Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Does Walmart Develop 35Mm Film?

Yes, Walmart does develop 35mm film. They also develop other types of film, such as 110 and 126. Walmart has thousands of locations that make it easy to create film at a low cost.

However, keep in mind Walmart photo printing services don’t offer the best quality and the fastest turnaround time. Walgreens develops film and has the fastest turnaround time, while many believe CVS has the best quality prints.

If you are looking to save some money but not rush, Walmart is the place to go. For high-quality photos or customizing with Photoshop, you can also consider professional photo printing in your area.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

  • Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

You’ve probably been to thick weddings, where everyone has a disposable camera. That’s a disposable camera, the camera that can be used once. Today when everybody has access to smartphones the idea of carrying a disposable camera might not be appealing. These cameras offer many advantages, including being compact, affordable, portable, convenient, and useful for trips when your camera is not needed. You might now be curious where you can find such small, comfortable gadgets, and whether your local Walmart (also known as Wally-mart) makes them. Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Walmart offers a service that allows you to develop your films in a photo centre. However, it will send them off to another location for further development. If you want to know what is the process for this and how much does it cost then continue reading.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Benefits Of Developing Your Film At The Drugstore

This may not have discouraged you from working in a photoshop, but there are still some advantages to this route.

The price is the first and most important. Drugstores offer some of the cheapest prices for film developing, across the board. Film can be expensive if you are just starting out. It can get really expensive.

Even if you’re not new to analog photography, you can’t argue the fact that it’s gotten significantly more expensive to shoot film than ever before. As film has been more expensive, many photo labs have increased their prices as they are competing for customers.

A huge advantage to filming at the drugstore is its accessibility. Not everyone lives near a photo lab, but nearly everyone does.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Disposable Camera At Cvs

The current price for 27 exposures and one set of prints is $12.86. You will need to consider a film production cost of $5 and $0.29 printing cost.

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Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Making 35Mm Film at Home

The process of developing film can take a lot of time, and you may not have access to professional processors. You may want to develop your film yourself if this is true. Depending on the process or type of film you develop, the process can be easy or may require a bit of practice. This article argues that it is more economical to develop black and white in your home, rather than sending your color film out for development.

See this article about how to develop 35mm and medium format color film at home or see this article for how to develop 35mm or medium format black & white film at home.

Other than the possibility of damaging your film, the downside to creating your own film is the fact that you might need another source for enlarging and printing the images if you do not have one. This article will show you how to setup your darkroom, including how much it costs. Also see this article to learn how to print in the darkroom. However, most photographers scan their negatives using either a camera or a scanner and edit them before printing them using an inkjet printer.

Does Walmart Develop Film Cameras?

Walmart does indeed develop films from disposable cameras at its in-store Photo Centers. The price for single prints measuring 4″x6″ will vary depending on how many exposures you have.

How long does it take for film to get developed at Walmart?

Customers who turn to Walmart for their photo development needs report that, on average, it takes about one to two weeks to get their images back. Walmart doesn’t actually process the film themselves–instead, they send it off to a third-party developer, who exposes it, makes prints, and sends them back.

Can I still get my 35mm film developed?

You can take any type of film to your CVS Photo branch for development. Services include processing for 35mm film, disposable cameras, Advanced Photo System film, black and white film, 110 film and slide film.

Can I still get film developed?

Walgreens and CVS are still big-name drugstores that sell film. However, the days of one hour photo processing have long passed. Nearly all big-box stores now send film to third party labs. Turnaround times range from 3 to 5 days for Walgreens to 2 to 3 weeks for CVS.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

How to Use a Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are film-based cameras that use a film roll with limited slots to capture an image. Normally, disposable cameras come loaded with a film roll with a simple shutter button to shoot pictures, and a manual winding gear used to wind the film each time a picture is taken.

  • To use a disposable camera, turn the device on and look through the device’s viewfinder to preview the image.
  • After you have set the aperture, click on the shutter button and the camera will capture the image.
  • Before taking another shot, remember to wind the film roll using the winding gear at the top of the camera.
  • If you’d want to use some flash on your picture, simply turn the flash on the device, and it would keep flashing with every shot as long as the flash feature is kept on.
  • The film is developed by the technician after the entire process has been completed.

Procedure One

This photo shop based in Kansas offers processing for oodles of film, from color and black and white options to slides. Although Process One does not offer shipping free of charge, you have the option to upload your images to Dropbox and avoid having a CD shipped. For most formats, you pay a developing fee per roll ($3.99 for color 35mm, $4.99 for 120 color developing, and so on), plus a per-print fee. Negatives are always returned. The processing time is usually one day. However, your shipping method will determine the delivery date. Worth noting: Process One offers a film developing sale each February.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

What are Disposable Cameras?

Before asking how long does it take to develop a disposable camera, it is equally important to know what disposable cameras are. Disposable cameras are a simple, image-capturing device first developed in the mid of the 1980s by the renowned company Fujifilm. Much like it’s called, most disposable or single-use cameras are loaded with an internal film with limited shots and are typically disposable after running through the whole roll. It is a popular concept for large-scale events like weddings. This allows guests to take images from their perspective and capture the moment.

Disposable cameras generally use disposable lenses made of cheap plastic with fixed focal lengths. This creates an aesthetic and unique film quality that many photographers love and even prefer. Its rather questionable and simply imperfect picture quality has drawn more and more enthusiasts to use disposable cameras in their photography.

What is the time it takes to develop a disposable camera?

It takes about a day to produce a disposable camera using the standard film processing company. However, if you don’t have the luxury of time or budget on your side, maybe developing your films at home might be the better option for you.

Who prints from negatives?

You can scan slides or negatives to digital with the Darkroom. This is the most efficient way to save your photos and print them at any size that you want. The Darkroom can create scans, reprints and enlargements from your 35mm, 120/220, APS, 110 and 120 Format Film. It can also scan color, B&W or slide film.

Is it possible to scan film that isn’t developed?

Even if they don’t produce black or white film, most shops and labs can scan the film. Use a dedicated scanner to scan your film.

Can you still get Kodak Advantix film developed?

Your Nexia or APS Advantix 24mm film can be developed and printed or scanned (digitized). We also have the ability to scan or print rolls or prints of APS film which has already been developed. We correct every negative we print to achieve the best pictures possible, every time.

What does undeveloped film look like?

The film is not exposed if there’s a white dot near “1”. The film is now ready for reloading into the camera if there’s a white circle half-circle near “2”. If there is a white “x” next to “3”, the film has been exposed and needs to be developed.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Online Or Walk-In Disposable Camera Developer?

Big retail chains, pharmacies, and walk-in camera stores have traditionally been the most convenient way to develop a disposable camera. Many of these film processing companies have been forced to close due to digital photography and social media. A few do remain though. So, if transacting online with a disposable camera developer isn’t your thing, read on.

When it comes to online disposable camera developers, several reputable film development labs are offering innovative services that will make the most of your disposable camera without you having to leave home!

With the preliminaries covered, let’s go walking – in analog and digital fashion.

What is the best way to develop disposable cameras through Walmart?

Walmart can help you develop your disposable camera. To get your disposable camera developed in Walmart, you will need to visit a Photo Center near you and complete the order form for film processing.

You will need to fill out the order form with details about how many and what size prints you would like. You will also be asked when you would like them to arrive.

Walmart doesn’t sell disposable cameras films. You will need to place your film from the disposable camera inside the provided envelope and place it in the ‘film processing’ drop box.

You can now send your disposable camera to Walmart and enjoy the convenience of having a third-party film developing service process, develop, and return electronically all images on your disposable camera.

Walmart will print all your photos and send you a CD with them.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Here are some things to consider when film is being developed

Digital photography is more popular than film photography, and film development is an older technology. Finding places that can develop film for you is difficult. Your decision will be influenced by the cost of printing, how long it takes to turn around, whether they send negatives back, as well as what you receive in return. It is crucial to choose something that is within your financial means and the most affordable price.

How can these stores develop?

One of the first things to consider is what type of film can places like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens develop. These places are able to develop color film and black and white 35mm film. They also have disposable cameras, APS,Advantix, 110mm and slide film. So if you want to develop large format film, medium format film, 8mm, or 16mm film then check out this list of places that can develop those formats.

What is the cost?

Film development can be expensive so make sure you get the most for your money. It can cost anywhere from $9.96 to $17.99 (not including taxes) to develop one roll of 35mm film at a local retail store. Online film processing labs are cheaper and can produce better scans. They also return negatives faster. Finding the right price to fit within your budget can be what ultimately influences your decision.

What is the Quality?

While cost is important, so is the quality of the development, scans, and prints from these places. If quality of prints and scans are your priority then I recommend this list of developing labs that will produce high-resolution scans and high quality prints.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Finding a place that develops film within your expected time frame is also important. The time it takes to develop a photo depends on where you live and the type of film that you’re developing. If time is a priority, your options may be limited, especially if it is a film other than 35mm color film, like slide film or 110mm.

Get a Refund for Scanning Negatives

Negatives Returned?

Retrieving the negatives after the film is developed is the whole point of the process. You can scan your film yourself with a digital camera or smartphone. However, some stores won’t allow you to return negatives. All local shops, including Walgreens, CVS and Walmart that sell film, will not accept negatives. However, there are specific Walmart locations that will return negatives if asked for it on the form and it is not guaranteed. Both locations were unable to return negatives from film development after being asked.

This list contains a few labs that can return negatives from film developed by your film.


Another thing to consider when deciding where to develop your photos is if the company will digitize the photos for you. While all three of the major stores (Walmart, Walgreens, and and CVS) do offer free scanning and printing services along with developing the film, in my experience places like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens do not offer return high-resolution or high-quality scans of your negatives.

This list contains a listing of labs that can scan your negatives in high quality. After the negative scans have been returned by email or CD to you, your images can be edited and printed at home, as well as through companies that print digital photos such,, or

Products For Digitizing Film At Home:

KODAK Mobile Film Scanner: This scanner by Kodak gives you the option using the specialized app to scan your 35mm slides, color, and black & white film and save it to your smartphone. It uses an LED light to reveal images on your negative so you can capture and edit. It also collapses down for easy travel and storage. At around $34.99, it will save you a lot of money in the long run by allowing you to scan images yourself.

Rybozen Mobil Slide and Film Scanner: You can scan 35mm black and white film from your old camera and then digitize the image into your smartphone. Using LED lights, this user-friendly app scans what the camera is seeing through the light. The kit also provides a stand for the phone to sit on so that the photo is captured correctly every time. This product is easy to use and folds up for future uses. It costs only $29.99 and can scan unlimited photos at the same cost as developing 40 exposures.

The DIGITNOW 22MP All In-One Scanner allows you to view your 35mm negatives in color or black and white without needing to use an app. The scanner is handheld and scans and digitalizes negatives at 22/16 resolution. You can scan black-and-white and color photographs one at a time. At around $79.99, this is a great “middle ground” film scanner.

Magnasonic All-in-one 22MP Scanner: If you want to avoid the hassle of using a phone and/or app to capture your photos, this may be the option for you. This scanner feeds the 35mm film in and saves it to the device and/or SD card. The scanner can store up to 128GB data. It can save up to 128GB of data to your device. Additionally, it shows you photos taken during development and post-processing on an attached screen to your device. The photos can be easily transferred to your computer at a resolution up to 22 MP. This product is more on the expensive end–the initial starting cost being around $119.99.

Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner. This scanner is highly regarded by the film community. Although it is the most expensive option at around $242.49, the device can scan most film sizes from 35mm negatives to large format negatives using included film holders. The scanner had built dust and scratch removing technology called Digital ICE for both film and prints and scans with a resolution of 6400 x 9600 dpi. The scanner might not work with older macs, and can sometimes be slow. However, it is less than half the price of scanners that are less capable from scanning film.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Walk-In Disposable Camera Developers

Of the nationwide big-box stores, only Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS develop disposable cameras. There are private film processing shops in most cities that can be located using a simple Google search. Let’s begin with chain shops:

The lab develops the film and sends the digital images to Walmart electronically for in-store printing.

Customers are then notified that their digitized film and prints (if ordered) are ready for collection. It is possible for turnaround times to take up to three weeks.

The price of developing a disposable camera at Walmart is low, but you won’t get your negatives back.

Walgreens – Getting your disposable camera developed at the photo station at Walgreens will be a more personable affair than Walmart’s mute drop-box procedure. Still, the result will be much the same.

CVS – The national pharmacy chain now has a photo printing counter, but it uses an external film processing laboratory. You won’t get your negatives back, but the prices on developing and printing are competitive.

Let’s see what high-street independent photo shops offer:

Comparing prices – to develop, scan and print a 24-exposure disposable camera:

  • Walgreens charges $14.99 excluding hi-res scans. The turnaround time for most orders is less than ten days.
  • Holland Photo Imaging charges $19.99, including hi-res scans on CD or via WeTransfer. Turnaround time is seven days.

The Photo Lab – Located in Costa Mesa, California, this imaging shop will process your disposable camera film and have your negatives and prints ready for you to collect the same day if you drop your camera off before 13H00 (1 pm).

The lab uses premium quality gloss and matte photographic paper for a superior finish, rich color depth, and contrast.

The Photo Lab also specializes in Black & White photography. You can purchase a disposable camera with Black & White film if you want to try your hand at traditional artistic photography.

What Is The Quality Of Film Development And Scanning At Cvs?

Reviewers on social media have said that CVS provides beautiful photos with amazing clarity and expert quality (depending on the original quality of the camera and photo, of course).

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

How Long Does It Take To Develop Film At Walgreens?

Customers who use disposable and film cameras can get film development services from Walgreens or Duane Reade.

Walgreens vendors will develop and return the film order within 3-6 days.

What services do disposable camera developers offer?

You should also inquire if the house will return your negatives. These are important for future printing.

Once you’ve got your photographic shopping list written down, decide how long you’re prepared to wait for the photographs to be developed, delivered, or collected.

Set a budget. You will need to decide how many prints you would like, the size and digital resolution that you prefer. Large prints may be desired.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Where Can I Develop Film 2020?

CVS Photo simplifies the process of processing film. No matter what type of film requires developing, you can bring it to your local CVS Photo location for processing. Processing includes 35mm film processing, disposable cameras and Advanced Photo System film.

How Can You Know If A Nearby Walmart Develops Disposable Cameras?

The majority of Walmart stores in America that offer photo centres will produce films using disposable cameras. You might not find a Walmart near you that has a photo centre.

You can use the Walmart Store Locator to find the nearest Walmart stores, and inquire if they provide this service.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Can Walgreens Develop Films?

Your 35mm film can be accepted at all Walgreens photo shops. Some Walgreens photo stores will also take APS (Advanced Photo System), 110, 127, and negatives. Walgreens stores that can accept rolls / negatives use an external service to fulfill orders.

How Long Does It Take To Develop Disposable Film?

Disposable camera and 35mm film prints are available in as little as 7 to 10 days. Other types of film usually arrive within three weeks.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

Does Walgreens Still Develop Film 2019?

All Walgreens stores with a photo lab can accept your 35mm film. Select stores with a photo lab can also accept APS (Advanced Photo System), 110 film, 127 film, negatives, or a disposable/single-use camera. Walgreens stores that can accept the rolls/negatives will use an outside service to fulfill the orders.

Turnaround Time On Film Developing

Even though I was bringing my film into dedicated labs at this point, sometimes the promise of an hour development was enough for me to return to CVS.

Chain drugstores often send film to one place, even if it’s on the other end of the country. This means that film takes longer to travel and the same location handles all film processing in every location. Although most shops will still attempt to send scans to customers quickly, it is impossible to predict how long it will take.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras

What does Pending mean at Walgreens

Once it reaches the pharmacy system, a status of “Pending” may appear and remain in the e-Prescriptions history in the patient’s Timeline. … It simply indicates that either we never received the confirmation or that the pharmacy system is not capable of sending the confirmation message.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

Disposable cameras can be quite handy if you want to snap photos on an adventurous trip but need to be developed afterward to obtain the pictures.

  • You may wonder if Walmart makes disposable cameras, as they offer film processing services. Here is what I’ve found through my research!
  • Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

    Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022?

    Walmart can develop disposable cameras offsite, but this is handled by third-party suppliers. To get your film developed, customers will have to drop their disposable camera off at the Walmart Photo Center. Prices start at $7.96 per 12 4×6′ images. It can take approximately 1 week for the process to complete.

  • Read on for details about development costs at Walmart, waiting times and more!
  • What is the best way to develop disposable cameras through Walmart?

    If you would like your disposable camera processed at Walmart, please visit any nearby Walmart Photo Center to fill out the Order form.

    Please fill in the following information: Information about quantity, size and delivery options.

    Walmart does not sell disposable camera film. To get disposable camera film, place it in the envelope provided and put it in the Photo Center.

    Walmart will deliver the packages to a third person film-developing service. It will take care of developing your disposable camera. Walmart then sends you the images electronically.

    Walmart will print all of the images on your behalf and send you a CD.

    Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

    How Much Is It To Create A Walmart Disposable Camera?

    The price of developing disposable camera films varies according to how many exposures you make and how many prints you take.

    You can refer to the following table for the break-down of the cost:

  • 12 exposures 24 exposures 27 exposures 36 exposures Single prints $7.96 $9.96 $10.96 $13.96 Double prints $9.96 $12.96 $14.96 $18.96
  • This price is for standard size prints of 4″x6″. Walmart does NOT offer other sizes of prints for disposable cameras.

    The CD containing all the digital images is included in the prices given above.

    Do You Know How Much Time It Takes to Develop a Disposable Camera at Walmart?

    Walmart usually takes around one week to produce films using your disposable camera.

    Because the film will be sent to a third-party company for processing, it could take longer than a week due to delays.

    Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

    Walmart’s Developed Disposable Cameras: What Size Print Does Walmart Provide?

    Walmart stocks prints in standard dimensions of four by six inches.

    To get prints in any size other than the one you ordered, additional fees will apply.

    What can you do to find out if a nearby Walmart has disposable cameras?

    Walmart Photo Centers accept disposable cameras films to be developed and processed in most cases.

    It could be, however that there is no Photo Center in your local Walmart.

    You can use Walmart Store Locator to find the phone number, open hours and contact information of local Walmart stores. Also ask about availability.

    Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

    Is Walmart allowed to return the film after it has been developed?

    Walmart cannot return negatives for disposable cameras that have not been developed after they are developed.

    This happens because the company sends the film off to another company and receives the images electronically. There are no additional shipping charges.

    Walmart does not return negatives because they are destroyed by the third party company.

    Walmart will provide a CD with all digital images for your film.

    If you’re looking for a place where you can develop your film and disposable cameras, we have some guides. These include Costco film development, Walgreens development, and Walmart passport photos.

    Conclusion: Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

    Walmart actually makes films with disposable cameras in its Photo Centers.

    Single 4″x6″ prints will cost you $7 to $14 depending on how many exposures are available.

    Walmart forwards films to third parties for processing. The wait time can sometimes be up to one week.

    Walmart returns the negatives to you because it cannot make disposable camera film.

    Will Walmart Develop Film?

    Does Walmart still develop film? Walmart can still produce color 35mm film. But, the process may differ depending upon where you are. Fujifilm North America receives the film. The store offers film development. You can drop off your paper envelope at the counter. Online options are not available.

    Walmart may develop Expired film

    Yes Walmart still makes film prints with disposable cameras as well as regular cameras. Walmart’s Photo Center can be found in every Walmart location.

    Can You Still Get Disposable Cameras Developed?

    Whatever type of film you need to develop, it can be brought to your nearest CVS Photo location. Services include processing for 35mm film, disposable cameras, Advanced Photo System film, black and white film, 110 film and slide film.

    Where Is The Cheapest Place To Develop A Disposable Camera?


    .Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras In 2022? (Guide)

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