What Is Walmart Plus?

What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 Faqs!]

Walmart is America’s largest departmental chain retailer. It has built up a strong customer base organically by providing essentials at affordable prices.

  • Walmart puts in a lot of effort to make its customers happy and introduces many initiatives to help them return. What is Walmart Plus, you might be asking? Let’s find out!
  • What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    Walmart Plus, What Are You?

    Walmart Plus offers unlimited, free delivery to members. It is similar in concept to Amazon Prime. Walmart Plus offers in-store Scan & Go, as well as a $5 per gallon fuel discount at Walmart fuel stations and Murphy USA. Pricing starts at $12.95/month or $98 for the year

  • You can read on to learn about Walmart Plus perks and how you can use them, when to cancel, and whether they are better than Amazon Prime.
  • Walmart Plus: What’s Included?

    Walmart Plus members enjoy a variety of benefits when they shop in-store or online.

    Unlimited free delivery is one of the most prolific perks known to Walmart Plus. Walmart Plus customers can get fast and efficient delivery for almost all items sold online. However, there is a $35 minimum order if you need same-day shipping from a particular store.

  • Many products, such as electronic, apparel, food, groceries and household essentials can be delivered in as little as 2 days. Or even the same day.
  • Use Scan and go! Scan and Go allows customers to shop faster and more efficiently. Use the Walmart + app for quick scanning of groceries and products as you shop. Members can skip the checkout queue and use contactless payment with Walmart Pay.

    Additional perk: Fuel discounts are also available. When you fill up at more than 2000 locations including Walmart, Murphy USA or Murphy Express gas stations, you can get fuel discounts up to 5 percent.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    Walmart Plus: How Much Does It Cost?

    Walmart Plus customers can try the service for free with a trial period of 15 days. After that, they will be eligible to purchase a $98 yearly membership.

    You can also choose to subscribe for a monthly fee of $12.95. Customers are welcome to cancel or switch plans if you don’t feel the plan is right for them.

    Walmart does not offer refunds for subscription payments. If you cancel your subscription, however, the benefits will continue until the next payment date, at which point charges will cease.

  • For Walmart Plus membership changes, log in to Walmart +. Click on ‘ManageAccounts.
  • Walmart Plus: How much can you save?

    In short, Walmart Plus can save you $100’s per year as long as you stay within the Walmart ecosystem and use the service often.

  • Walmart Plus members can save as much as $816 per year by not having to pay the $7.95 delivery fee.
  • Owners of cars can get an additional $84 annually by filling their vehicles with approximately 140 gallons every month. Scan Go allows for customers to gain 2.5 additional hours per week. Customers can also enjoy free delivery or the Scan Go feature. It gives them time to do things that they love and more time for hobbies and family.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    Is Walmart Plus Better Than Amazon Prime?

    There was a great deal of anticipation when Walmart announced they were launching Walmart Plus, nearly 15 years after arch-rival Amazon introduced Prime.

    Walmart is offering its subscription service currently for $98, $21 more than Prime’s $119 annually.

    They are however comparable to monthly plans, with Walmart at $12.95 and Amazon at $12.99.

    Amazon and Subscription Services offer delivery free of charge (Amazon delivers within 2 hours for some places), but Amazon has not waived the minimum order, so customers will still need to buy over $35 in order to receive this benefit.

    Walmart Plus, which is especially beneficial for car owners and those who want to save money on gasoline, is preferred by most consumers.

  • Prime however offers many perks including Amazon Prime Video Music, Audiobooks, and Amazon Prime Video. Walmart might be creating its own streaming service according to some rumors.
  • Walmart Plus, Where Can I Get It?

    You can redeem your benefits at any Walmart location in the U.S. Car owners can receive discounted gas at Walmart, Murphy USA, Murphy Express, and Sam’s Club gas stations.

    Walmart will waive shipping fees and offer unlimited delivery for online shoppers who purchase products from the company.

    Shipping discounts can’t be applied to heavy items or those that require freight shipping.

    These benefits are not available to third-party Marketplace vendors. Prior to making a purchase you should verify that the seller’s name is listed under the heading’sold/shipped’.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    How To Get Free Shipping With Walmart Plus?

    The free shipping and waived fees should automatically apply at checkout, provided you have only selected items sold and shipped by Walmart. Check that your account is linked to Walmart Plus.

    Walmart often delivers standard two-day (or next day) delivery to its customers.

    However, over 2,700 stores can offer same-day shipping on groceries, alcohol, household essentials, and more! The online store search tool will help you find out if your location offers same-day deliveries.

    Walmart Plus members receive unlimited delivery for no minimum order, while their membership remains active.

    Is Walmart Plus Worth It?

    Walmart Plus subscriptions are worth every penny if used properly. You’ll certainly feel the benefits if you find yourself regularly shopping at Walmart for items such as groceries, tech, gifts, and everyday essentials with the Scan and Go feature.

    Walmart Plus is more affordable than ever with no additional shipping charges and waived online ordering fees. If you need to fuel your car often, it will result in greater savings over the long-term.

    To make the best of your Walmart membership, we recommend that you check the Walmart store locater to see if Walmart has a location near you.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    How can I purchase a Walmart Plus Membership?

    Walmart Plus memberships cannot be purchased via credit card. Walmart also accepts Visa, MasterCard MasterCard Discover, American Express and Capital One Walmart credit cards. Your free trial will end via direct debit and your bill will be sent out at that time unless you cancel.

    Do You Tip With Walmart Plus?

    Walmart often works with third party courier companies like Postmate or DoorDash to ship your Walmart Plus free delivery.

    After your order has shipped, it’s possible to tip Walmart + or the site.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    How do I cancel my Walmart plus membership?

    Walmart makes it easy to cancel your Walmart Plus membership. Go to your Walmart Plus account overview page.

    You can cancel the membership prior to your next payment date in order to avoid paying any additional fees. Walmart will not reimburse membership fees. You’ll have access to your perks for the remaining time.

    Does Walmart Plus Auto-Renew?

    Walmart Plus will renew automatically. To avoid paying fees, cancel your subscription prior to the expiration of the term. Membership fees are non-refundable.

    A lot of confirmation emails will come your way informing you when to sign up and what time it is due.

    What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 FAQs!]

    Do Walmart Employees Get Walmart Plus?

    Walmart Plus associates are always welcome. Associate members will pay the same as customers but they can still become Walmart Plus members.

    Walmart offers a discount of 10% on groceries, fruits and vegetables for employees and their loved ones.

    To learn more, you can see our other guides on who Walmart uses for shipping, where Walmart ships from, and who makes Walmart Great Value products.

    Conclusion: Walmart Plus What?

    Walmart Plus is $98/year or $12.95 per month. You’ll receive unlimited free delivery from Walmart stores, 5 cent discounts on every gallon of fuel purchased, waived shipping fees that cancel minimum spend, and scan and go feature in-store. You can cancel or switch plans at any moment. Each year, members could get up to $861 savings

    Walmart Plus: What is the Point of It?

    Walmart Plus offers benefits like unlimited deliveries when you spend $35 or more, reduced fuel costs at Walmart stations and Murphy stations and mobile scanning and going that lets you pay while you shop in store.

    What does Walmart Plus Membership cost?


    Do Employees Get Walmart Plus For Free?

    Do Walmart Employees Get Walmart Plus? Walmart Plus Associates can join with no cost. … Employees and their families are eligible for a 10% discount at Walmart on all general merchandise and fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Can I Cancel Walmart Plus?

    I. Membership. Walmart Customer Care (800 924-9206) or your Walmart Account can be used to cancel your Walmart+ subscription. There are no refunds for Walmart+ membership fees paid, except as expressly provided in these Terms.26 Jan 2022

    .What Is Walmart Plus? [Your 2022 Mega Guide + 15 Faqs!]

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