Target Baby Registry 2022

Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

Target sells many baby and kid products, both online and in-store. Target also offers a baby registry service which helps new parents plan ahead with everything they need before the due date.

  • If you’re going to have a baby and want to make sure you’re best prepared for the birth, you may be wondering how exactly does a Target baby registry work? This is what I know about it!
  • Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    Is a Target Baby Registry Possible in 2022?

    Target allows you to create your baby registry online, in store, or by downloading the Target Registry App. You can share it with loved ones and friends. The Target baby registrar also comes with a free Welcome Kit (over $150 value) and discount coupons. After your baby is born, items can be exchanged or returned for up to one-year.

  • Continue reading to find out how you can create a Target Baby Registry, which items you will receive in the Welcome Kit and the benefits and perks that come with the registry.
  • How do I create a Target Baby Registry

    Target offers several options for parents who are expecting to create a baby registry. You can do this on, the Target Registry App or in-store at Guest Services.

    The Target Registry App allows you to make a baby registry.

    To create a baby registry, log in to your account. Then go to the registry page.

    Next, select the “baby registry” option and click the “create” button. Once you have created your Target baby registry, you will be able select and to add items.

    Target staff will help you make the registry if you are visiting Guest Services to complete your registry.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    What’s a Target Baby Registry welcome kit?

    Target gives you the opportunity to create a Baby Registry. A welcome kit, valued at $150, will be sent.

    The welcome kit is known to include various coupons and samples from Target’s most loved brands for both parents and babies, provided in reusable bags.

    What are the contents of The Target Baby Registry welcome kit?

    The Target baby registry kit varies in its contents, but usually contains a variety of coupons and handpicked samples from Target’s best and most loved brands.

    You can find everything from burp cloths and diapers to nursery decor, as well as maternity clothes.

    Additionally, Target has even been known to give Starbucks coupons for free coffee to new parents in their welcome kits.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    What is the best way to get my Target Baby Registry welcome kit?

    Target’s Guest Services desk can help you collect your Target welcome kit.

    The barcode is scannable from both a printout and your mobile phone. Unfortunately, you cannot access the Target registry app to get the barcode for your Welcome Kit.

    Target provides free Welcome Kits for Baby Registry.

    Alternatively, Target has also made it possible to have your baby registry welcome kit shipped to you as part of your regular Target order. Sign in to and locate your baby registry.

    Under the benefits page, you can then select to ship the welcome kit and checkout as usual. Free shipping is available for orders above $35

    What are the Benefits of Target Baby Registry?

    Target not only offers a complimentary welcome kit but also other perks that can help you make your baby registry successful.

    Target is offering a flat 15% discount on remaining baby registry items if the baby’s arrival falls within 8 weeks.

    Along with that, you will get year-round discount deals for brands such as Huggies, Pampers, Johnson’s, Graco, Fisher Price, Up & Up, Cloud Island, Dreft, and many more.

    Target also allows returns or exchanges one year after an event to all baby registry items.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    How can I see the names of those who purchased from my Target Baby Registry?

    To keep on top of your gratitude cards, provides a registry gift tracker so you can see who has purchased gifts from your list.

    After logging in, you can access’s registry page to use the handy gift tracking tool.

    When you are done selecting your baby registry, click the icon for the gift tracker. This will open a list with all of the items purchased and the date they were bought.

    Target offers another useful feature: You can write “Thank You Sent” beside every item. There is also a checkbox that allows you to mark off each step and keep track of who you have thanked.

    When the item has shipped, the baby registry items will appear in the gift tracking. Unfortunately, group gifts are not currently available in the gift tracker.

    How long does a target baby registry last?

    The registry can be viewed and managed for up to 548 calendar days (18 months) following the date of the birth.

    Also, gift giving can go on for one year to find your baby registry.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    When can I return Target Baby Registry items?

    Target offers a one-year grace period to return any new or unopened items on its baby registry to them.

    How Do I Return Items From My Target Baby Registry?

    To return items bought from your Target Baby Registry on, sign in to your online Target account and find your baby registry page.

    To the left of the homepage’s registry page, you will find an option for returning items. Pick the shop you prefer to return to, select the item, and then generate a barcode.

    To return items from your baby registry using the Target Registry App, you will need to use the app options to select ‘Make a return’ to obtain your return barcode.

    When you return to the store, be sure that your photo ID is valid and current. This will allow for verification.

    Note that the barcode for your baby registry return is only valid at the selected store for the date it is generated on. Target Gift Cards will give you a Target refund for items from your Target Baby Registry.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    Which items should I place on my Target Baby Registry

    For parents feeling stuck, Target has several checklists to aid unsure parents regarding what to put on their baby registry.

    Target’s free Welcome Kit is intended to help parents decide which products and brands they should choose for their baby.

    Target Baby Registry items include baby diapers and wipes as well as car seats, baby bottles, cribs, bathtubs, bottle, cribs, and cribs.

    To learn more you can see our related posts on the Walmart baby registry, the Target baby formula return policy, and also the Target baby registry return policy.

  • Conclusion
  • Target baby registry allows new parents to create a wish list of essential items for their baby that can be purchased by friends and family. A welcome kit is included with the registration. It includes sample coupons and coupon codes. These items can be returned or exchanged by parents within a year if they’re new and unworn.

    Where can I get my Target free welcome gift?

    Sign in from your smartphone to Target’s account. Visit the Registry page and select your baby registry. Click on “Offers & Benefits” to access your registry’s Homepage. Choose Get the welcome kit. To redeem your Welcome Kit, present this code to Guest Services staff members at Target.

    Is there a baby registry discount?

    While not every retailer offers completion discounts on their baby registry, some do offer savings of up to 10 percent. These registries also vary in their terms – when the discount starts, when it ends, what you can buy using it – so comparisons are in order.17 Jan 2021

    Can You Use The Target Baby Registry Coupon More Than Once?

    How many times can I use my registry coupon? You can use your registry coupon twice: once in-store and once online. Your shopping trip should be planned and you will make an online purchase to ensure you receive everything in your registry.

    What is the Target Baby Registry?

    You can get your Welcome Kit once you have created your registry. Head to your local Target store to pick up a mix of coupons and free samples (a $150+ value), or get it shipped to you for free with orders of $35 or more.22 Dec 2021

    .Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

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