Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

What is the best way to rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot?

The easiest way to rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot is by viewing the available options online.

After you’ve opened the website, enter your ZIP code at the top-left corner of the screen to access the carpet cleaning services in your local area.

After that, select “check availability” on the carpet cleaner that appeals to you to view how many are in stock and the total price range.

You can also visit an approved store to make your rental booking at the time and date that works best for you. For collection, you must have valid identification like a passport and state ID.

What should I do and not do with my carpet cleaner?

When you rent a carpet cleaner, you won’t get the instruction manual as you would with one that you buy.

There is however a website that explains the function and how to use the model.

There are also some things to know about any carpet cleaner which you’ll find here.

  • Please Read: Important information is important to ensure that your carpets are clean.
  • Make sure to clean the brushes after cleaning a section or large area of a room. Brushes can get debris stuck in them and will transfer it from room to room. This causes frustration and makes a simple job more difficult than it needs to be. Besides, nobody loves a do-over!
  • Use the Recommended Cleaning Chemicals: The manufacturer has recommended cleaners because the machine is designed to be used with them. You could get into trouble depending on the company you hire or buy one. You could have the machine break or the stain it cause damage to the materials you are working with.
  • Do not expose the carpet cleaner to extreme temperatures: Carpet cleaners can be sensitive to heat, humidity and cold. Never keep the machine outdoors or in areas in or around the home that may have these temperatures. Some examples are basements, patios, attics, and decks.
  • Make sure to follow proper preparation. The next guide will show you how to make your carpet clean. The following tips can be used with success with a Rug Doctor brand.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Overall Best Place To Rent A Carpet Cleaner

For most renters, Walmart is the best place to rent a carpet cleaner. In addition to being one of the most easy-to-find stores on our list, Walmart stores typically offer a variety of Rug Doctor machines (Pro Portable, X3, or Pro Deep Cleaner).

Walmart requires no deposit to rent a carpet cleaner, though you must use a debit card or credit card in case you damage the machine or keep it past the rental period. The total rental costs range from $20 for a 24-hour portable cleaner rental with no solution to about $70 for a 48-hour Pro Deep Cleaner rental with an attachment and a high-end cleaning solution.

Do you need to scrub a hardwood floor? See our article on nine places to rent a floor scrubber.

Looking For A Carpet Cleaner?

Whether you’re looking to rent a carpet cleaning machine, hire a professional or just find the right chemical treatments to remove a stain, this guide covers it. Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices in the nation. Carpet looks beautiful, is easy to put in and feels great underfoot. It does require regular cleaning in order to stay looking good.

Every time that you step on carpet, it takes some beating. It is prone to dirt particles, which can cause it to lose its luster and wear. It is important to keep it clean and fresh by cleaning every year or twice a year. This will prolong its lifespan. A professional carpet cleaner will deliver the best results at a fraction of the cost of buying a shampooer or doing it yourself.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

What Can You Do To Avoid Frequent Cleaning?

  • Vacuum regularly: This is the single most important thing you can do to both clean carpets and to prolong their life. Tests have shown it usually takes a full seven passes with a vacuum to remove all the loose dirt. A lightweight, upright vacuum is usually the easiest to use. It must be powerful in suction, and it should have a vibrator to remove dirt.
  • Regular vacuuming is essential to keep your carpets clean and extend their lives. Tests have shown it usually takes a full seven passes with a vacuum to remove all the loose dirt. The most straightforward vacuum to use is a lightweight upright model. To be effective, it must have strong suction and have some sort of vibrator to loosen the dirt.
  • Stains must be removed immediately. This is the most important factor for carpet care. The longer a stain sits there, the harder it is to remove. Make sure you use the right cleaning materials, or you may make the situation worse.
  • Stains must be removed immediately. This is the most important factor for carpet care. It is more difficult to get rid of stains that have been left for too long. Make sure you use the right cleaning materials, or you may make the situation worse.

How Do I Rent A Rug Doctor From Walmart?

There are two ways to rent the machine and cleaning chemicals.

Physically, go to the kiosk and choose your machine and cleaning chemicals of choice.

It’s a self-service kiosk.

Swipe your credit or debit card, and this will unlock the machine for you to take home and use.

You can also reserve the machine online to make it easy to rent.

Find out if your local store offers the online reservation service.

If they do, then renting is simpler.

After you have found the Walmart address you want, click the “Reserve Now” button.

Rent the machine and choose your cleaners online.

Pick up the machine from the kiosk with your cleaners and attachments, and you’re ready to start cleaning.

The kiosks can be found near the customer service desk in the Walmart front section.

However, not all Walmart locations have them.

It’s best to go onto the site to see which Walmart will have one near you.

The Best for Hiring

Why It Made the Cut: For those interested in hiring a professional to tackle carpet cleaning, HomeAdvisor is an excellent resource to find qualified carpet cleaners in the area.

HomeAdvisor is a respected name in home improvements. It allows homeowners to find local professionals who can complete their projects. To get started, search for carpet cleaning using the simple and intuitive website. The website allows customers to enter their zip code, answer some questions about the project, provide an address and phone number and then find the best carpet cleaners in their area. Although it can be a hassle to enter personal information, the feature will ensure that customers are able to see a list professionals in their area. While pricing varies by service and location, customers can get quotes from reputable companies. Paying for a professional service to clean carpeting will be more expensive than renting a carpet cleaner and doing it yourself. This extra cost might be worthwhile for homeowners who have mobility problems or are unable to do the job themselves.


  • Models available: Varies by service
  • Rental locations: N/A
  • Pricing: Varies by service
  • Other tools available: Prices vary depending on the service


  • You can search for potential clients by project to filter and then choose local pros
  • Website is streamlined and user-friendly
  • Carpet cleaning is easier than you might think.


  • To browse the local services, you will need your name, email, and phone number.
  • Paying a pro may cost more than renting a carpet cleaner

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Know Just How Long You’Ll Need The Machine

But if you’re tackling a much larger project and know you’ll need more time (or you just want to take the pressure off), speak to your rental company about what financial incentives they offer for long-term rentals.

Similar Article

Clean carpets are a major step toward a cleaner home.

Many folks consider calling in a professional initially but then decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine, as it’s typically more affordable. Professional carpet cleaning services cost between $300 and $600 on average. If you decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine, you can expect a daily average rate of about $100.

Cost Of Using One Of The Best Carpet Cleaner Rental Services

A carpet cleaner rental can vary according to brand and location. Renting a Rug Doctor machine starts at $19.99 per 4 hour (at participating sites) for the Pro Portable Detailer. The X3 Carpet Cleaner is $34.99 and the X3 Carpet Cleaner is $34.99, respectively. And the Pro Deep Cleaner is $39.99 per 24 hours. A floor dryer is available for rent at $19.99 per 24 hours to speed up drying.

For $29.99 per 24 hour, the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine or the Pawsitively Clean Pet Carpet Cleaning Machine can be used. The Little Green Pro Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner costs $14.99 per 24 hour. For $5 more, you can rent additional accessories such as the upholstery attachment and stair attach, as well as tools to clean pet stains. Keep in mind that cleaning solutions cost extra for each carpet cleaner. Prospective renters should contact the rental location for clarification to find the most accurate pricing.

The national average is $178. Professional carpet cleaning costs between $122 to $235. Prices can vary from the national average due to location, the extent of the cleaning project, cleaning method, and stain removal.

Here’S Why

The carpet and rug cleaning machines used by the pros have much more horsepower than the tiny motors inside a rental machine. This means more suction (also called lift) to extract soil and stains that have built up over time.

The “hot” water from the rental machines might not be hot enough.

Professional carpet cleaners use water that is between 160-230 degrees Fahrenheit. This is adjusted according to the carpet’s composition. This ensures that you’re getting the best cleaning possible without risking damage to the carpet.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

How Do I Return A Rug Doctor To Walmart?

Use the touch screen that you used for renting it to enter your details.

Once you’re done cleaning your carpet, you’ll need to return it on time in order to avoid a full-day penalty charge for each day you return it late.

Place the machine on the staging area and you’re done.

The machine doesn’t need to be empty or cleaned.

Walmart won’t charge you, but cleaning it does two things.

It keeps the machines in good working order.

If machines break, Walmart may not rush to replace or repair them.

They reserve the right not to provide the service if it is beyond their control.

The service will be a valuable asset that you return to again and again.

How do I know which type of cleaners and attachments to use?

This company sells a wide range of cleaning chemicals and attachments.

The key is to know what will work with your type of floor treatment.

Although you have the option of cleaning your floor yourself, the company recommends that you do so to get the best results.

They also don’t accommodate hard floors and grout cleaning, but you will be able to use this type of floor cleaning system for carpet and upholstery.

The attachments are for upholstery such as cloth chairs and couches.

These attachments allow you to reach difficult-to-reach places with your machine.

Take a photo of your area and take a look at any attachments.

The attachments can be used to measure the distance between difficult-to-reach areas and help you determine the area.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Cheapest Upright Carpet Cleaner Rental

Both the Rug Doctor X3 and Bissell Big green Deep Cleaning Machines are similar in cost — $30 per 24 hours, $40 for 48. Including the attachments and cleaning solution (which are available at an additional charge), the cheapest places to rent these machines are:

  • Big Lots
  • Giant Food
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Walmart
  • Weis Markets
  • Winn-Dixie

Each of these stores charges $5 to $6 for attachments and up to about $20 for cleaning solutions, which means your maximum rental cost will be about $60 for a 24-hour rental and $70 for 48 hours.

Keep in mind that Rug Doctor model availability varies by store, so you may want to contact your local store to find out whether the X3 Carpet Cleaner is available before picking up your rental.

Dollar General

  • Machine rental fees: $35 for 24 hours and $70 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: About $6 each
  • Cleansing solutions from $5 to $15
  • Deposit refund: Not at all stores. However, individual locations may be able to make a deposit if they have a history with machine returns in bad condition.
  • Cost total: $35-$91
  • Rug Doctor
  • Learn more about Dollar General’s carpet cleaning services.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Do you rent carpet cleaning machines from Publix?

Publix offers carpet-cleaning machines for rent at its grocery stores. Rug Doctor rental is also becoming increasingly common in grocery stores.

To confirm that you are able to rent a portable carpet cleaning machine, contact your nearest Publix. You should always inquire before you make a purchase, as not all Publix stores provide the same services.

Stop & Shop

  • Machine rental fees: $25 to $35 for 24 hours and $35 to $45 for 48 hours
  • Attachments are approximately $6 per piece
  • Cleaning solutions starting at $7
  • Refundable deposit: None
  • Total cost: $25 to $58
  • Brand: Rug Doctor
  • Find out more in our article on Stop & Shop’s carpet cleaner rental policy.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

King Soopers

  • Machine rental fees: $35 for 24 hours and $45 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: About $6 each
  • Cleaning products: From $9 to $25
  • Refundable deposit: $15; King Soopers will refund the deposit if you turn in the machine by the end of your rental period
  • Total cost: $35 to $76, not including the deposit
  • Brand: Rug Doctor
  • Find out more in our article on the King Soopers carpet cleaner rental policy.

What Types Of Vehicles Can I Rent?

We offer affordable, unlimited-mileage flatbed pickup trucks, enclosed cargo vans and box trucks for your transportation and moving needs. The availability of the trucks varies depending on where they are located so it is a good idea to check our inventory.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Which part of the world are you located?

The Home Depot Rental has more than 1,100 locations across the U.S. and Canada. You can visit our locations page and enter your zip code to see the closest rental center near you.

Cub Foods

  • Machine rental fees: $30 to $35 for 24 hours and $60 to $70 for 48 hours
  • Attachments: $3 to $5 each
  • Cleaning solutions: $10 to $24
  • Deposit Refundable: This is at the discretion of the store, but it’s usually not.
  • Cost total: $29 to $99
  • Rug Doctor
  • Find out more in our article on the Cub Foods carpet cleaner rental policy.

What Models Of Rug Cleaner Does Rug Doctor Offer?

The models that most of the Walmart kiosks offer will vary from store to store and town to town.

The models you are likely to find are Pro Portable or Pro Deep, X3 , Mighty Pro, or Wide Pro.

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Rug Doctor At Walmart?

Renting a Rug Doctor at Walmart costs between $25-35 per day, with cleaning accessories starting from $5 to $25 each.

Rug Doctor kiosks are available at all Walmart stores

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

Large carpet cleaning jobs require special equipment such as floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners, and it is always better to rent this equipment from hardware stores because of the one-time use.

  • Home Depot is an American hardware retailer chain that you might be curious about. Can Home Depot rent carpet cleaners? Let me tell you what I learned through my research.
  • Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Home Depot In 2022, Can You Rent Carpet Cleaners?

    Home Depot rents carpet cleaners in-store as well as online starting in 2022. Carpet cleaners can be hired for four hours to one day or one week. Customers will need to pay a $50 deposit as well as a rent fee. For late returns, a penalty fee will be charged.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about renting a carpet cleaning machine from Home Depot.
  • Where can I find a Carpet Cleaner to Rent from Home Depot

    It is easiest to view all available carpet cleaners online before you rent one from Home Depot.

    After you’ve opened the website, enter your ZIP code at the top-left corner of the screen to access the carpet cleaning services in your local area.

    You can then click on “check availability” and select the carpet cleaner of your choice to determine how many are currently in stock as well as the overall price.

    Or, visit an authorized store and reserve your rental at a convenient time and day. For collection, you must have valid identification like a passport and state ID.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Carpet Cleaning Services at Home Depot: What Are Their Prices?

    Home Depot might charge an additional fee for renting carpet cleaners depending on how many you rent, where you live, and what model you have.

    For an idea of the price, we reviewed the cost of a regular carpet cleaner by the Rug Doctor online:

  • 2-hours for $22
  • $32 per day
  • $128 per week
  • 384 USD for 4 Weeks
  • Home Depot will charge a $50 deposit. Credit cards are not accepted for this amount.

    The Best Place to Collect a Rented Carpet Cleaner at Home Depot

    One of the 1200 participating stores in Home Depot’s rental programs may allow you to make a reservation.

    Home Depot will deliver large carpet cleansers to your place of business, since they can be difficult to transport.

    But, it’s possible to take the carpet cleaning machine with you, provided that the cleaner is already available and you have the necessary transportation means.

    It’s possible to find out if the carpet cleaning product you are interested in is available for direct delivery from the page titled “How To Get It”.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Do Home Depot charge late fees for carpet cleaner rentals?

    Home Depot will charge a late fee for carpet cleaning after the scheduled return date.

    The cost of this fee may vary depending on how late you return the carpet cleaner.

    You may be charged for 4 additional hours if you arrive 4 hours early.

    You can also be late if you’re more than 24 hours (or a day) behind.

    Home Depot Carpet Cleaners come with cleaning products?

    Customers are usually provided with one bottle of carpet shampoo when renting.

    A solution may also be purchased if your rent does not contain one or you think you will require more.

    You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any carpet cleaning products.

    Home Depot has solutions for 22-oz and 116-oz quantities, with prices starting at $8 to $30.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    How do I decide whether to rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine from Home Depot

    Experts advise that professional carpet cleaners are used to clean your carpets every 12-18 month.

    Due to the extended time duration, you may make significant savings by renting a Home Depot carpet cleaner when required.

    Home Depot sells low-maintenance carpet cleaning products for $133.89 to $1149.00, while industrial cleaners can be purchased at $1049 to $1,905.

    A carpet cleaner can be hired for as little as 4 hours to clean carpets from a house in about 20 minutes.

    Other than that, saving on additional home storage is another benefit of carpet cleaner rental.

    Customers who need carpet cleaners for large jobs may choose to buy a carpet cleaning machine.

    Home Depot also offers 6-monthly payments plans that are affordable for high-priced products such as carpet cleaners.

    Are There Other Places I Can Rent Carpet Cleaners?

    The Home Depot may not be able to stock sufficient inventory in your local area. You can look elsewhere. The following retailers also offer carpet cleaners for rental:

  • Lowe’s
  • Bissell Rental
  • PetSmart
  • Giant Eagle
  • To learn more, you can also see our related on whether or not Kroger rents carpet cleaners, if Target rents carpet cleaners, and if Walmart rents cleaners.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot offers a range of carpet cleaner options for customers to hire. These include 4-hours, 1-day, 2-weeks and 4-weeks. Rent time, plus $50 damages deposit will be the cost of your initial payment.

    A late fee may apply to carpet cleaners that are returned after the deadline. You can rent a carpet cleaner in over 1200 shops or online.

    .Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

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