Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-Fal Ceramic Cookware sets Reviewed

This comparison includes 3 sets: The 14-piece Initiatives set has a lower price, the 12-piece Ceramic Chef set offers a more elegant look, while the 2-piece Granite Ceramic pot is for daily breakfast cooking.

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-Fal Initiatives 14piece Ceramic Nonstick Set


T-fal G919SE64 Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick 14-Piece Cookware Set T-FAL

T-14-piece Fal’s initiatives cookware set promotes healthy eating.


T-Fal’s elegant, 14-piece set of cookware includes glass lids with steam vents. This set comes in two colors, black and blue as well as gold. It has a beautiful smooth finish inside and outside of these pots and pans.

Handles and lids are comfortable to use, durable, and stable. The handles and lids are also resistant to heat. Handles and lids can still get hot during longer use, so you will want to take precautions and use potholders whenever necessary.

This cookware is sturdy and lasts for many years. It weighs in at just 12 pounds. It can also be used as a replacement for cookware.


Ceramic coating is applied to the inner of each pot and pan. It resists scratches and stains. Heavy gauge aluminum is used to make the bases and sides of the cookware.

This cookware is free of cadmium and lead as well as PFOA and PTFE. You can use the cookware without fear because it is not stained by tarnish.

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-Fal Ceramic Cookware 12 Piece Set


T-fal C991SE Ceramic Chef Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Champagne T-FAL

T-fal ceramic chef cookware is colorful and fun. Because the ceramic interior is free of PTFE and PFOA, less fat and oil are used in cooking.


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This 12-piece ceramic cookware set is classic looking, and it comes in two stylish colors, red and champagne. The glass lids have steam vents and allow for you to view the food as it is being cooked.

It has a nonstick ceramic coating inside that resists scratches and stains. You will love the smooth finish and matching handles on this cookware. It can be displayed in your kitchen or kept in a cabinet.

The handles have an ergonomic design. Cookware is covered by a lifetime warranty.


This is a heavier cookware set by T-Fal and boxed; it weighs just over 17 pounds. It’s non-toxic with no PTFE, PFOA, lead, or cadmium materials, and the set will not dull or tarnish. This ceramic coating can be used for cooking.

They are constructed from aluminum of heavy gauge, which adds to their strength and durability. Three nylon utensils are included to protect your cookware against scratches.

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-Fal Endura Granite Ceramic Pan Set


T-fal C412S2 Endura Granite Ceramic Nonstick Thermo-Spot Cookware T-FAL

T-Fal Endura Granite Ceramic C412S264 16″ Fryer It’s good for meat. A food flipper’s dream! Cookware with a starry night sky design has a dark grey interior and a white exterior.


T-Fal’s set of frying pans is made in granite and has the ceramic nonstick coating. At 8-inches and 10.5-inches, the frying pans come in good size. These frying pans have easy-to-use sloped sides with a large base that can be used for searing, sauteing and pan-frying.

These pans are high-quality and long-lasting. The pans can withstand temperatures up to 560 degrees F and they are stain and scratch resistant. These handles have riveted stainlesssteel handles which are cool to the touch and give you a secure grip.

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These pans are also oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This granite design is charming yet classic.


These pans are recyclable, free of toxins like lead, cadmium, PFOA, or PTFE. Heavy-gauge aluminum is used for the base. They feature the Thermo-Spot technology by T-Fal, which is built into the nonstick coating of the pan.

A heat indicator can tell you when your food reaches the ideal temperature for sealing in flavor. It will help you to sear meats, make vegetable and pancakes, and ensure that they are cooked properly.

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-Fal Initiatives Ceramic Cookware Review

It is extremely affordable. You get many pieces that will make your kitchen a success for less than $100 T-Fal’s nonstick surfaces aren’t as long-lasting as other types, but they last for a lifetime.

These items can be washed in the dishwasher, however, hand washing might help to preserve their coating. While the set can stain easily due to its lighter interior, it is safe to use in an oven or broiler for up to 350 degrees. For a starter set, it’s not bad.

These sets would be best for beginner cooks or those stocking a kitchen for the first time. Both the 14- and the 16-piece sets have cooking utensils included great for beginners, unnecessary for already stocked kitchens.

Is T Fal Ceramic Cookware Food Safe?
Review of T Fal Initiatives ceramic nonstick cookware. The manufacturer provides a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects on this product for the life of the purchase. The cookware is stovetop safe to 570 degF (300 degC). Bakelite handles ensure that the pans will be safe for 350oF oven temperatures.
What is the nonstick cooking method for T Fal Ceramic cookware?
T-Fal Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick cookware set features an easy-to-clean nonstick exterior. It is also dishwasher-safe. The heat base is even so that you can get reliable cooking results.
What is the problem with ceramic cookware?
Ceramic-coated cookware can be considered safer than Teflon. However, it also triggers some health concerns. A ceramic coating that is easily broken can cause food contact. Some metal alloys can have this effect on health.
Ceramic Cookware: What Are Its Disadvantages?
Ceramic coatings are not durable.
✅ Pots and pans made of ceramic are often fragile.
✅ Ceramic pots and pans are usually hand washed.
✅ Metal utensils will scratch the ceramic surface.
✅ This material cannot be used at high temperatures.
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