Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons

Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons In 2022? [Full Guide]

The decor for any event can look great with balloons. While they can be purchased in most retail stores, it is not easy to have them ballooned up.

  • Walgreens provides a range of services to its customers. This may leave you wondering: Does Walgreens blow up balloons, or is that just one service? What I learned is this:
  • Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Will Walgreens blow up balloons in 2022?

    Walgreens, unfortunately, does not allow balloons to be blown up in its stores from 2022. There are two options: You can buy latex or Mylar balloons with helium from Albertsons, Party City. Party Depot. Wally’s Party Factory. Walmart.

  • Walgreens is not allowed to blow up balloons. Which place should you visit to have your balloons blown up by Walgreens? How much will it cost you? Continue reading to learn more!
  • Does Walgreens Blow Up Helium Balloons?

    Walgreens will not blow up any helium balloons within its stores. Although it provides a variety of products and services, balloon blowing is not one of them.

    Walgreens does however sell standard 12-inch helium balls made of latex.

    Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Where Can You Get Balloons Blown Up?

    Since Walgreens does not offer the service of blowing up balloons, you should head over to the nearest store of one of the following chains:

  • Albertsons
  • Party City
  • Party Depot
  • Publix
  • Ralphs
  • Smith’s
  • Wally’s Party Factory
  • Zurchers
  • Other options include 99 Cents Only, Dollar Tree, and 99 Cents Only.

    However, note that you must buy the balloons from these stores to get them blown up. A balloon that you bought at Dollar Tree or 99 Cents won’t blow up will be destroyed by these stores.

    What Type Of Balloons Can You Get Blown Up?

    Two types of balloons are most commonly available that you can blow up in the majority of stores.

    Latex balloons – These standard spherical latex balloons expand when they are inflated.

    Mylar Balloons: This material has a smooth or textured surface. They are available in several sizes.

    Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons In 2022? [Full Guide]

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