Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid?

Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead…)

There are over 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers all across America that provide the necessary mechanics and technicians to service your vehicle.

  • You might wonder if Walmart has a transmission fluid change program. I did some digging and here is what I discovered!
  • Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    Walmart to Change Transmission Fluid By 2022

    Unfortunately, Walmart does not change or flush transmission fluid at any of their Auto Care Centers as of 2022. Walmart has the ability to fill vehicles with low transmission fluid for $19.88, plus Fluid. Customers can get their transmission fluid changed at Pep Boys or Jiffy Lube.

  • Want to find out more about Walmart’s transmission fluid services? You can read on.
  • Walmart: How much does it cost to fill transmission fluids?

    Walmart’s Auto Care Centers charge $19.88 per Oil and Lube change service, which includes topping up the fluid and checking it.

    However, the service price doesn’t include transmission fluid. This can run anywhere from $4 to $5 (see more).

    Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    Walmart. How long does transmission fluid replacement take?

    Most Walmart mechanics only need 15-30 minutes to fill transmission fluid.

    Walmart has a priority system. To find out when your next appointment is, call the Auto Care Center. They open from 8 am to close at 4-6 pm.

    Walmart sells transmission fluid

    You can buy single bottles of transmission fluid for as low as $4 to $60 depending on its quality and size.

    Walmart also stocks a number of transmission fluid brands: Castrol Mobil (Mobil), Honda, Valvoline LUCAS, Super Tech LUCAS, Mopar Motorcraft, Carquest and many others.

    Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead...)

    Which Transmission Fluid Should I Buy At Walmart?

    If you are confused about the products best suited to your vehicle, Walmart’s Auto and Tires page features a ‘Find the Right Tires and Auto Parts’ bar.

    You can enter your car information to find the correct transmission fluid.

    Auto Care Center Technicians can be reached to discuss your needs. If you don’t have the vehicle manufacturer’s guide, please consult it.

  • Where to Get Transmission Fluid Replaced
  • While Walmart does not perform transmission fluid flushes or changes, there are many other stores that provide this service. Here are some examples:

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Meineke
  • Pep Boy
  • Valvoline
  • What is the reason I need to change my transmission fluid?

    Transmission Fluid’s deterioration can be accelerated by driving in a hurry, heavy hauling and stop-and go city driving.

    It is an essential substance to help lubricate and cool the moving parts, such as gear shifts. Walmart’s Auto Care Centers can inspect and recharge your vehicle, if required.

    You can read my posts about Walmart auto services: Walmart tire installation and repair, Walmart brake repair and Walmart coolant and radiator flushes. Also, see getting your car keys at Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Auto Care Centres will check and fill your transmission fluid during an Oil and Lube Service. It costs $19.88. Walmart does not allow you to have your car flushed or changed. Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart Bottles and Multipacks for 4-8$ apiece.

    .Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Do This Instead…)

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