Target Shipt Free Trial For Circle Members!

Target Shipt Free Trial For Circle Members! (6-Months Free)

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG


with a

stiftung foundation

as general partner
Founded 1973

; 49 years ago



Founder Josef Schwarz


Number of locations
11,200 in 30 European countries and the United States
Area served



United States
Key people
Gerd Chrzanowski (CEO),

Dieter Schwarz

Discount store
Revenue € 57.000 billion
€ 1.951 billion
€ 1.287 billion

Total assets

€ 36.706 billion
Number of employees


Schwarz Gruppe

Target works hard to improve delivery times. Shipt delivers order within two hours after customers place an order online.

  • However, since Shipt requires Target customers to buy a regular subscription, you may be wondering whether Target Circle Members are entitled to a free trial? Below is the information I discovered about this.
  • A 2022 Target Shipt Trial Free of Charge for Circle Members
  • Target Circle members get a free six month trial of Shipt’s Same-Day Delivery Service as of 2022. Navigate to Target Circle, find the Shipt offer and save it for the trial. Only members get a 4-week trial.

  • You can learn all about Shipt. The cost of subscriptions. How to join Target Circle.
  • Target Shipt FREE Trial For Circle Members! (6-Months Free)

    How is it shipped and what can I order through it?

    Shipt is a member-based delivery system based in Alabama. Target acquired it in 2017 at $550 million.

    Target purchased the company in order to provide a convenient same-day delivery service for customers, especially those living in metropolitan areas.

    Shipt can ship almost anything from Target’s stores including groceries, homewares baby products toys pet products and classroom supplies.

    However, there are restrictions on selected clothing, shoes, accessories, and services (Starbucks, Target Cafe, and Target Mobile).

    Also, age restrictions on electronics, video games and alcohol are not permitted.

    Are Target Circle Coupons Acceptable on Shipt

    Exclusionary offers cannot be applied from Target Circle to Shipt.

    Target Circle Members can take advantage of exclusive in-store deals, promotions and other offers. You should ask the driver to do this when picking up your item.

    Target Shipt FREE Trial For Circle Members! (6-Months Free)

    How Much Does Shipt Subscription Cost?

    The annual plan costs $99 per year to receive unlimited same-day delivery on all Target orders worth $35 or more.

    For every eligible order, you will be charged $9.99 shipping fee if you do not want to sign up for a one-year plan. Target Redcard members cannot receive a 5% discount for subscription fees.

    Shipt members will get a 4-week free trial when they sign up for the annual Shipt membership plan. This will apply to your first order. Once the trial is over, you will be charged for your first order.

    Target Circle members are eligible for a 6-month free trial. This includes free delivery within the same day on all orders exceeding $35.

    To avoid paying charges, you can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial period.

    How do I get a target circle member?

    To become a Target Circle Member, simply create an account online by entering your basic information (e.g.:

  • Your full name
  • A personal email address
  • A unique password
  • Call number: Optional
  • Target Circle is an exclusive loyalty program which offers you a variety of deals and discounts.

    Target Circle Benefits can be accessed through both the Target app on Android and Apple phones.

    To learn more about services and benefits offered by Target, you can see our related posts on how to get free shipping at Target, the Target markdown schedule, and what is Target Circle.

  • Conclusion
  • Orders over $35 qualify for a 6-month free trial to Shipt’s same-day delivery service. Target Circle members receive this benefit. Click’save deal’ on your account and find the deal.

    If you’re not a Target Circle member, you will get an automatic 4-week free trial when you sign up for Shipt’s annual plan. Subscription costs $99 per year or $9.99 per delivery.

    Does Shipt Offer Free Trial?

    Shipt offers a four-week trial for free when you sign up to an annual Shipt membership. When the trial expires, all charges begin immediately.

    How Much is a Six-Month Shipt Membership?

    Shipt 6-month Membership Gift Card $49 (email Delivery) : Target.

    Target Shipt-Free Trial: How Long?


    What about Target Circle?

    Shipt does not offer Target Circle deals. However, Target App users can place orders for same-day delivery and receive gift cards or Circle discounts.

    .Target Shipt Free Trial For Circle Members! (6-Months Free)

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