Free Po Box For Homeless People

Free Po Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

It’s estimated that in 2021, there will be over half a million homeless people in the United States. A lack of regular mail delivery can be a significant obstacle to homeless people.

  • You might wonder what USPS does for homeless people to have mail access. This is what I found out!
  • Free PO Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

    What is the best way to receive a USPS POBox for free?

    The United States Postal Service offers free PO boxes to homeless persons without a permanent residence as of 2022. Those requesting this service must fill out an application and provide some form of identification. The request will be approved by the local postmaster. People who do not qualify for the free PO Box may be eligible to receive General Delivery.

  • You can find out more information about signing up for an USPS PObox and the benefits of General Delivery for people who aren’t eligible.
  • How does a homeless person get a USPS PO box for free?

    The Postal Service is committed to getting mail delivered to every address within the United States. This commitment goes far beyond mailboxes and driveways.

    This agency is the one that guarantees U.S. citizenship to all citizens. It also helps ensure the continued availability of mail for the homeless.

    To help you get mail delivered to your home if someone close is suffering from homelessness, it’s important that you fill out an application.

    The Postal Service does use the same application to process all PO Box requests: PS form 1093.

    It is important that you fill this application accurately and adhere to the white spaces (the grayed out area is only for the Post Office).

    You will then need to go to your local Post Office to submit the application. This is important because it will require you to contact the building’s Postmaster.

    Also, there’s one area on the application that might cause some alarm – the identification section.

    Additionally, eligibility requirements for homeless people are different from those for non-homeless individuals because of the fact that identification can be difficult for them.

    If you are applying for a PO Box free of charge because you are homeless, these must be met:

    A valid form (state-issued identification, driver’s licensing, passport etc.) of ID must be present. ).

    A valid form of identification is required to verify identity.

    You have a valid point of contact for the Post Office to reach you when necessary ( yours or a family member’s cell phone number or email address).

    You may also use the phone number of someone you trust, your place of work, shelter, charity, or social services office.

    If the Post Office has been given one contact point, such as the number of a friend, and then you lose access to that phone number, the Postmaster must be notified.

    If you’re approved, you will be assigned a box and given a key. Some Post Offices, particularly larger/busier ones, have 24-hour access to the lobby and PO boxes.

    To find out what hours you have access to the internet, visit

    You can also sign up for informed delivery if your internet connection is available and you have an email address.

    So even though you may not be able access your PO Box every day, at least you can see what is being delivered.

    Free PO Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

    Why Was Your Free USPS PO Box Application Denied?

    An application to receive a USPS PO box free of charge might not be granted for one reason or another.

    First of all, the postmaster may not approve an application if it isn’t met the necessary requirements.

    A lack of contact will result in the Postmaster being less inclined to approve.

    If you do not have an identification and are unknown to the Postmaster, you could be detained.

    Another reason for denying an application could be the inability of the Post Office to provide PO boxes. If that’s the case, and you live in a city with multiple locations, you can try a different one.

    However, you have another choice if this is not possible or would result in undue hardship.

    What happens if the Homeless Individual Doesn’t Have The Requirements To Get A PO Box Free Of Charge?

    A homeless person does not have to fulfill the criteria for receiving a complimentary PO box. However, it is possible to still get one. The Postmaster, for example, can set them up with general delivery.

    However, general delivery is used by many types of individuals with different lifestyles.

    General Delivery is when the Post Office stores mail for customers at one of their locations.

    The main disadvantage of General Delivery over a PO Box is that PO boxes can be accessed at all times, while General Delivery cannot be accessed during retail hours.

    General Delivery still provides a service that is free for homeless persons and may be used to temporarily wait until a PO can become free.

    Learn more by visiting our post related to USPS delivery to PO boxes. How much does a USPS PO Box cost? What is the proof of delivery from USPS.

  • Conclusion
  • The USPS addresses homelessness in the United States.

    Postal Service provides free PO boxes and general delivery to those who are homeless. It is doing its best to uphold dignity, equality, and respect for these individuals.

    .Free Po Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

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