Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Do You Have a Favorite Enameled Cast Iron Potware Recipe?

Now is the moment that you have been waiting. These are my selections of enameled-cast iron cookware. Quality and cost were both important to me.

However, I must acknowledge the mixed reviews of some of the cheaper options. Regular cast enameled cookware is also an option. If you're not interested in seasoning your cookware then I really believe that Staub and Le Creuset are by far best enameled cast iron if your budget allows.

French are known for their fine cookware. Staub might not be as popular as Le Creuset. However, enameling has a remarkable quality.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Skillet.

This large heavy-set skillet is a versatile one that can be used every day. It's the best one for chasing people from your home. It does weigh less than the Staub skillet. That's why it's my favorite.

This skillet is easily carried around thanks to the large loop handle. The skillet is large enough to cook food evenly, and it has superior thermal density. This skillet can also be ordered in pink. Le Creuset prefers the classic color flame to me. Amazon offers a great selection of their colors. This cookware represents the highest quality enameled cast Iron cookware. It's more expensive than the Lodge one, but many people report it's worth it. Staub makes a wonderful skillet. If you read my articles, you will know that I love Staub. The Le Creuset is lighter than Staub, so I think it might be more suitable for wider audiences.

Another honest review. America's Test Kitchen has more money than me to test my skillets. I do not like celebrity chefs recommending products. Manufacturers that specialize in quality cookware are my preference.


Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Cuisinart's Classic Enameled Cast Iron 7 Quart Round Covered Casserole

Who doesn't love a good casserole? Some people love it, others don't. But they might like it more if the casserole is cooked in this Cuisinart Classic Enameled Cast Iron Casserole pot. While the 7 quart is the most desired, it's also available in 3 and 5 quarts as well.

Cuisinart currently has three colors, which are: red (blue) and black (black). Although the quality of reviews is not as good as Landhaus's, Cuisinart has a lower price and is a popular choice.

Click here to see the Amazon link for the 7 Quart Casserole Cooker (affiliate hyperlink). For most households, however, there is an option to purchase a 5.5 Quart pot.

It is safe to use in dishwashers and has large, wide ears.

This enameled cookware from cast iron is great for serving family members and hosting large parties. Cast iron is a great choice for anyone who has never used it before.


Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Crock Pot Artisan 5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Braiser Pot

Do you want a braiser but without all the expense? Crock Pot makes it easy to have a braiser.

This enameled cast-iron skillet is made by the great slow cooker manufacturer.

This braiser, although I haven't used it in all cases, cooks well and has great value. Crockpot is a specialist for slow-cooked cookware and it does come with a self-basting cover. Cleaning is a breeze, and just like other enameled cast iron cookware, you never have to worry about seasoning your pot.

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Crockpot is known for slow cookers, with some very positive reviews. You can see the prices on Amazon by clicking this affiliate link. The Dutch oven is a great option for those looking to save money.

This was the video I saw while writing this article. While I don't think they ever had to use a Dutch Oven, their review does a great job. A really refreshing honest opinion.


Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

How We Decided

A Dutch oven, by its dictionary definition, is simply "a large, heavy cooking pot with a lid." You can find ones made from ceramic, aluminum, enameled steel, or bare cast iron, but we focused solely on enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens because they're durable and ideally suited to low and slow cooking. Cast iron is able to hold more heat than any other material. That makes it perfect for braising, a cooking technique that relies on consistent heat over time to slowly break down and tenderize meat.

An enamel coating is easier to care for and clean than bare cast iron, which you'll need to season. Easy cleanup is easy with enamel, as it releases stuck-on foods quickly. We had previously tested a few pots with dark interiors. Now we chose to concentrate on those that have light enamel interiors. This allows us to better monitor the amount of brown bits in the pan that form the base of flavorful sauces.

Dutch ovens come in a wide variety of sizes, from single-serving mini cocottes to those that are a whopping 13 quarts. Our tests were limited to 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 quart ovens. This allows us to find a good balance that is suitable for all types of recipes. A smaller size oven will make it difficult to cook larger cuts of meat. Lodge sells models from 7 1/2 to 9 quarts while Le Creuset has a model that holds 13 to 4 quarts. That's enough for 10 people. Squatter-wider pots are better than longer, deeper ones. Their shorter walls let more steam escape, which makes it easy to brown meats for chili or stews. A larger pot will save you time as it can cook more meat simultaneously without crowding.

Oval ovens have become quite popular, so we focused our testing on round models. Round ovens fit best over a regular stove-top burner. (We did try one oval model because that was the exclusive Dutch oven from Great Jones). You may find it easier to cook narrower items, such as pork belly pieces, in an oval Dutch oven. But, an oval Dutch Oven will only work on large burners.

The best Dutch ovens have lids that rest securely on the pot but that still let out some steam, so soups and stews can reduce and thicken. Staub and other manufacturers have added bumps or ridges to the lids. These supposedly allow evaporated moisture to get back inside the pot, allowing it to bake whatever is in. A Staub pot that had a nubby-style lid in 2015 retained less moisture and braised better (though it could have also been the result of a more tight fitting lid). However, we liked the thicker stews we were able to make with ovens that released more liquid. Nubby lids were not tested in 2020.

Dutch ovens have a lighter-colored surface for cooking, which is useful when caramelizing onions. Photo by Michael Hession. We checked the 2020 update for new models, both from established brands such as Lodge, Le Creuset and Staub as well as newer ones like Milo or Great Jones. We looked at the top-selling models sold by Amazon and other retailers. After considering 17 models, we also looked at reviews from previous customers and decided to compare two ovens.

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Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Wert and warranty

You can use a variety of methods to determine the value. If you want to make a long-lasting investment in a brand such as le Creuset then your initial investment will be large but your annual cost of use is small.

Or, you can go with a cheaper brand that still gets good reviews and which may last for decades. Your initial investment in this instance is less but it's a good bet on how many years you'll use your pot.

Staub and le Creuset are the only enamel makers that have done as good a job, so it's best to stick with budget brands.

You also have to decide how important factors like color, weight, and good handles are to you. If you're willing to sacrifice a little in any of these areas, a budget pick might be the way to go. Do not forget: All Dutch ovens offer similar cleaning and cooking performance. Therefore, paying a premium will result in a lighter Dutch pot with a more appealing color and handle that is easier to grasp and longer-lasting enamel.

You can still use our picks for many years even if le Creuset doesn't fit within your budget. Each one is high-quality and will last a lifetime.

Warranty: When considering value, you also have to look at the warranty. Every enameled-cast iron cookware should carry a lifetime warrantee because they should be extremely durable. If a pot doesn't have at least a 30 year warranty, we suggest you keep looking.

You also want to understand the maker's customer service. Even some that claim to offer lifetime warranties do not honor them very well. You may have to pay to ship a defective item, or you may just get no response at all. Even if the brand is well-known, this can happen to Chinese manufactures.


Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review

Staub 10-Inch Frying Pot: The Best Enameled

cast iron pans Credit: Courtesy of Zwilling There are two varieties of cast iron skillets: regular and enameled. Traditional cast iron skillets develop a nonstick surface over time. The enameled version is stickier right out of the container. The enameled version won't react well with acids like tomatoes that can cause food to taste metallic.

For top-notch enameled cast iron, check out Staub. Famous fry pans made by Staub in Alsace (France) are heat-resistant and don't need additional seasoning. The interior is a matte black, which makes them great for browning and searing. It's also easy to clean. Two spouts allow you to pour without drippings and have two low-profile curved sides for easier flipping. Best of all, that beautiful enamel finish won't discolor, rust, or chip, and the pan easily transitions from oven to tabletop.

It is a pan that has been praised by many, including manufacturers. One reviewer wrote that the enamel coating prevents me from needing to season it and made it easier to clean. "The matte texture is what gives me all the cook benefits and browning I want in cast-iron cookware. For me, the color exterior is a bonus." Buy it at Zwilling.com for $175

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Best High-End Pick: Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle

Cast iron pans Credit credit to Amazon. Very few brands instill loyalty and enthusiasm like Le Creuset. The French company is celebrated for its ultra high-quality cast iron, and its enameled cast iron pans are no exception. Cast individually in sand molds and hand-inspected by experts, the skillets feature a black enamel interior that needs no additional seasoning. For easier cleaning, enameled cast Iron is safe to use in the dishwasher. Le Creuset's skillets also feature a large loop helper handle for easy lifting (even with oven mitts! ), as well as spouts on two sides for drip-free pouring. Choose from a wide variety of colors, including vibrant cherry and chic oyster.

Le Creuset skillets can be trusted by professionals as well as home cooks. Amazon has hundreds of 5-star reviews, and users praise the skillet for its durability and versatility. They also say it is worth the money. A user stated that although these pans can be expensive, they last for a long time. "They cook evenly, they are solid, heavy, and I am slowly purchasing a whole set of them." Second, a second person wrote: "I made the best steaks. I also made the best meatballs. And eggs. You can clean it up so easily! Take me as your convert. We haven't used any other pans. You can buy Milo Ultimate Skillet cast-iron pans starting at $180 on Amazon.com. Its Ultimate Skillet is coated with a glassy finish and can handle temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And like other enameled skillets, Milo pans are compatible with glass and induction cooktops.

You'll find tons of happy customers who've left reviews on the company's site, including one who said, "It's heavy and solid like you would expect from Staub or Le Creuset but it doesn't cost $250+." A second reviewer added: "I bought this to replace my much more costly pan that finally died after 35+years." It is amazing that I bought it for less than 35 years and the product is of equal quality. It is a great deal and I plan to buy more. Purchase: $95 on kanalifestyle.com


Is Enameled Cast Iron Good Cookware?

Cast iron pans are protected by enamel, which makes it extremely durable. It's highly durable, and it can be used for many more years.

Which Is Better Cast Iron Or Enameled Cast Iron?

In regular cast-iron, almost any dish can be cooked. However, for overly acidic foods like tomato sauce, the enameled version could be the better option. Don't take your costly enameled skillets on camping trips. Cast iron great for cooking fajitas, cooking breakfast and searing that perfect steak.

Enameled Cast Iron: What can you not cook?

The enameled cast iron doesn't leach. Cast iron that has been enameled is not prone to leaching.

.Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Review