Does Walmart Have Layaway

Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

Walmart sells more than just everyday items in its stores. The company also offers higher-ticket items such as TVs and furniture.

  • But what if you can’t afford the total purchase price for an item at Walmart? Perhaps you are wondering if Walmart offers layaway plans. This is what I wanted to know, so read on!
  • Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

    Walmart Will Offer Layaway Options in 2022

    Walmart offers layaway from August 28- December 14 for purchases greater than $50, and installment payment plans through Affirm year-round as of 2022. Affirm’s payment plans are available for purchase amounts up to $2,000. They can range in length from three to 24-months. Affirm offers payment options that last from three to 24 month for purchases of up to $2,000, depending on the credit you have and when it is year.

  • For more details on Walmart Layaway including terms and limitations, products that are eligible for layaway and whether Walmart offers installment finance, continue reading!
  • Does Walmart Offer Layaway Payment Plans?

    Walmart offers layaway financing plans for store purchases. However, Walmart Layaway is only available during the holiday season, from August 28 to December 14.

    Still, some Walmart locations provide layaway payment plans year-round for jewelry purchases only.

    For information on whether your Walmart store provides the service year round, please ask an associate at Walmart or a manager.

    Additionally, although Walmart doesn’t provide layaway year-round, it does have installment financing options available to break down purchases into smaller payments through Affirm (see below).

    Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

    Walmart Layaway for All Orders Available

    Walmart Layaway is only available for in-store purchases. Walmart Layaway can’t be used online.

    Affirm also offers installment plans so you can make purchases online.

    Walmart Layaway – What Does It Look Like?

    Walmart makes it easy to set up a layaway plan. It only takes a few steps.

    You can start a layaway by bringing your merchandise to the Customer Service desk after you have finished shopping.

    Walmart then asks for a down payment of either $10 or 10%, depending on the amount.

    Afterward, you can make layaway payments at any time at any register in the Walmart store you bought the item from.

    Additionally, other things you should know about Walmart Layaway include the following:

  • No opening fees
  • Layaway is available for items that cost at least $10
  • Maximum purchase amount must not be less than $50
  • You can sign up for email or text notifications about your payments
  • Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

    Layaway at Walmart: What Do You Need to Know?

    Of course, you should know a few things before using Walmart Layaway, including the terms, cancellation policy, age requirements, and return policy. Let us take a look at them in greater detail:

  • 1. Conditions
  • Walmart Layaway starts on August 28th and ends December 14th, as previously mentioned.

    Walmart requires that your last payment be made at the store where the item was purchased.

    Your account may be cancelled if you do not follow the policy.

  • 2. Cancellation Policy
  • The items will be returned to stock if you cancel your Walmart Layaway Account.

    You will receive your deposit and all payments, less a $10 cancellation fee.

    The cancellation fee is different in each state, so ensure you carefully read everything before you place anything on layaway.

  • 3. Age Requirement
  • For Affirm financing and Walmart Layaway, you have to be at least 18

    At least 18 years must be the age of the individual making the payments or picking up an item.

  • 4. Retour Policy
  • Walmart offers a 90-day guarantee of return on layaway or Affirm purchases.

    Walmart Layaway: Are there Exclusions?

    Walmart Layaway has certain exclusions. The restrictions that apply to Walmart’s Layaway plan include the following:

  • Only in-store layaway arrangements can be made
  • Excludes all wireless phones
  • Not available on Thanksgiving
  • Some restrictions apply to specific stores.
  • Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

    Walmart Layaway Policy: What are the Options?

    You have the option to put many products on either an Affirm or Walmart Layaway plan.

    Walmart Layaway may be available in certain product categories such as the following:

  • Electronics (without Service Plans)
  • Toys
  • For small appliances
  • Large furniture
  • Auto Electronics
  • Sporting Goods (selected articles)
  • Schmuck
  • Infant Toys
  • Infant Furniture
  • For more information about Walmart’s Holiday Layaway Plan, please contact your local Walmart.

    That said, to find the phone number for your Walmart store, simply type in your zip code on the store locator page (on

    You’ll then see all relevant information regarding your Walmart store.

    Does Walmart Offer Installment Financing?

    A partnership with Affirm allows Walmart to offer installment financing any time of the year.

    In-store or online orders can also be eligible for installment financing. Payment plans range from 3 to 24 months.

    Approve for installment financing on The next step is to choose your preferred payment plan and then scan your one-use barcode at register.

    Affirm allows you to pay your bills online. If you are purchasing online, select “Affirm”, and submit a loan application to cover the cost of your purchase.

    Affirm offers many other benefits such as the following:

  • No late fees
  • No prepayment charges
  • Annual fees not applicable
  • No hidden fees
  • Your Affirm account is open and closed without any service fees
  • Clearly states the total amount of interest you’ll pay
  • It displays the precise terms of your loan.
  • Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

    Is there a time limit to repay Walmart Loans?

    Customers may finance their purchases over three- to 24-month terms, depending on the value of their order.

    Customers have the option to pay their cart sums in three, six or twelve months. Additionally, customers have twelve to 24 months to pay for cart amounts between $800 and $12,000.

    Walmart charges an APR

    Walmart APRs can vary from 10-30% to suit customers’ credit. Walmart may offer a 0% APR deal from time to time.

    In any case, the Affirm app will show you your APR while you are shopping.

  • For more savings on your Walmart shopping trip, check out these guides: Walmart coupon hacks; Walmart rollback; Walmart price match with Amazon.
  • Conclusion
  • Walmart offers a program for payment by layaway from August 28th to December 14th. Also, Walmart Layaway is only available for in-store purchases, and online purchases are restricted at the moment.

    Walmart also offers installment financing via a partnership agreement with Affirm. This can be used year round and online for purchases.

    .Does Walmart Have Layaway In 2022? (Your Complete Guide!)

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