Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Four Things You Need to Know About Usps Weekend Shipping

These are some useful facts to help you improve your USPS weekend delivery skills.

  • No Fees for Saturday: USPS treats Saturday like any other day, meaning you pay no extra fees for Saturday delivery.
  • Tracking: Package tracking is included in all USPS weekend delivery services.
  • Insurance optional: All USPS weekend delivery services include $50-100 of insurance automatically. You can purchase extra insurance at a per-pound rate from USPS, or from Easyship up to $5000.
  • Cut off times: Most Post Office locations accept packages up to the minute they close, which is either 5 or 6 PM. In most cases, any packages that are left after the business closes will be delivered to the truck for pickup. This applies especially to USPS Overnight. To ensure your package arrives on time and you are not worried about it getting lost, schedule package pick-up during the day. To confirm the cut-off time, you can call your local postal office.

How To Give Your Customers The Estimated Delivery Date Option For Usps Shipping On The Woocommerce Store?

A shipping plugin can be integrated into your WooCommerce store to allow customers to select the USPS shipping option that best suits them. It also gives an estimate date for delivery. The ELEX shipping plugin with USPS Postage can be used to get USPS live shipping rates for your WooCommerce store. The following settings can be used to calculate the expected delivery date:

The settings are done in the Rates and Services section of the plugin. Once you enable the Estimated Delivery Date, you get to choose the days on which you want the delivery to be made and also input the cut off time too. Once these settings are enabled you can see the estimated delivery date alongside the shipping services in the checkout page as shown in the image below. Customers can also choose when they would like to receive their package, and select the shipping option that suits them best while shopping online.

This plugin allows you to calculate shipping costs based upon the addresses provided by customers at checkout.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Is Saturday delivery extra expensive?

For traditional first-class mail, USPS Retail Ground, and media mail through the USPS you donat have to pay any extra for it to be delivered on a Saturday a with thatas because thereas no guarantee that it will go out on the weekend and not the following Monday.

The USPS cannot guarantee delivery time for first-class mail. However, it promises that they will make every effort to deliver your parcel or package to you within one to three business days.

The USPS Retail Ground or Standard Post will attempt to deliver your mail within 2-8 business days. However, the USPS cannot guarantee that this time frame.

Media Mail uses the same delivery window as USPS Retail Ground, but again with no guarantee that your mail will reach its destination in eight business days.

You cannot guarantee that mail will be delivered on Saturdays or Sundays if you have to pay an extra fee for delivery.

Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Express guarantee your parcel, envelope, or package will reach its destination in a day.

Priority Mail will make sure that your package arrives on a Saturday if it has to, though delivery on Sunday is not included with this postage. Priority Mail Express offers guaranteed delivery on Sundays if required.

Priority Mail Express, along with a few other expedited or guaranteed delivery services offered by the USPS, promises a delivery window of 365 days per year. Major holidays are the exception.

Saturday Package Pickup at Your Local Post Office

Although we have talked about getting mail and parcels delivered to your house, what happens if the package arrives at a PO Box. Can you pick up your package from the post office on a Saturday? Post offices are open 24 hours a day to access your PO Box. If the item is too big to fit in the box, it could be a problem. You will want to make sure that you arrive while the post office is open in order to pick up your package. You can pick up your package on Saturdays at most post offices. Those hours are different at each location, but some examples are 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM or 9:00 AM to Noon. Before you go to the post office, make sure they are open.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Priority Mail Express

It is the USPS’s fastest domestic service with limited exceptions. You can get it within 365 days. It delivers to all U.S. addresses, even including PO Boxes. It starts at $25.5 online, and at all Post Office locations. The option of Flat Rate eliminates the need to weigh packages up to 70 lbs.

Priority Mail Express Express is the best option if you need your parcel delivered quickly (overnight), and the cost is no issue.


  • Pickup of packages at no cost at home or in your office
  • Includes digital signature for record and USPS tracking
  • Has an insurance coverage of $100
  • For an extra fee, we can deliver overnight on Sundays and holidays.

Priority Mail Express: Flat Rates

What if I want to schedule usps deliveries for the weekend?

As of right now, you wonat be able to physically schedule any of your USPS deliveries to happen on the weekend a though you can anticipate that this depending on the postage option to take advantage of.

For example, paying for Priority Mail postage on something that you ship out on a Tuesday or Wednesday (usually) means that itas going to be delivered on a Friday, Saturday, or the following Monday.

Priority Mail Express sent out on a Thursday will almost always be delivered on a Friday or a Saturday, and (at the very latest) Sunday.

Priority Mail Express will deliver any mail scheduled to arrive earlier than Tuesday and Wednesday. Priority Mail Express Express will arrive almost always before the Thursday and Friday of the week.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Usps Saturday Delivery Hours for Mail & Packages

Now that you know you can expect your mail to be delivered on Saturday, you might be wondering what the Saturday delivery schedule looks like. If you have some e-commerce shipments on the way, you more than likely want those delivered as early as possible. Most of the time, your Saturday deliveries will arrive around the same time as your normal weekday deliveries. There are a couple of things that could make delivery on Saturday a little earlier or a little later than normal.

The first is that USPS weekends delivery can sometimes be done by floating mail carriers. This means that they do not have a standard route, but instead they float around and take whichever route is open that day. Your standard mail carrier can take off Saturday because of this. The floater might take up to a weekday, and the normal carrier may run the Saturday route. A second factor is that Saturdays are often less busy for mail delivery. This helps the route run a little bit faster in most cases. The USPS mail should run at the same speed on Saturday as it runs Monday through Friday.

What if I want to schedule usps deliveries for the weekend?

USPS delivery cannot be scheduled for weekends. But, you can find out if you can expect a Saturday or Sunday delivery. This depends on the carrier you choose and the shipping method. If you use Priority Mail for something that ships on Tuesday or Wednesday, it will arrive on either Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Priority Mail Express sent on Thursdays will almost always arrive on Friday or Saturday (or Sunday at the latest).

Priority Mail Express shipments are delivered by the USPS no later than Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Therefore, Priority Mail Express mailed earlier in the week is almost sure to arrive before Thursday or Friday.

Let us take a detailed look at the shipping options offered by the USPS:

Priority Mail Express can arrive next day, or in a minimum of two days after 6 pm the previous day. USPS provides a guarantee of money back and delivery seven days per week

Priority Mail can arrive in one to three days. It depends on the destination and origin of your shipment. The service comes with insurance and tracking.

– First-Class Mail will arrive within one to five business days. The fastest delivery time for small packages is one to three days.

– Media Mail takes between two and eight business days to ship.

The USPS Retail Group will deliver your order within 2-8 business days.

Some times of year shipping can become slow. The busiest weeks are those between Black Friday (and Christmas Eve) and December Eve. Mother’s Day, due to the high volume of mail, is another occasion when the Postal Service slows down.

Do not mail your parcels or packages during this time frame if you would like them to arrive faster. There is a high chance of your product experiencing delays if you place an order within this window.

Customers need to be aware of insurance details and cut-off times when using the USPS. All USPS weekend deliveries come with $50-100 worth of insurance. You can add more coverage to your package. The cut-off time for dropping merchandise off at the post office is between 15:00 and 16:30. If you worry that your package will not be delivered on time, arrange to pick it up during the day.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are a benefit for your customers

There are several advantages to offering weekend delivery in your store. It just becomes a perfect add-on for your store-strategies. These are some of the benefits to offering weekend delivery in your store.

You can offer your customers several shipping options. Offering customers a seven-day delivery option to their customers is a great way to wow them. Customers will love to get their packages personally, since most will arrive at home. Weekend delivery options are available.

Optimize and increase operational efficiency: With extra days to offer services, it will improve the efficiency of the deliveries happening and helps to move the inventory quickly. Moreover, the deliveries made rightly will give you more space in your warehouse and lets you accept more orders and in turn increase the revenue of the company.

Customers are more likely to place their order and will abandon it less often if they have prompt deliveries even on weekends and Sundays.

First-Class Mail(r)

Is USPS First Class Mail available on weekends? Yes, on Saturdays only.

For more information, visit:

  • First-Class International(r) – This is the most affordable international option for lightweight packages. This service is recommended for items that are not time-sensitive. It typically ships to over 190 countries. However, COVID-19 has some limitations.
  • First-Class International(r) – This is the most affordable international option for lightweight packages. This service is recommended for items that are not time-sensitive. It typically ships to over 190 countries. However, COVID-19 has some limitations.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

What If My Mail IaM Expecting For Saturday DoesnaT Arrive?

You should verify the type of Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Express you paid before you send any mail you expect to arrive on Saturday.

As we have highlighted a couple of times already, Priority Mail that doesnat arrive on ASAP will almost certainly arrive on the following Monday (maybe the next Tuesday, at the absolute very latest).

Priority Mail express will deliver your parcel on Monday. If your mail was sent on Friday or Thursday, it will arrive on Saturday.

Is There A ARule Of Thumba For Estimating Usps Delivery Windows?

Trying to figure out when your USPS delivery will be made can be a bit of a headache and hassle, if only because most of the postage services provided by the post office do not come with guaranteed delivery windows the way that FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others provide.

You will need to know that Priority Mail Express guarantees delivery in 1 to 2 days. However, it is not guaranteed delivery by weekends.

Although the USPS will do everything possible to ensure that your parcel and package arrive within the timeframe you requested (and that is what they outline), it’s not always going be that way.

You may get your parcels or packages sooner than expected. Sometimes youall get than later, and very rarely you might get that much (much) later a especially if there are different delays other control of the USPS (inclement weather, for example) that slow things down.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Does The Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Yes. The USPS delivers mail and parcels on Saturdays. It includes first-class, express, flat rate, priority, mail and media mail. If you ship something via the USPS, then Saturday is a possible delivery day for that item. For mail delivery, Saturdays are just another day of business for the postal office. Since UPS delivers on Saturday, the USPS must be able to compete with these other carriers. Your mail and parcels will be delivered on Saturday as normal. Most cases there are no significant differences between Saturday delivery and any delivery made Monday through Friday. In some cases, you might see a slight difference in your specific delivery time on Saturday.

Often, your mail and packages will arrive at your home earlier on Saturday than they would during the week. Because many businesses receive mail on Saturday, this is because they are often closed. Since your letter carrier does not need to visit these businesses on Saturday, the carrier is often able to get through their route a little faster. In addition, depending on the volume of mail at your post office, you may notice that letters and packages are delivered on separate mail trucks on Saturdays.

Usps Saturday Hours:

Let’s see few post office timings on Saturday:

  • Carrier Facility Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Last Collection Time – 5:00 pm
  • Self-Service Kiosk Availability – 12:01 am – 11:59 pm
  • Carrier Facility Hours – 8:30 am – 11:00 am
  • Last Collection Time – 4:00 pm
  • Self-Service Kiosk Availability – 12:01 am – 11:59 pm
  • Carrier Facility Hours: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Last collection time – 4:05 pm
  • Self-Service Kiosks Availability: 12:01 am to 11:59pm

These are Saturday’s post office hours for various tasks. Saturday delivery time is not set.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Do I Have To Pay For Weekend Delivery Tracking?

Absolutely not a unless the USPS service you have decided to move forward with does not include delivery tracking in the first place.

The standard tracking information provided by the USPS, such as the details included with Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Express deliveries, works just as well at weekends as it does during the week.

If you do decide to move forward with something like first-class postage, however, the odds are pretty good youare going to need to add tracking to the postage you have paid a it doesnat come included.

Youall need to make sure that your tracking details are sorted out at the time you pay for your postage and take advantage of USPS services, usually something you do when you are printing a shipping label or dropping your mail off at the local post office.

Once you have that tracking information, though, you should be good to go whether youare looking to track your packages on the weekend or not.

Usps Saturday Delivery

  • A quarter of Priority Mail and first class mail will be delayed for two days.
  • reduce the advantage that the postal service has over its competitors that don’t offer mail service on Saturdays.

On the other hand ending Saturday delivery would also improve the financial condition of USPS by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Media Mail


  • The weight of the item is what determines its price.

Media Mail: What are you able to send?

  • Test materials and printed music
  • Printable educational charts
  • Computer-readable media
  • Audio & video recordings
  • Books (minimum 8 pages)
  • Loose-leaf medical pages & binders


You Can Offer Weekend Delivery Options to Your Customers With The Most Flexibility

Giving your customers flexible options when it comes to shipping is the best way to retain them. The Saturday and Sunday deliveries offered at no extra cost by USPS are quite beneficial for your stores. Meeting the needs of your customers is quite important to ensure repeat purchases. It is therefore important that you offer weekends delivery to your customers whenever possible.

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Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Is Usps able to deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, Saturday is a normal business day for USPS. A few USPS shipping companies allow Saturday delivery, but not on Sunday. They include:

  • First Class Mail
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • First-Class Package
  • Priority Mail Express

For all other services listed above, whether your package actually arrives on Saturday depends on the estimated delivery lead time and the location of the warehouse used for the “last mile” of delivery. If you choose any of these services, however, this option remains open to you.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

The items from Priority Mail will be delivered in 1-3 business days for a starting price of $6.65. You can avail this facility online or at any Post Office. Like Priority Mail Express, even Priority Mail offers free package pickup at your office or home. You can also get up to $50 in insurance for any type of shipment.

One of the things that you need to consider is that USPS delivery hours and USPS delivery time also depend on:

  • The USPS Warehouse’s location

The USPS Saturday Delivery Hours are the same.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Usps Sunday Delivery Cost

Priority Mail Express costs $26.75. The exact cost depends on your package weight and delivery destination. Additional $12.50 fee applies to Sunday deliveries.

For a full breakdown of Priority Mail Express costs, check out this full guide.


  • FBA
  • Pricing

Quick Guide:

  • What exactly is the USPS?
  • The USPS Pick-Up Package Facts
  • Other Important FAQs
  • Conclusion

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Does Usps Deliver Seven Days A Week?

Every week, mail delivery takes place in America from Monday to Saturday. Different days have different delivery times depending on many factors. Customers can still expect consistent delivery times.

The Bottom Line

You can be sure that if you’re waiting for a Saturday delivery, the post office will deliver your mail on Saturday. For an additional fee, mail can be delivered to your home on Sunday in some instances. USPS competes with UPS and FedEx for weekend delivery so many additional services have been added to meet the needs of their customers.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday?

Usps Sunday Hours

USPS Priority Mail Express guarantees delivery within the day, or two days for distant zip codes. Priority Mail Express will deliver Priority Mail Express packages by 10:30 am for Sunday delivery.

Does Usps Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

Although there are limitations to the United States Postal Service, this organization delivers mail in a highly efficient manner with an impressive reach.

Since the 19th Century, USPS and its agents have been at the heart of U.S. communications.

But does USPS deliver on Saturday? Is it possible to receive your bill, letter or package by Saturday with USPS? Here’s what you need to know.

Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday In 2022?

The Saturday delivery of mail from the United States Postal Service is a tradition that has been in place since 1863. U.S. citizens can expect First Class and Priority Mail to arrive on Saturdays. This is with the exception of holiday deliveries. Additionally, USPS Saturday mail delivery comes at no extra charge for the sender.

  • Continue reading for more information about Saturday delivery by USPS, the time they can deliver mail, their delivery times, late deliveries, and whether or not you are able to visit your local postoffice on Saturdays.
  • What Saturday is the USPS delivery of First Class Mail?

    First Class mail is, in reality, what we call “normal” mail. First Class mail is the ordinary stuff that’s delivered with at least one stamp.

    Prime Mail does deliver on Saturdays.

    USPS’s website boasts that Saturday mail delivery has been an option since 1863.

    Mail carriers are still available to pick up your mail one-day per week. They bring you letters, bills and, unfortunately, junk mail in small business-size envelopes.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    Can USPS deliver Priority Mail on Saturday?

    Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express both get delivered on Saturdays, without an additional fee for the shipper.

    These types mail can be shipped in one, two, and three days. Shippers pay a rate determined by weight rather than using stamps.

    But again, that rate is for the Priority (i.e., faster/trackable/guaranteed) shipping, not for the Saturday delivery.

    Are Saturdays the only day that The Post Office is open?

    Saturday is a USPS business day. As such you will be able to receive Priority and Priority Express mails, First Class mail and USPS Retail Ground mails.

    If your shipping day is on Saturday, it won’t matter if you pay any extra as it’s a weekend.

    The typical postage you pay, regardless of whether you send something First Class, “regular”, or stamped mail, will be what you have to cover.

    For example, you don’t have to pay extra if your flat-rate Priority Mail Express overnight envelope arrives on Saturday.

    In this case, you would simply pay the $26.35 flat rate, plus any normal additional charges you might incur (distance, for example). A Saturday guarantee ensures that the item arrives on time.

    This is in contrast with Priority Mail Express that you would like to reach its destination on a Sunday.

    A guaranteed Sunday delivery adds an extra $12.50 onto whatever your original cost might be (flat rate, plus any additional charges).

    Again, though, Saturdays do not incur any additional charges, despite being a weekend day. It’s still business as usual at the USPS.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    What Time Can You Expect Mail Delivery On Saturday?

    For many people, you can expect your Saturday mail delivery around the same time that you receive mail the rest of the week.

    This is between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    You should have your item shipped Priority Mail or Priority Express overnight Priority on Friday. It must reach the destination before 10:30 AM Saturday.

    Because there is no controlling the weather or accidents on the highway, or because sometimes certain times of the year are busier than others, mail might be later.

    You might also not get your First Class mail or parcels until after 6:30 pm – in rare cases, sometimes even earlier.

    Priority Express is a way to return money if your Priority Express package does not reach its destination before 3:00 p.m. Saturday.

    Priority Express provides overnight service at no additional cost if you choose to pay overnight charges.

    Does USPS Deliver Mail On Saturday Nights?

    USPS might deliver mail on Saturday evening if it is possible to do so due to extenuating conditions.

    While you won’t regularly receive your Saturday mail at 8 p.m., it could occur that something happened to make the carrier that late, perhaps once or twice in a lifetime.

    However, delivery times up to 6:30 p.m. may be possible depending on the location.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    What happens if the USPS doesn’t deliver mail on Saturdays?

    USPS operates on Saturdays as a normal business day, therefore it is rare that they will skip Saturday mail delivery.

    But it happens. One reason is that the bank holiday fell on Saturday.

    Whether it’s Christmas, Fourth of July, or New Year’s Day, if it’s a day when the bank and postal service is normally closed, you will not receive any mail.

    Mail sent to recipients will be delivered the following business day.

    However, it may not occur until the next Tuesday if Monday is a recognized holiday.

    But, it doesn’t matter if something must be delivered to someone on a Saturday.

    USPS also offers holiday delivery.

    Holiday delivery comes with the guarantee of Sunday delivery. However, it costs additional $12.50 to ship holiday packages.

    You can read our other articles to find out more about whether USPS delivers Sundays or not, as well as whether USPS delivers to your door at night.

  • Conclusion
  • While Saturday might be a day for rest and relaxation for many, for the United States Postal Service, it’s business as usual.

    Saturdays fall under the regular delivery schedule. First Class mail receives as normal on weekdays. Mailers are not required to pay additional for Priority Express or Priority Express delivery Saturdays.

    How is Saturday a business day for Usps Priority Mail

    Priority Mail Express items and Priority Mail Express items are delivered by the USPS on Saturdays. Priority Mail Items will be delivered to you within 1-3 Business Days for a price starting at $6.65 The facility is available online as well as at all Post Office locations. January 4, 2022

    How Long Does Usps First-Class Priority Mail Take?

    It can take one to three working days

    Can First-Class PriorityMail Deliver on Sunday?

    USPS does NOT deliver First Class or Priority mail on Sundays. However they cover Priority Express, and Amazon package delivery. Priority Express Sunday Delivery costs $12.50 extra, but includes the money-back assurance that your package will arrive before 6:30 on the delivery date.

    .Does Usps Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

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