13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons!

13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons! (2022)

Walmart is known for its low prices and wide selection of products.

  • Walmart Clearance offers many opportunities to save even more if your goal is to find the lowest price.
  • These are the 13 most money-saving, mind-blowing Walmart secret clearance hacks. Let’s get started!
  • Hidden Clearance Deals at Walmart: 13 You’ll Love To Keep Secret
  • 1. Make use of the app to search for hidden Walmart clearance offers in-store
  • Walmart Clearance Items will have a yellow sticker with the price. Although this is likely to be an excellent deal, it’s easy to see if the price is lower.

  • You can scan the yellow barcode of the sticker using the Walmart app for your smartphone. The clearance item will appear in the app, probably at an even lower cost.
  • Walmart.com prices are often lower than those found in-store.

  • 2. Find Hidden Clearance Deals On The Walmart Website
  • 13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You TONS! (2022)

    You can find it tedious searching through Walmart’s website to look for the best deals. But did you know that there’s a way of searching just for discounted items?

    All you need to do to find clearance items on the site is enter “clearance” into the search box. Just like that, every on-sale item on the website will pop up. To find something more specific, you can narrow your search by using the sidebar.

    A search can also be made for clearance items in a given price range. To search for clearance products that cost $10 or less, just type in “clearance $10” into the search field.

  • Although yellow clearance stickers can be a sign of a bargain, Walmart has been known to sometimes put lower mark-downs underneath.
  • Although this won’t apply to every sale item at Walmart, it’s worth looking.

  • 4. Pricing Matches Hidden Clearance Items
  • If you see an item in-store clearance that is on sale for a cheaper price through the Walmart app on your mobile device, bring it with you to the register.

    Walmart no longer offers price matching in-store. Instead, they will match price on identical items found online and via the app.

  • Walmart customers also have the ability to price match Amazon.com online. Another great trick for clearing out clearance items is that they can even be purchased at Walmart.
  • 5. Know When To Shop For Clearance Items
  • Walmart usually marks down clearance items within the first five days and keeps them marked down until the end of the month. Don’t forget to save at the end of the month.
  • You can check the price tag to see if the clearance price has dropped.

    It is marked for sale if it ends in yellow with a “5”/”0″. So, it’s likely that it will be knocked down even further later on. A price that ends with “1” means the price was marked down to its absolute lowest.

  • 7. Find Hidden Discounts for Full Price Products
  • Walmart app scans your items and doesn’t require you to add a yellow clearance sticker for them to be placed in the Walmart hidden sale section.

    You can scan any item in any Walmart store, and chances are there will be some price drop available on the app.

  • 8. Don’t Forget To Get Free Delivery
  • You can purchase all the products you have found in your Walmart local store for a discounted price by ordering them through the app, or directly from the website.

  • If your order exceeds $35 you will get the items delivered straight to your home for no cost!
  • 9. Get Your Clearance Items Timed Well
  • Walmart may offer these items at discounted prices in-store. However, Walmart has the right to restrict price matching to one per customer per day. It’s up to you to make smart decisions about your purchase.

    You can find the most sought-after clearance bargains and come back the next day to get them while you still have the chance.

  • 10. Clearance products could be hiding in plain view
  • Clearance section is a great place to start your search for products with the highest possible price. You will find many clearance products at the aisle end caps, so make sure you keep your eye open.

  • 11. Walmart Clearance Items can be found on social media
  • A great way to find good clearance deals at Walmart is to search on social media! A lot of people post things they find using hashtags such as #walmartclearance. Sometimes, they also include a link to the product or store where it was found.

    Be aware that clearance offers will vary depending upon where they are located.

  • 12. Check to see if your store has a clearance item
  • You can search online for information if someone shares a Walmart clearance bargain but isn’t sure whether it’s in stock in your area. To find the product’s stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number on Walmart, you will need to search the URL. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an eight-digit code at the end of the product URL.

    Simply head over the BrickSeek to input the SKU number and your zip code, and it will tell you if your local Walmart store has that item on clearance.

  • 13. Get the best clearance deals by asking around
  • Even if you are shrewd with savings, Walmart employees will have the most insight into the clearance sales. They will be able to pinpoint the best places to search for hidden items and hard-to find clearance products.
  • Walmart Sales Associates can direct you to the best deals for products from a particular department.

  • See my other posts to learn more about Walmart hacks, Walmart rollsbacks, or whether Walmart has Senior Discounts and Veteran Discounts so you get the most from your shopping experience.
  • .13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons! (2022)

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