer glance at the Woll cookware.

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woll cookware review

Woll cast aluminum cookware

a am47 Jul 7, 202001:28 PM Given the recent conversations around finding good quality, made-in-Europe nonstick cookware that have arisen over the past month, I’m curious about people’s experience using Woll cookware. Franz’s review was something I have read several times. But, like Mazzetti’s, my concern is that Franz’s impression may be tainted by something minor, in this instance, a tiny dent and some dust. Otherwise, a thorough search the Cookware forum archives yielded nothing particularly informative. Woll cookware has a cast aluminum structure with thicker sides and bases. I think they would work well on almost any cooking surface. You’re often reminded of Berndes, Scanpan, and so on. It would be great to hear how users rate the pans, including their quality, durability and handling. Titanium Best, XR Logic, and Titanium Noo are my favorite series.

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Woll Pans worth the investment?

CONS: It is extremely durable and heavy. The pan works well for heat distribution. It takes some time to heat up and cool off. Easy to use and heats up evenly.

Are Woll Pans Durable?

The food will not stick to the pan, but there is a way around it. However, this cookware can last a lifetime. Will never buy non-stick products again. Online order for $140.00

How can you clean a Woll Pan

There is no easier way to clean your WOLL Professional cast products. It takes only a few minutes to clean WOLL professional cast products. All WOLL cast professional products are dishwasher-proof.

Woll Pans in the Oven

Woll Diamond Lite Cookware allows you to bake upto 500°F and can be used for electric, gas or ceramic stoves.

.Woll Cookware Review

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