Usps Says Delivered But No Package

Usps Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

  • It can feel sometimes like you have one eye on your mailbox while waiting online for your order. You suddenly see your tracking information change to “Delivered”. But no packages are outside.
  • It may seem like you are going insane, but you don’t. USPS’ tracking system works well, although it is not perfect all the time. You should be concerned about missing delivery packages. Read this article for more information.
  • USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    Why is USPS saying Delivered, but no Package?

    A package that’s marked as “Delivered” but is missing could be the result of a USPS scan error, or that the mail carrier put the package in a hard-to-see location or accidentally delivered it to a neighbor. However, if neither of these situations is the cause of a missing package, contact your local post office to retrieve your package’s location.

  • Read on to discover why USPS isn’t shipping your package. What should you do?
  • What is the reason my package says delivered but it’s not here?

  • Your tracking information may say “Delivered”, but no packages are visible. This could be because the USPS GPS system marked your package “Delivered” prematurely.
  • You’ll probably see your package within the next 24 hours, so please be patient and watch out.

    If your package is missing, however, it may also be the case that it was delivered by a substitute mail carrier who doesn’t know your preferred delivery spot.

    You can confirm this by looking around the mailbox, in the trees, under the stairs and anywhere else a package may be found.

    As well, it may be worth asking your neighbors if they received a package with your name on it, because if a mail carrier is unfamiliar with a route, they may mix up apartment or building numbers.

    USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    How do I handle a package that isn’t here but says it has been delivered?

    GPS is used by the USPS to transport packages. This could cause packages to be labeled “Delivered” before they arrive.

    Most cases your order will arrive within a business day.

    If you haven’t received your package in more than one day and still haven’t checked your neighbor’s property or asked them about it, you should contact the local USPS Post Office.

    To find out the status of your order, you should contact the supervisor or the manager in charge.

    USPS can help if the package does not arrive within 7 days. The claim can be filed at your nearest postal office or online.

    Postal workers are required to search every stage your package has gone through from drop-off to delivery when a Missing Mail claim is filed.

    The majority of cases involving missing mail are those that involve packages which were scanned but were not put on a vehicle for delivery, or that were left unattended.

    The best way to get it there is by starting a Missing Mail Request.

    Does USPS Mark Packages As Delivered Before Delivering?

    Most cases, USPS does not mark packages as delivered until they are delivered.

  • However, post service audits found various scan errors that caused undelivered packages being marked “Delivered”.
  • Once a package is sent to the USPS, one error will occur. An employee scanning a package with the “Delivered”, rather than the “Accepted” settings can cause a package to be labeled as delivered.

    Another type of scan error occurs when a mail carrier scans a package as “Delivered” at a location other than the designated delivery location (e.g. House, apartment or business.

    The carrier can scan a package to show it as “Delivered” at another location before delivery attempts are made. A customer could see “Delivered”, “Delivery Attempt” statuses, even if nothing is done.

    Scan error are far more common that you may think.

    One USPS audit showed that 191 of the 1,100 packages were scanned and marked as delivered, but they are still waiting for delivery.

    USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    Why does USPS label my package delivered even though it has just been shipped?

    The status of a USPS tracking# might indicate “Delivered”, even though you have just shipped or created the label.

    The reason this message might be appearing is that USPS uses a recycled tracking number.

    You can check the tracking numbers to verify that the number has been recycled. If your tracking number is recycled, you will usually see a destination and delivery time that do not correspond to your package’s origin or destination.

  • Recycled tracking numbers may include a note explaining that the label is “Archived.”
  • A high volume shipping through USPS results in recycled tracking numbers. USPS recycles some tracking numbers every day because of the more than 20 million packages that are delivered daily.

    Therefore, if you think you’re dealing with a recycled tracking number, the best thing you can do is wait.

    The tracking information for the parcel will change once the postal service scans it.

    Your just-shipped parcel may also say “Delivered”, because USPS misscanned the package.

    When the USPS scanner has been set to “Delivered”, rather than “Accepted”, the tracking information will indicate that your package is delivered.

    Unfortunately this does not mean that your tracking number will be updated when you scan the label again.

    A USPS representative will be able provide updates by checking the internal tracking database.

    Contact USPS customer care at 1-800-877-8333 or go to your local Post Office for more detailed information.

    To learn more, check out our posts regarding how fast USPS ground shipping works, what you can do to redirect a USPS shipment, and if USPS reuses tracking numbers.

  • Conclusion
  • You can mark a USPS parcel as delivered, but it could still be missing. There are several reasons. You can have a package marked delivered but not yet received by the USPS.

    There is also the possibility that your package was sent to a stranger or left in an unsafe place. You can also check with the local postal office to file a Missing Mail Claim.

    .Usps Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

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