Usps Assistant Rural Carrier

Usps Assistant Rural Carrier

Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

USPS, which is federally owned and managed, offers good benefits and pay. You might be a candidate for USPS if you are unsure.

  • For example, does the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier position offer good pay and benefits? I’ve looked into the job, and here’s everything I discovered about the position!
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier In 2022
  • Since 2022, the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier helps Rural Mail carrier on their route. Part-time, the Assistant Rural Carrier delivers mail along multiple routes to rural mail carriers who are out of town. Assistant Rural Carriers can receive benefits. They typically earn $19-20 an hour.

  • Read on to find out more about becoming an Assistant Rural Carrier for USPS.
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What’s the job description for an assistant rural carrier USPS?

    A job description for any open position includes the job’s duties, primary responsibilities, required qualifications, and typical hours.

    The USPS will post most of its jobs on its internal website called eCareers. Therefore, job descriptions are not always readily available.

    After some research, however, I discovered an auxiliary site that has some great information, including the duties and responsibilities of a USPS Assistant Rural Carrier.

    The following are the duties and responsibilities of a USPS Rural Assistant Carrier:

    You can load the packages as they arrive in your vehicle.

    Delivers packages along a specified route to customers.

    Sorts mail in delivery sequence for the assigned route.

    Signs for responsible mail

    Loads mail and packages in the vehicle.

  • Mail and package deliveries to customers on a predetermined route, or as an auxiliary aid by a vehicle
  • For accountable mail, collects money and receipts
  • Takes care of mail at the curbside.

    Furnishes routine information concerning postal matters to customers.

    Mail collected is returned, not delivered, and money submitted to the Post Office.

    Prepare the time logs.

    Mail security is available at all times

    You may need to deliver a vehicle if the employer has not provided one.

    Work is performed indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.

    It is possible for carriers to be asked to transport trays, containers and mail parcels up 70 pounds.

    It is essential to maintain a professional appearance.

    Click here to see more information about the USPS Assistant Rural Carrrier job.

    How much can an assistant rural carrier be paid by the USPS?

    USPS decides the majority of its employees’ salaries on a scale that pairs hourly wages with how long an employee worked for USPS.

    This being said, USPS’s Assistant Rural Carrier candidates start at $19 an hour.

    USPS employees often get up to two increases per year, depending on how their Post Office performs.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    Is the USPS Schedule for Rural Carriers Assistants a Good Idea?

    Schedules can become inconsistent because assistant rural carriers are often part-time jobs that cover full-time rural drivers.

    Usually, the Assistant Rural Carrier position requires you to have an open schedule because you have to come in when other carriers call out sick or are on vacation.

    Also, the Assistant Rural Carrier position is defined as a long-term, non-career relief position that can work directly into a career position.

    Depending on the size of the facility and the number of carriers that they would potentially cover, Assistant Rural Carriers can work anywhere from one to two days a week up to 40 hours a week.

    Even though the facility where you are employed doesn’t have you working more than 5 hours per week, there is still the possibility of you picking up additional shifts at nearby Post Offices.

  • Be sure to first get authorization from your Postmaster!
  • Also, these hours fluctuate based on the time of year. Christmas is the most popular time to work for all Post Office employees, except the Assistant Rural Carriers.

    As full-time carrier, most of the day will have a weekend or holiday, assistant rural carriers are likely to be there.

    How do I become a USPS assistant rural carrier?

    In order to apply for the position of Assistant Rural Carriers, USPS requires that all applicants must successfully complete the Virtual Entry Assessment. MC (474)

    This site contains information on the assessment and study guides. It also includes tips and tricks to ease anxiety and what you can expect during the test.

    Once you pass the assessment, you’ll be required to complete training in different areas to demonstrate the possession of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed for the position through testing and practical demonstration.

    These KSAs cover safe driving habits, driving rules, and other skills that are relevant to the carrier’s job duties.

    Unfortunately, a failure to demonstrate any of the required KSAs disqualifies an applicant from the position.

    Apart from the KSAs or the entry assessment you also need to have a driver’s license. You will also need to clear a drug screen.

    These are the requirements you need to meet:

    You must be either a citizen or legal foreigner of the United States.

    You must be at least 18 or possess a high school diploma.

    To prove your physical ability to handle the duties associated with the carrier job, you must pass a physical.

    Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

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