Does Lowe’S Rent Trailers

Does Lowe’S Rent Trailers

Does Lowe’S Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

Lowe’s is a great place to complete your home renovations checklist, with plenty of building supplies, DIY materials, and tools for every project imaginable, all for great prices.

Lowes may be able help you if your hauling needs arise. Lowe’s has the ability to rent trailers. This is what I found out about the subject.

Does Lowe's Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

Lowe’s Will Rent Trailers For 2022

Lowe’s provides equipment rental, including trailers. This trailer is great for those who require extra storage and a dump or carry-on trailer. Prices vary between $27 and $101 beginning at 4 hours, and rising from there to a maximum of 4-week’s rental time. Lowe’s offers easy online bookings and prepayments.

  • For more information on Lowe’s trailer rentals, what sizes are offered, how much it costs, how to rent a trailer from Lowe’s, and much more, keep on reading!
  • Lowe’s lets you rent various types of trailers.

    Lowe’s can rent several utility trailers from customers needing extra capacity to move, renovate, or build.

    From smaller load trailers to large capacity utility trailers, Lowe’s offers three main types of trailers for in-store customer rental, including the following:

    The Highside Cargo-On Utility Trailer

    Dump trailer for single axle.

    Tandem Axle Dump Trailer.

    Lowe offers a comprehensive rental program for commercial-grade equipment that covers these trailers at a fraction the cost.

    They are open-air, rear-loader models, perfect for tall or bulky loads, and are made with durable materials that can withstand any project needs.

    Does Lowe's Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

    Lowe’s offers trailer rentals in a variety of sizes.

    Although all use the same type of ball hitch attachments, each size can be customized to fit your rental trailer’s capacity or bed size.

    Rental trailers from Lowe are available in these sizes

    What length of time can you rent a Lowe’s trailer?

    Lowe’s has trailer rentals available on an hourly- or weekly basis depending upon its customers’ requirements.

    A trailer can be rented hourly, for smaller projects and moving requirements. You will receive exact pickup times, as well as exact drop-off and pick up times.

    If your job is more demanding or lasts longer, then you may rent Lowe’s utility trucks for 1 to 4 weeks.

    Does Lowe's Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

    Lowe’s Rentals: What Does it Cost to Rent a Trailer?

    Lowe rental rates vary depending on the length of time you require the trailer. You will need to pay $200 in reimbursable payment before you can reserve your trailer and rent it.

    Towing assistance is available for those who need it. The fees start at $27/hour and go up to $380/week for the smallest utility vehicle.

    For a 4hr rental, you can get Lowe’s 1 axle dump truck for $805 and $81 respectively.

    The largest tandem axle dump truck can be rented for as low as $101 per hour and for $1,001 over a period of 4 weeks.

    While it can cost more to rent trailers over a weekend, customers can check the rate for any date or time in advance by inputting their desired rental dates for the trailer at

    The website automatically generates your quotation and shows you available pickup spots for your trailer. This is done starting at the most nearby ZIP Code.

    If the trailer is not returned in good condition you will be charged $200 per hour.

    What Information Do You Need To Rent A Trailer At Lowe’s?

    Lowe’s requires that customers over 21 be able to rent a trailer.

    In addition, you will need to have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and your passport.

    Does Lowe's Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

    How Do You Rent A Trailer At Lowe’s?

    Customers who want to rent a trailer via Lowe’s tool rental service need to log onto the Lowe’s rental portal to select the trailer type and view local availability.

    Once you select the trailer type and rental dates, proceed to checkout with the pickup person’s name, phone number, and any special requests you might have.

    Lowe’s will provide a quote for your rental, which includes the amount due in advance to secure the reservation.

  • After you have filled this out, process the payment, confirm the booking, and save the QR code that appears for a Lowe’s employee to scan and bring up your reservation details. Now it is time to pick up the rental trailer.
  • How do you return your rental trailer to Lowe’s

    It is easy to return your Lowe’s trailer rental. To return your Lowe’s rental trailer, you must take it back to where it was rented at or before the due date.

    Customers can make dropping off easier by using the QR code from the initial pickup or the reservation number that is in their Lowe’s tool rental confirmation email. It begins with “#R-“,

    You must remove all dirt and refuse from the trailer to ensure that it is clean when you return.

    Lowe’s has the right to charge you a $200 cleaning fee if the trailer is not brought back in the same clean condition that you picked it up in.

    Lowe’s can also provide information about whether Lowe’s rents carpet-cleaners, rents trucks or delivers appliances.

  • Conclusion
  • Lowe’s has a variety of rental trailers in-store. You can rent these trailers in-store for various purposes. They are also available as a carry-on or larger size dump trailers.

    The rental period you choose, whether it is for 4 hours, 24hrs, or 4 weeks, will affect the price. Rentals are only available to customers over 21 with a valid ID.

    How much does it cost to rent small trailers from Home Depot

    Rents begin at around $14 for the smallest of trailers, and last between 4 hours to 4 weeks. Prices will not be exact until you visit us in person.

    What is The Largest Rental Trailer?

    U-Haul’s longest trailer size is the 6’x12 trailer. This cargo trailer was designed for people who are moving long distances. The 6’x12″ trailer can hold approximately 2,500 pounds and is capable of housing several rooms of furniture.

    Does Buying a Utility Trailer Make Sense?

    You can have a long life with a trailer if you pay attention to safety and maintenance. All in all, a utility trailer is a valuable asset for moving and hauling any number of items, and often will pay for itself in a short period of time.

    How big a utility trailer do I need?

    A 5’x8′ trailer should suffice for basic tasks like transporting a lawnmower, or doing house trash runs. To haul larger items like tractors and bobcats, an 8’x8′ truck or 7×16′ trailer is necessary. A good rule of thumb: Buy a lot more than you believe you will need.

    .Does Lowe’S Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost, How To + More)

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