Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8 Coffee Grinder Review

See the new price Ah, the good old Supreme Coffee Grinder from Cuisinart. This one brings back memories, as it was the second burr grinder that I owned, back when I was just getting into coffee. I can’t really remember the buying process, but I think I’ve mostly bought it because of a combination of cute retro looks and a low price. But looks may be deceptive – it’s a budget grinder, no doubt. In a sense that’s actually pretty good, since it gives users a reasonably inexpensive way to try a burr grinder. This grinder may be a good choice for someone who is not willing to spend a lot in coffee but would like to upgrade from a blade grinder. It’s a no-frills, a simple grinder that does its job, but it’s pretty far from a professional machine. The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder analysis will discuss some of its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Review

The Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder does not provide quite the precision that a seasoned coffee snob would expect out of the grinder due to its lower ‘block’ burr collection. Customizing the roughness of your grounds to a variety of brewing methods is not something that this grinder can do, and does not provide enough of a selection for experimentation. This grinder is also incredibly loud, like a jackhammer. This can be a concern if you’re brewing coffee every morning and you’re going to wake up the whole house. Customer service seems to be a concern with this grinder as well. Due to its low cost, the manufacturer expects that you can repair the unit if it malfunctions rather than replaces the components. Overall, the computer seems to be working for some time, but is not intended to be used for years as a higher end model would be.

Ease Of Use – 3.5/5

The DBM-8 is a budget-friendly, entry-level grinder that has the added advantage of being fitted with burr mills instead of blades. We really like this grinder, because it makes the task of grinding your beans fresh extremely approachable. Cuisinart has priced and packaged the DBM-8 well enough to make a convincing case for it. Especially when pitted against blade grinders. Read on to see our thorough coverage of this grinder.

Do Not Buy The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind If…

Cuisinart DBM-8 is a beginner grinder and is relatively easy to use. Plug it in, load the beans into the hopper, and make sure the base bin is in the correct place. Then all you need to do is pick the grind settings by twisting the hopper, choosing the number of cups to grind (from 4 to 18) and hitting the start button. Don’t go by the amount of the cup-selector; how much ground coffee you like depends on your personal tastes and the method of brewing. The cup-selector is a timed grinding switch. The computer is going to grind for a predetermined time. To stop grinding midway (if you just want to grind enough for a cup), just click the selector switch to “off.”

Read our review to find out all its pros and cons.

You want a very reliable grind – Capresso Infinity provides superior grind efficiency, greater flexibility and quieter service. It’s more expensive than the Cuisinart, but it’s more capable as well. Read more in our full review of the Capresso Infinity You want the best entry-level burr grinder – if only the best one does, the Baratza Encore is on a totally different level than the Cuisinart Supreme Grind, the ideal entry-level grinder for specialty coffee beans. We checked it some time ago and concluded that it provides enormous value for money. You want to grind consistency on a budget – a manual grinder will yield the results of a more expensive electric grinder at a fraction of the price, but you’re going to have to rely on your muscles to do the job. The Hario Skerton Manual will produce a grind large enough for cold brewing or good enough for Turkish coffee. Read our analysis of Hario Skerton to find out why this is a success with experienced baristas and home brewers alike. You want a compact travel grinder – the Porlex Mini brushed stainless steel exterior and small size hand grinder make it a stylish travel companion, and at the cost of a blade grinder, it provides superior grind quality to the Cuisinart DBM-8. Read our analysis to find out all of its pros and cons.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cuisinart DBM 8

Finding the right coffee grinder will take some testing. In our detailed purchasing guide, we list some of the main items to look for while shopping. If you’re thinking of having a Cuisinart DBM 8, here are a few things you need to consider.

Inbuilt Safety Features

The Cuisinart DBM-8 has 18 grind choices ranging from extra-coarse to fine grind. You’ve got the right to grind your coffee to the size you want, depending on how you brew your coffee or the French press. This machine gives you control over the consistency and roughness of the grind to give you the best taste.

Included and Optional Accessories

Thanks to its looks, the DBM-8 adds aesthetics to your overall kitchen. Its stainless steel material blends well with most of the kitchens. Find a big and strong bean chamber with a high capacity that contains the right amount of beans. Below is a grind selection ring from which you can grind the beans to a fine, medium, or coarse variety. The power cord storage in the base is useful for tidying up, and the main chambers are disassembled for storage if you want to stow the unit.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

While most coffee grinders have some safety features, the DBM 8 has a few extras. For example, the grinder will not run unless the chamber and the hopper are in position. You can’t run the grinder if it’s not set as this will send pieces flying off, which could be risky. Cuisinart adds the quantity setting that allows the grinder to turn off automatically until it’s finished. That means you don’t have to deal with a grinder that’s going to melt or overheat if you forget to turn it off.

Alternatives and Conclusion

The coffee grinder comes with two hoppers and comes complete with everything you need to grind your coffee. The only accessories in the grinder are a scoop and a cleaning brush. The scoop comes in handy when you need to scrape the coffee grounds from the bottom chamber after grinding, or when you want to scoop to fill the beans.

You can use a brush to clean the machine, particularly at the bottom that accumulates the ground. A general cleaning brush is an optional accessory that will make your cleaning process easier. In addition, you may want to consider having a vault or coffee holder that seals securely when you close it.

Baratza is famous for its unique and high-end burr coffee grinders.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automated

Overall, the Cuisinart DBM-8 is an inexpensive burr grinder with a collection of useful features that will give you consistent grinds. The easy-to-use grinder goes well with your kitchen decor and it’s easy to tuck away in the cupboard if you want to store it.

Adjusting the settings helps you to grind beans and remove the aroma and oil to produce a special taste that converts into a fresh cup of coffee. Having an electrical timer ensures that the device shuts off automatically when the grind cycle is finished.

However, at a low cost, fragile parts will malfunction and ground consistency that won’t work for espressos or the French press. It also generates a large amount of mess due to the static electricity produced by the flat sinks. The grinder is perfect for those willing to play with a budget-friendly coffee grinder. It also acts as a beginner sort of grinder that you can eventually upgrade.

If you need a more advanced coffee grinder that is also inexpensive and effective, you may want to check out the Baratza Encore.

Baratza is renowned for its special, high-end burr coffee grinders.

Unlike DBM-8, which has 18 grind settings, Baratza Encore comes with 40 roughness settings to give you a variety of brewing styles and coffee varieties. You can make French Press, Aeropress, and pour over some kind of coffee. Its foundation is uniform in texture and scale.

The grinder boasts a solid construction and features heavy steel burrs that assist with grinding. It’s easy to run, too. The engine keeps the beans cool and the speed reducers slow down the burr for smoother bean feed and less noise. This ensures that the grinder should not generate excess heat, as this will cause the beans to release volatile aroma oils.

Baratza helps you to change the burrs once they’re worn, which gives you years of use without the need to buy another coffee grinder.

Cuisinart has had a variety of customer service problems, but Baratza is considered to have gone the extra mile when it comes to customer service. They have a team that can support you if you have any issues with the coffee grinder.