Does Walmart Own Wayfair

Does Walmart Own Wayfair

Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

Wayfair is a leading eCommerce site for home goods, with super-fast shipping and helpful ratings and reviews.

Walmart is the second largest global retailer.

  • So, it begs the question: does Walmart own Wayfair? This is what I found!
  • What’s the Connection between Wayfair & Walmart?

    According to certain sources, Wayfair seizes the chance to become Amazon-like when Walmart launches its online Marketplace.

    Wayfair decided to sell furniture and home goods online, giving Walmart access to a large customer base.

    Although this was claimed to be around 2015, beyond the online rumor, there isn’t much evidence.

  • Jake Blakeman, an employee of Wayfair, commented on Quora about the partnership between Walmart and Wayfair in the ecommerce market.
  • He asserts that “…Wayfair can even handle issues related to orders placed by Walmart”, but I cannot find evidence.

    Wayfair is not selling items on Walmart Marketplace at the moment. I cannot find any data that would support this claim in the 2010s.

    At the moment, Walmart and Wayfair are not connected.

    Another quasi-connection between the two occurred in 2017, when posted an article about why Wayfair shouldn’t sell out to Walmart.

    This article was not written to suggest that Walmart might be interested in the retailer, but rather to offer a suggestion by a market analyst suggesting that Walmart acquire the home goods retailer.

    In any case, the author suggested that a merger or acquisition between Walmart and Wayfair would impede the latter’s growth, and that Walmart would flub the integration.

    It is not true that Walmart and Wayfair have a connection.

    The two seem to have diverged so much in their target market and business model that connections between them will probably not exist in the future.

    Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    Which Wayfair owner is it?

    Walmart doesn’t own Wayfair, but rather it remains in the control of its founders in 2002.

    Steve Conine & Niraj Shah are the two men who created this furniture business from Boston.

    While Shah and Conine share the chairman position in the company, Shah is the current CEO.

    Can You Return Wayfair Items To Walmart?

    Walmart and Wayfair sell sometimes similar or identical products. However, Walmart cannot accept returns of Wayfair items.

    They are two completely distinct companies with different leaders. Walmart is not Wayfair’s parent company.

    Walmart is not authorized to accept returns for Wayfair products purchased through Walmart Marketplace.

    Instead, reach out directly to each individual seller for information about returns and refunds.

    Walmart allows returns to be made very easily, so it’s really a shame.

    Wayfair returns have been expensive. They ship the goods, you pay shipping.

  • For example, you could return an 80-lb. bedframe – how would you even get it to the packing center?)
  • Wayfair could learn something from Walmart’s customer service excellence in this one area.

    Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022? (Not What You Think)

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