Does Walmart Own Lowe’S

Does Walmart Own Lowe’S

Does Walmart Own Lowe’S In 2022? (Not What You’D Think)

Walmart Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Discount City (1962–1969)
  • Wal-Mart, Inc. (1969–1970)
  • Wal–Mart Stores, Inc. (1970–2018)



Sam Walton


Number of locations
10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



Area served
Key people






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


559.2 billion




US$22.55 billion




US$13.70 billion



Total assets


US$252.5 billion



Total equity


US$87.53 billion



Walton family



Number of employees
2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



List of subsidiaries

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Walmart is well known for both its wide range of discount home improvement products and its ownership of several different brands in the US and beyond.

  • With all that being said, you may wonder: “Does Walmart have Lowes?”.
  • Lowes who owns them?

    Lowes has no majority shareholder as it is not a publicly traded corporation. Vanguard Group Inc. currently holds the largest amount of Lowes stock.

    But, with ownership of just 8.5% of all the company’s stock, they still do not have a controlling stake.

    Walmart still holds 50% ownership by the Waltons who started it. Thus, majority ownership remains with the Walton family and subsidiaries.

    Does Walmart Own Lowe's In 2022? (Not What You’d Think)

    Is Lowes As Big As Walmart?

    Lowes doesn’t have as many customers as Walmart. One reason is that it offers a smaller selection of merchandise. It focuses on products for home improvement and hardware.

    Walmart offers a variety of discounted groceries and other goods. Walmart also sells home improvements products.

    Walmart is the largest retailer of retail outlets in all 24 countries.

    Lowes however has 1,727 US locations and approximately 60 Canadian.

    Lowes has a few advantages over Walmart.

    Are there similar products that Walmart and Lowes offer?

    Both Lowes and Walmart sell home improvement products for a good price.

    Lowes, America’s top hardware store, can provide a wider selection of equipment and items.

    Lowes has a wide range of products that Walmart offers, including grills, patio furniture, tools and appliances.

    Lowes offers customers a wider selection of products and services.

    Does Walmart Own Lowe's In 2022? (Not What You’d Think)

    What Services Does Lowes Offer That Walmart Doesn’t?

    Lowes also offers services not offered by Walmart. Lowes Kitchen Design Tool, for example, can be used to help customers remodel their kitchens.

    You can also buy your new cabinets, countertops and fixtures from Lowes.

    Lowes offers other services, such as flooring and window installation.

    What Companies Does Walmart Own?

    Walmart is not the owner of Lowes. However, it owns a number of other brands throughout the US.

    As a result, it is one of the five largest corporations in the world by sales.

    Walmart America has the biggest share of American major labels. Walmart also has:

  • ShoeBuy
  • Parcel
  • Bonobos
  • Moosejaw
  • See the complete listing of companies below
  • Walmart is also home to large discount chain stores around the world.

    You can read our posts related to whether Walmart has Costco or if Walmart is controlled by China.

    Does Walmart Own Lowe's In 2022? (Not What You’d Think)

    Conclusion: Does Walmart Own Lowes?

    Although Walmart does own an impressive number of brands both in the US and beyond, the company does not own Lowes. Although the hardware brand is publicly traded, it does not own a majority shareholder. Walmart owns no shares.

    Lowes functions independently from Walmart. Lowes can be seen as a competitor to Walmart in homeware and home improvements, due to the variety of products it sells and the services it provides.

    Who is Lowes owned by?

    Lowe’s becomes a nationally recognized chain and Carl Buchan, who was previously the joint owner with Jim Lowe, is now its sole owner. The Lowe name is still in existence.

    Walmart Has Home Depot And Lowes.

    Walmart has no ownership of Home Depot and its subsidiaries. Home Depot’s management is made up of its top-level executives. Major decisions are taken by the board who represents the shareholders. Walmart does not own Home Depot.

    Why are Lowes and Walmart always next to each other?

    Lowe’s and Walmart often build next to each others’ properties. – Quora. It’s usually the developer of the site that contacts the larger anchor tenants. While the anchor tenants maintain the stability of rent/loan, minor tenants move in and out over the years.

    China is China-Owned Lowes

    90% of what Lowes sells comes from China. Lowes has a lot of vendors. Lowes is actually a network of thousands who source materials from China. April 5, 2020

    .Does Walmart Own Lowe’S In 2022? (Not What You’D Think)

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