Is Sam’S Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier?

Is Sam’s Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)

Is Sam’S Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)


  • Sam’s Club is known for selling bulk quantities at low prices.
  • So, this may lead you to question whether Sam’s Club’s gas truly is worth its price and whether it’s the best tier. Here is what I discovered!


Is Sam’s Club Gas Top Tier In 2022?

Sam’s Club gas is not top tier, but it is considered a high-quality gas and Sam’s Club assures a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sam’s Club’s gas isn’t certified top-tier. However, it has been reported that Sam’s Club’s gas is still supplied by suppliers like Shell, Mobil, Chevron and Chevron so customers can be assured a quality product.

  • How does Sam’s Club’s gasoline compare to Costco’s? How does Sam’s Club accept payment at gas stations and what types of payments? Read on to find out more.

What type of Gas does Sam’s sell?

Sam’s Club is not a single oil company, as many gas stations are. Instead, Sam’s Club operates as an unbranded, independent gas station.

There is also the possibility that Sam’s Club may get their fuel from Shell or Murphy Oil or Mobil.

Although Sam’s Club gas is not Top Tier, the company still assures the fuels’ quality with the Sam’s Club Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sam’s Club’s satisfaction guarantee guarantees you that Sam’s Club’s will either replace or reimburse your money if for any reason, your purchase isn’t 100% satisfactory.

Walmart operates Sam’s Club and does not make public its source of gasoline.

According to industry professionals, Sam’s Club could use its fuel additives or testing procedure in order to guarantee high quality gasoline.

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Sam’s Club gas may not be Top Tier. However, it must comply with certain regulations.

For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency, State Government, and National Fire Protection Association have very strict standards for gas stations.

Is Sam’s Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)

How Do You Buy Gas At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club members are required to buy fuel from any Sam’s Club stations. A Sam’s Club membership will cost you between $45 and $100, depending on the added benefits.

Sam’s Club will accept any form of payment. Sam’s Club offers a range of payment options.

  • Sam’s Club Mastercard also provides 5% cash back for gasoline purchases
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Sam’s Club gift card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit card
  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • The majority of major credit cards
  • Sam’s Club has many payment options that you can use to purchase gasoline.

Sam’s Club Membership Requirement: Can you buy gasoline at Sam’s Club?

At most Sam’s Club gas stations, you must be a member to buy fuel. Sam’s Club also has some locations for non-members who can purchase fuel.

The Sam’s Club gas stations available to the general public are either required by law to be open for public use or located next to a Walmart.

Call your Sam’s Club store to verify if gas is available for sale to nonmembers.

Sam’s Club customers and members will get a $0.05 discount at Sam’s Club stations open to the public.

New Jersey is the state with no discount on fuel prices.

Is Sam’s Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)

Sam’s Club Gas Is the Cheapest

Sam’s Club cannot match Costco’s low gasoline prices. Costco is well-known for their long waiting lines that their customers endure in order to get their fuel.

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It is difficult to determine how Sam’s Club’s gasoline prices compare with their competition because gas prices are constantly changing.

  • However, Sam’s Club’s gas rates are typically lower than those of the rest of the country. Costco may sometimes undercut Sam’s Club’s prices by as much $0.25 per gal.

What Is The Difference Between Sam’s Club And Costco Gas?

Is Sam’s Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)

Costco is Sam’s Club’s main competitor, being a major warehouse store. Which store sells gasoline and which one is better?

There are two main differences between Sam’s Club and Costco gas stations.

  • Top Tier Gas

Sam’s Club’s gas, as you know now isn’t Top Tier. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Gasoline however is a Top Tier licensed brand.

Costco gas has 5x the amount of deposit control additives required when compared to EPA standards.

  • Pricing

Sam’s Club’s gas prices are average when compared with other gas stations within the same vicinity.

However, Costco keeps its gas prices consistently lower than its competitors. Costco has a way to lower their gas prices: they charge an annual membership fee.

With that being said, only Costco members can buy the store’s fuel.

What’s the Top Tier Gas Quality?

Top Tier gas may seem like a huge deal. Top Tier Gas includes additives that enhance your car’s driving performance as well as exceeding EPA standards.

A group of automakers first created Top Tier gas back in 2004 to benefit the driver. To earn Top Tier status, it must contain specific additives in each octane of gasoline.

According to American Automobile Association, engine carbon deposits are significantly reduced by Top Tier gasoline.

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Top Tier gasoline offers more than just this benefit. Some of the other advantages to this type of gasoline include:

  • Better drivability
  • Better fuel economy
  • Emissions are lower

Top Tier Gas is an expensive brand that costs on average $0.03 more per gallon, however the added benefits for you and the environment make it worthwhile.

Learn more by reading about Costco’s top tier and hours of operation, Kroger fuel points expiration and whether Costco takes credit cards.

  • Conclusion

With gas stations at Sam’s Club, you can truly buy everything you need at one store! Sam’s Club fuel is not Top Tier gas, but the company guarantees a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sam’s Club locations will require that you are a Sam’s Club member to buy gasoline. However, some select locations do not demand this requirement.

.Is Sam’S Club Gas Any Good & Is It Top Tier? (Your Full Guide)

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