Does Walgreens Price Match

Does Walgreens Price Match

Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

Knowing that Walgreens (with 8000+ stores nationwide) is one of the most accessible drugstore chains all over the U.S., you may be wondering: does Walgreens price match?

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  • Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022?

    Walgreens doesn’t price match with competitors, such as CVS or Rite Aid. Walgreens also does not price match its products or stores, such as prescriptions and contacts. Walgreens allows price adjustments on its online store as long as the brand, product, weight, and quantity are identical.

  • For more details on Walgreens’ pricing matching policy, including the conditions they permit it and other savings opportunities at Walgreens, continue reading.
  • Walgreens price match with its Stores

    No, Walgreens does not price match its products across its stores. Despite reports that prices across Walgreens stores vary by as much as 55%, you cannot price match these products at your nearest Walgreens store.

    Otherwise, you won’t be able to go to different shops and will need to pay more.

    Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

    Walgreens Prices Match Prescriptions

    Walgreens doesn’t price match prescriptions in any of its locations. Walgreens will not price match other pharmacies or services related to health.

    Walgreens doesn’t price match contacts lenses.

    Walgreens price matches their prices in-store or online? is able to price match prices on Walgreens in-store and online.

    Walgreens allows only price matching according to its policies.

    Walgreens will not automatically price match the product with its online prices. Walgreens cashiers will need to verify the differences by asking you to price match the item with its online counterpart.

    You can’t price match prescriptions or contact lenses.

    Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

    What are the conditions for price matching at Walgreens

    A product can’t be priced matched if its features are the same.

  • Name of the brand
  • Description
  • Size
  • Weight
  • The color of the sky
  • Quantity
  • Model number
  • Furthermore, you can only price match your product with the regular price. In case the item is out of stock, Walgreens will not provide any rainchecks to price match later.

    Walgreens does not accept proof for price matching that includes a screenshot or printout from a product online. Walgreens staff members will confirm price matching eligibility once you submit the full product information.

    How Many Times Can You Price Match A Product At Walgreens?

    Walgreens restricts price matching at one per customer and per day. The limit is one transaction per customer, and you will not exceed it.

    Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

    What are some ways to save money when you shop at Walgreens

  • Walgreens doesn’t offer price matching so it is worth asking if you are able to find other ways of saving money. Yes!
  • Here are options you can explore to lower your bill at Walgreens:

    Participate in the Balance Rewards program (now renamed myWalgreens). This will enable you to receive coupon codes that are paperless and special discount products for every purchase. Every purchase you make will add to your total reward points. Earn 1000 points to receive $1 off your next purchase

    By linking your Balance Rewards account and your AARP Membership, you will earn more reward points on every purchase.

    There are Walgreens outlets in places near you that have low density and lower property prices. This is likely to result in lower prices for these stores than those located in densely-populated areas.

    My post about Walgreens’ EBT Policy will explain how you can save more at Walgreens. If you want to save money, there might be a CVS near by. This is because CVS pharmacies can often be found together at Walgreens.

  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens does indeed price match in its stores but only for products also listed with a different price on its website, These products need to have the same brand name, color, size, weight, model number, quantity, and description to be price matched.

    Price match cannot be done for competitors or products that are not in your store. A transaction can be made per customer only per day.

    What is Code 2 at Walgreens?


    Why Are Walgreens Prices So High?

    You can find them open at all times of day. Walgreens prices its items higher than the average grocery store because they offer more conveniences (which can be costly).

    How does Cvs price match policy work?

    CVS doesn’t price match products purchased from Amazon, Walmart or Walgreens. CVS has a number of rewards programs, including ExtraCare, which offers regular discounts through its website, app, and is open to accepting discount cards, such as GoodRx.

    Is the Cvs price comparable to online prices?

    CVS doesn’t price match with their site. If I want to order enough to receive free shipping, I can place an online order. Sep 7, 2021

    .Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022? [Full Policy Explained]

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