Usps Shoe Policy

Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

Nearly all jobs have some form of dress code, including USPS.

USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

USPS is especially strict with employees’ footwear choices.

  • USPS Shoe Policy for 2022
  • USPS restricts employees from wearing certain kinds of shoes due to safety concerns. They spend so much time on the feet and are therefore not permitted to wear them. The approved shoes for USPS workers are dust-resistant and water-resistant and made of leather and leather-adjacent materials. Approved footwear is also SR/USA labeled, and usually comes in black.

  • There are many nuanced aspects to the USPS shoe policy. Be sure to read the whole article to see the complete picture.
  • What shoes materials can USPS employees wear?

    The USPS approves all shoes worn by employees are made of leather, or leather-adjacent material such as hardy synthetic material.

    USPS footwear is not approved for synthetic materials such nylon and canvas.

    There are also other types of shoe that cannot be used in America:

  • Higher heels than 1 1/2 inches or higher soles than 1/2 inch
  • Heels, with toes or open sides.
  • Steel taps in heels
  • Tennis shoes, athletic, or jogging shoes except those with the appropriate materials, or moccasins
  • Any shoes that have netted material on them
  • Shoes that are no longer adequate due to disrepair
  • The full USPS Handbook contains more information about the USPS safety guide.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    USPS Employees Can Only Wear Black Shoes

    USPS employees may only wear SR/USA shoes to work.

    With a few notable exceptions, all SR/USA footwear is black. The USPS however requires that the shoes be worn to work by black employees.

    USPS workers are permitted to wear shoes that are not entirely black.

    USPS employee shoes are allowed to have tags or tongues that are not black, especially as SR/USA labeled shoes have a green tag indicating that they’re SR/USA labeled.

    What Are SR/USA Labelled Shoes?

    Shoes marked SR/USA are shoes that have been marked as slip resistant and manufactured in America.

    Shoes marked SR/USA must always bear a green label. They aren’t SR/USA labelled shoes if they don’t.

    The USPS will not pay worker’s compensation if the shoes you wear aren’t SR/USA labelled.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    Where Can You Buy SR/USA Labeled Shoes?

    The best way to purchase shoes, or any uniform pieces for that matter, for a USPS position is through Postal Uniforms Direct, which you can find online here.

    You can also find SR/USA labeled shoes through popular sites such as Amazon, Skechers, Webstaurant Shoes, New Balance, and Reebok.

    It will be easiest to buy SR/USA sneakers online.

    Why Should You Buy SR/USA Labelled Shoes

    Safety reasons are the most important reason to follow USPS shoe policies.

    SR/USA footwear is slip-resistant.

    Shoes SR/USA-labeled are good for the economy as they are made in America and aid in maintaining and creating jobs.

    You should also wear SR/USA shoes in the event you are hurt while on the job.

    Workers’ comp will not apply to you if your shoes aren’t SR/USA labelled.

    Our guides will explain how the USPS works, whether the exam is challenging or if USPS is an federal job.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS has made it a requirement that USPS workers wear SR/USA labeled sneakers.

    Almost all SR/USA shoes are black. USPS demands that the shoes worn by employees be black except the green SR/USA tag.

    You can find SR/USA labeled footwear online. However, you should purchase USPS boots and USPS uniforms at Postal Uniforms Direct.

    Employees at USPS are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes, heels, fabric, canvas or nylon shoes.

    Are There Any Shoes I Can Wear to Usps?

    USPS employees can only wear leather shoes or leather-adjacent material such as synthetics. USPS does not accept synthetic materials such as nylon or canvas.

    What do the Postal Certified Shoes mean?

    Perhaps you have noticed on the side of your postal approved shoes a little black tag with the letters sr/usa in green. This label is sewn onto all postal approved shoes to indicate that they meet strict requirements for slip resistance/usa-made. Jan 18, 2011.

    What Is The Dress Code For Usps?

    931.26 Responsibility of Employees Uniform garments should be properly fitted and maintained in a clean, neat, and serviceable condition. Shorts, Jeans, sleevesless tops T-shirts sweats, spandex and T-shirts aren’t appropriate for retail workers.

    Do Usps Workers Allow Shorts to Be Worn?

    934.31 Walkin’ Shorts and Knee Long Hose

    .Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

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