Walmart Stock Purchase Program

Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

Walmart and other large corporations can provide many benefits to employees. Companies like this are well-oiled machines, with the means to provide big perks to their employees.

Walmart offers many benefits to employees, including the Associate Stock Purchase program. This benefit is part of their employee benefit package.

  • What is Walmart Stock Purchase Program? Here’s the answer:
  • Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

    How Does The Walmart Stock Purchase Programme Work In 2022

    Walmart’s Associate Stock Purchase Program offers an employee benefit as part its extensive benefits program. Associates who purchase up to $1,800 in Walmart stock each year receive a company contribution up to a 15 percent match, a $270 maximum. For a nominal fee, employees may also choose to sell their stock.

  • You want to know how the program operates and what happens to your stock stock when an employee leaves? For all the details, continue reading!
  • What does Walmart’s associate stock purchase plan look like?

    Walmart includes an associate stock option in its employee benefit plan.

    This plan is entirely optional. Employees who choose to participate will be able to count on their stock holdings as well as a 15% match from Walmart for every $1,800.

  • Walmart offers a matching $270 investment. (If you invest less than the maximum, the guaranteed amount will be smaller.
  • This match will replace the stock buying discount that many employee stock purchasing programs (ESPPs), provide.

    For their part, associates pay a one-time enrollment fee of $20, and must pony up either an initial investment of $250 or commit to 10 automatic deposits of $25, from their checks.

    Walmart will match up to $1,800 for employees who purchase up to $125,000 per year.

    Employees can also liquidate their stock at any time, though according to one employee, there is a fee of $25.50, on top of a five-cent fee per share hold.

    Walmart pays annual dividends of $2.20 per shares, which is an increase for the 48th consecutive year.

    Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

    Walmart: Employee Stock Purchases

    Walmart has made the set-up process for joining their Associate Stock Purchase Plan easy and convenient.

    Computershare will allow you to create an account. This is where all buyers who are interested in buying direct can access. explains that Computershare has no price controls – instead, you have to accept what Computershare charges for the shares.

    Computershare will sell your shares at whatever price you want, but you can also opt to liquidate.

    For those who are new to investing, this may work for them.

    Sign up for a new account via Computershare’s Walmart associate portal and follow the instructions for getting everything set up.

    Walmart now offers access to stock accounts for associates through their employee OneWalmart site.

    Walmart employees can get discounted stock purchases

    Walmart employees are not eligible for discounts when they purchase stock, unlike other companies.

    Walmart also matches up to 15% for investments over $1,800. At that maximum investment of $1,800, the associate will receive $270.

    Walmart’s match system will reduce the amount of compensation that associates invest, however they will still be able to benefit.

    Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

    Does Walmart Match Employee Stock Purchases?

    Walmart does match employee stock purchases.

    While employees can purchase up to $125,000-worth of stocks, Walmart matches 15 percent up to $1,800.

    Walmart will pay $270 to Associates who have invested $1,800 or more, according to their matching agreement.

    Even though they will get less in return, investors who are less than those amounts can still benefit from the matching benefits.

    How long does it take to receive a Walmart Check?

    According to, the turnaround time to get a check from Walmart after liquidating your stocks is about 10 business days by mail.

    Direct deposits can be made in two or three days.

    You might also have to wait for your shares to sell, if you opt to do so after the market closes.

    You can’t sell on Fridays at 10:10 p.m. because the market closes Monday morning. This pushes back your time frame for getting paid.

    Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

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