15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart

15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

Walmart is the fifth largest company in the world and also has a large number of subsidiaries.

  • Walmart, for example, owns the warehouse shopping site Sam’s Club as well as Hayneedle.com which is a popular affordable furniture website.
  • Here are fifteen of Walmart’s most important subsidiaries around the globe. Each serves a unique function within the large organization known as Walmart. Each subsidiary adds another dimension to this ever-expanding company.

  • Walmart Owns Ten of the Most Famous Companies
  • Walmart is spending a lot of money and energy on its need to compete with the lucrative Amazon model. Walmart’s ambition is to conquer new markets against an unknown opponent, in every aspect of its business, including fashion.

    Walmart can seem enormous, even if you don’t know what to do with it. It’s simply huge. Here’s a list of ten well-known Walmart companies. You probably know most of them.

  • 1. Hayneedle
  • Hayneedle, an online furniture shop that offers stylish and affordable furniture is very well-known. I have perused the site many times, dreaming of an affordable, classic remodel for all the rooms in my house without ever realizing that Walmart owned the site.

    Walmart acquired Hayneedle in 2016 in the hopes that the site would offer them a foot in the door of online shopping.

  • 2. Jet
  • Walmart acquired Jet.com, a website similar in nature to Hayneedle. It was purchased for 3.3Billion USD.

    Walmart was hoping that their acquisition would give them direct competition with Amazon.com.

    Now, just type Jet.com into the browser to go to Walmart.com. This is because the company has taken over the design and layout of the website but decided to keep the domain.

  • 3. Massmart
  • The African-based business was bought in 2011 for 2.54 million dollars. Massmart is Africa’s 2nd-largest goods distributor and operates more than 420 stores selling general merchandise and liquor.

    Massmart has many companies who specialize in selling discounted goods to African customers, including Massbuilders and Massdiscounters. Walmarts subsaharan expansion was facilitated by the acquisition.

  • 4. Art.com
  • Similar to Hayneedle, Art.com is a well-known place to shop for affordable home decor and wall art. The site boasts the most extensive online collection of art and decor.

  • Walmarts acquired this website in 2018 and has since grown its online presence to compete with Amazon.com.
  • 5. Shoes.com
  • Walmart made an unexpected decision to buy Shoes.com in 2017. The website, valued at $9 million was designed to give Walmart the opportunity to market products Amazon couldn’t sell yet at deeply discounted prices.

    Walmart acquired this company to expand their online presence and increase digital sales.

  • 6. Bonobos
  • Bonobos is the first clothing brand mentioned on this list, and the purchasing of it was a move on Walmart’s part to begin adding online fashion to their portfolio. Bonobos is a men’s clothing site that specializes in affordable fashions with a modern and pricey feel.

    Walmart bought the brand in 2017 and it was worth 310 million.

  • 7. Moosejaw
  • Walmart didn’t stop at men’s fashion. Walmart acquired Bonobos in 2005 for $51 million. This gave them the opportunity to introduce a rugged, outdoory look to their fashion market.

    Walmart owns one of the most loved brands in outdoor gear for men and women.

  • 8. Bare Necessities
  • Bare Necessities sells elegant, sophisticated products for a staggeringly affordable price. It was shocking to me to find that the Walmart store could offer such “elegant” or “sophisticated” terms.

    Purchase in 2018, once again, Walmart hoped to leverage Bare Necessities’ popularity online to improve its standing in relation to Amazon.

  • 9. Eloquii
  • Walmart bought Eloquii Plus-Sized Fashion giant in their latest venture into the fashion world.

    Elonquii, unlike Jet.com has kept its website’s apparent independent identity. Elonquii’s partnership with Walmart makes the lower price points possible.

    Elonquii’s value will remain to be determined.

  • 10. Sam’s Club
  • Walmart created Sam’s Club in 1983 to enable it to offer discount, large-volume shopping.

    You will receive the same discounts as Costco or BJ’s if you have an annual membership.

  • Walmart owns five of the most obscure companies
  • The list is not complete. This list by no means encompasses all the companies owned by Walmart, nor does it explore all the reasons and purposes behind these acquisitions, but hopefully, it does demonstrate just how widespread Walmart’s reach is and how deeply it has penetrated into to many of our lives.

    Below are five smaller companies. We also have five lesser-known, but still profitable, Walmart businesses.

  • 11. Aspectiva
  • Aspectiva, the forward-thinking, most innovative buy in this category, is undoubtedly Aspectiva.

    Based in India, this small company was purchased in 2019 with the hopes that their leadership in tech design and customer service would allow Walmart to begin getting ahead of the competition in the online and in-person marketplace.

    Walmart didn’t disclose the price of the Indian corporate treasure, but it is clear to see its wisdom and value for Walmart.

  • 12. Amigo
  • Amigo (large grocery store chain) is based in Puerto Rico. Walmart bought it in 2002.

    Walmart was able to collaborate with Amigo on the highly lucrative acquisition to grow their business beyond supermarkets and offer more products to customers at higher discounts, much like a Super Walmart.

  • 13. Flipkart
  • Flipkart is based in India and aims to make small businesses in India more successful by providing them with access to wholesale products at affordable prices from around the world.

    Walmart plans to take advantage of India’s access to these goods and increase its eCommerce presence.

    Walmart bought a controlling stake in the company in 2018 for $16 Billion to help them achieve their digital goals.

  • 14. Seiyu
  • Seiyu in Japan was the biggest supermarket chain. This acquisition made sense for Walmart.

    Seiyu first opened its doors back in 1963. By then, it had built up a reputation with Japanese customers. Walmart partnered with Rakuten for online delivery and was able thus to take advantage of that strong reputation.

  • 15. Carhco
  • Another grocery store that is based mainly in Puerto Rico or Central America.

    Carhco, in fact, is the largest supermarket chain in that region and was acquired by Walmart in 2004. Carhco has been a valuable part of Walmart’s worldwide expansion. Walmart spent 2 billion on it.

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    Walmart is a company that owns the following:

    Massmart They own many local brands, including CBW, Builder’s Warehouse, Makro, and Game. With the purchase of six Makro store locations, the company was founded in 90. Walmart acquired a 51 percent controlling stake of the company in 2011 for a reported $2.54 billion.

    What’s the other 50% of Walmart owned by?

    Walton Family

    Are there any Walmart Subsidiaries

    Walmart is the fifth largest company in the world and also owns many other businesses. Walmart is the owner of both Hayneedle.com and Sam’s Club, a well-known warehouse shopping site.

    Walmart Is Hayneedle Owned?

    Hayneedle was an online furniture shop that Walmart purchased when it acquired Jet.com. April 25, 2020

    .15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

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