I Lost My Usps Tracking Number

I Lost My Usps Tracking Number (Where To Find + What To Do)

USPS gives you a 20- to 22-digit tracking code when you send your package. This number allows you to verify the location of your package and ensures that it is delivered securely.

How do you track your package if it is lost or stolen? You can still track the package without it. Can you recover it? This article will provide the information you need to answer these and other questions.

  • You Lost Your USPS Tracking Number. What Can I Do?
  • Tracking numbers for USPS can be found on receipts and online labels records. If your tracking number is still not found, check if you subscribe to Informed Delivery. If they are an Informed Delivery subscriber, their dashboard will contain the tracking number. Sometimes, the USPS manager might be able look up your tracking numbers.

  • Continue reading if you are interested in the secrets to recovering your USPS tracking number that was lost.
  • I Lost My USPS Tracking Number (Where To Find + What To Do)

    Where Can I Find My USPS Tracking Number?

    Don’t panic about losing the tracking number.

    Postcards and First-Class Mail don’t come with tracking numbers (unless you buy add-on services). You don’t need a tracking number if you send your item using one of these services.

    If you sent an item with Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail, your item does have a tracking number.

    Your tracking number might be at more than one place. In this example, the track number could be found in more than one location if it is sent by you.

  • Sales receipt
  • Self-service kiosk eReceipt
  • You can also make an online label recording if you have purchased your postage online via Click-N–Ship, eBay or any other service.
  • Barcode (placed on the mailed item)
  • A recipient who is currently a subscriber to Informed Delivery will also be able see their tracking number via their dashboard.

    A second option is to look through your phone to verify if you took any pictures of the mail receipts or barcodes after they were sent. There’s a possibility that you took a photograph of the tracking numbers without even realizing.

    If you are the receiver, make sure to check with the sender for the tracking numbers.

    If you bought the item online check your confirmation email, or call the company.

    What should I do if I forget my USPS tracking numbers?

    There’s one more thing you can do if you’re still having trouble finding the tracking numbers after trying everything else.

    This strategy is not recommended. The USPS may tell you that neither Care Center agents nor local post offices will be able help you to recover your lost tracking number.

    The reason they aren’t declining is that it’s difficult for them to do so is the USPS system’s inability to track numbers and is time-consuming.

    However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. USPS could be able track your shipment if there is enough detail about it.

    You’ll want to ask for a manager to help you as they’re the only ones who have access to certain purchase records.

    First, provide details about the date and the time you made the purchase.

    With a debit/credit card you can do it faster, as each transaction has a digital time- and date stamp.

    Cash payments will require you to think about the time and date of the purchase as well as how much you spent.

    Next, you’ll need to remember either which kiosk you used or which employee helped you. Managers can filter USPS by kiosk ID or employee ID numbers.

    The manager should be able, if all of the information provided is correct, to print a duplicate receipt.

    I Lost My USPS Tracking Number (Where To Find + What To Do)

    What if you don’t have a USPS tracking number to trace a package?

    Most cases you will not be able track your package without a tracking number.

    It is best to search the following places for your tracking numbers or to ask for a USPS manager to create a duplicate receipt.

    Is it possible to find lost mail without a tracking number?

    It may be possible to find lost mail even if you can’t find your tracking number.

    If you’re the sender, try looking through your emails or photos to see if you have a record of the tracking number.

    By providing date, hour, and purchase amount you can get a duplicate receipt.

  • If you’re the recipient, you can…
  • Ask the sender for the tracking number
  • View your Dashboard for Informed Delivery
  • For the tracking number, contact the seller you bought the item.
  • You can read our post on expiration of USPS tracking numbers, reused USPS tracking numbers and updates to tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • It can be a real nightmare to lose your USPS tracking number. Without it you will be wondering where and when your package arrived.

    For some deliveries, patience is all that’s required. Sometimes, creativity is required to find your tracking number.

    .I Lost My Usps Tracking Number (Where To Find + What To Do)

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