Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi

Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

Aldi, the beloved US grocery chain with its German roots has partnered up with Instacart. But if this is your first time shopping online with Instacart, you might find it a little daunting.

  • You will find all the details you need about Instacart Aldi.
  • Instacart: A quick overview
  • Aldi customers can choose Instacart delivery, which comes with fees of anywhere from $4 to $10, or pick-up, which varies between $2 and $5. Aldi also has Instacart Express, which is a $9.99/mo membership and offers free delivery for orders over $25. Instacart’s prices for Aldi groceries may be higher in certain cases.

  • Keep reading for more information about Instacar ordering on Aldi.
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Instacart: What’s the Best Way to Place an Order at Aldi?

    Instacart requires you to have an account. Download the app from your app store or sign up online at, and follow the instruction to set up an account.

    A debit/credit card and your electronic benefit transfer card (EBT), are required to be added to your account.

    Instacart once your location is set, will list the shops that you are able to shop at. Choose the one you want, and when it moves to the main shopping screen, double-check about midway down the screen (mobile app) to make sure it’s set to the location you picked.

    Then you are able to begin creating your list. The app and website are both organized by store sections, so your baked goods have been grouped together, your produce, your frozen items, etc.

    Your first order will give you a “Buy It Again”, which contains all previous orders. It is easy to order more items each time.

    Buy It Again allows you to find the item you are looking for if it has been purchased a couple of weeks before and can’t recall its name. There is also a header at the top that lets you sort by department.

    Also, pay close attention to the quantity of products you are purchasing. You can buy bananas by their quantity or weight in pounds. The option to modify the size and quantity of the item is available by clicking the link.

  • You might believe that you’re ordering 10 bananas. Instead, you wind up buying 10 pounds!
  • You can now go to check-out once your checklist is completed. A delivery order must be placed at least $35. Pick-up orders require a pickup order to qualify for a discount of $10.

  • The small, green-and-white card icon is located at the upper right hand corner of your app. You can click it to view your card or “Go to checkout.”
  • You can choose to have delivery or pickup at check-out. Also, make sure that your contact information is accurate. Finally confirm your payment method.

  • (This section also allows you to enter delivery instructions, such as the address of where your bag should be left or whether you need them to call you.
  • You will see the “Add promo Code or Gift Card” button when you scroll past the total. This can be especially important if your first time shopping.

    When you place your order, you will be sent a message of confirmation on the app (or web), and an email with confirmation. You also get confirmation push notifications.

    Wait for Aldi to open. Another notification is sent when someone opens; this will alert you to make sure your cart stays full. Aldi shoppers have a friendly nature and are often quick to reach out by the chat option.

    Aldi’s fluctuating restocking means that it is important to make sure your smartphone or internet browser is open at all times. You can then quickly respond to any question or run out of something.

    This ensures that, if you can’t get everything from your cart, the shopper can get you really close or issue you a refund.

  • Important note! If you have a pick-up or delivery time between 5 p.m.-6: p.m.; but, your shopper is starting at 1 pm, your items won’t be affected.
  • Aldi stores all of its items in a cooler/freezer, until they are bagged or delivered to your vehicle.

    You will be notified via the app about each step in delivery or pick-up. If delivery was chosen, your driver may send you photos of the items left by him or her.

    Do Groceries Cost More On Aldi Instacart?

  • Aldi even recognizes an upcharge on groceries when using Instacart. They state that “in some cases, the prices of Instacart items may be more expensive to pay for personal delivery.”
  • Instacart website says, “While most retailers sell everyday store prices via Instacart,” but some retailers might set prices for Instacart which are more expensive than the in-store price.
  • While some groceries may be more expensive on Instacart than they are in-store at Aldi’s local Aldi store, Aldi still tries to maintain lower prices than other supermarkets.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Is it possible to order Aldi Instacart online?

    Signing up for Instacart will prompt you to either add a credit or debit card. You can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Aldi also recently rolled out EBT payment via Instacart, and you have the option of adding that right away at sign-up.

    It is worth noting, however, that EBT can be used to purchase SNAP-eligible groceries. Delivery/pick-up fees are payable separately and must be made with a debit card or credit card.

    See our guide for more details about Aldi Instacart payments and EBT.

    Paying with PayPal, Venmo or cash is not possible.

    Aldi gives you bags with Instacart orders

    Aldi gives you bags when your Instacart order is placed. But, the bag will be charged for.

  • This can be seen on the receipt that you receive.
  • Although it’s an extra fee, expect to pay less than $1 and as little as a dime to quarter depending on how many bags are required.

    What is the best way to pick up your Aldi Instacart order?

    Aldi, Instacart and other companies have made it easier to pick up your bags. To speed up the process, just before you depart, you can access your app and label yourself “On My Way.” Employees will know where to find your bag, which reduces your waiting time once you’re there.

    After you have arrived, please park in the designated pickup area. This is marked with bright blue numbered parking spaces (it doesn’t matter which one you take); each space also has a sign designating it a curbside pick-up spot.

    After you have parked your car, click the “I am Here” button.

    The app will also allow you to input the make, color, and model of your car so that the shoppers can know which person they should order from.

  • The app guides you every step of the way, from “A shopper is collecting your bags” to “A shopper is bringing your bags out.”
  • Roll down your window so they can ask where you’d like the bags. You’re done when they say you’re ready. Instacart will send you an email thanking your for picking up the order.

    Is there a problem with your Aldi Instacart Order

    Instacart provides a solid system to quickly address any problems.

    Instacart makes it easy to submit issues via their app.

    If you haven’t rated your most recent transaction, a pop-up will appear in the app asking you to do so. You can then choose to “Get Help” and the app will guide you through each step.

    It’s possible to still file a problem even if you discover a week later, or longer, that an Aldi order has been damaged. You can simply go to Instacart’s main page by clicking on the three horizontal lines located at the top-left corner.

    Choose “Your orders” (first in the list that appears), and your previous transaction will appear. Each transaction will contain a “Get assistance” button. The app will help you navigate the whole process.

    Instacart is quick to refund items that are missing. Instacart can issue a refund if an item you ordered was not delivered.

    If the time is up and you wish to return an item, no matter what reason it may be, Aldi stores are able to assist you.

  • Take your digital receipt along with you to the register. The cashier will assist. (Read about Aldi’s full return policy here.)
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Why Isn’t That Aldi Item On Instacart?

    Aldi is unable to ship some large items via Instacart.

    It is possible that a whole patio set won’t fit in the car of shopper, and they will not be able to upload it via the app.

    Does Aldi Instacart Accept Coupons?

    Aldi’s Instacart shopping center does not accept manufacturer’s coupons. However Instacart can offer discounts on selected items each week.

    They can be found in the app while you shop or by checking your email. Instacart will send notifications about deals to that address.

    Instacart may also have app-wide offers, such as $20 discount on orders $100 and above. This promotion was done in 2020 during the holiday season and applied to all stores selling through Instacart.

    These don’t occur often, but when they do, it’s a great deal, especially at a store like Aldi, where items are already so cheap.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s Instacart Shop is an extension to its low-priced and no-frills business models. If it is popular, then online ordering and delivery at Aldi should be here for good.

    How Do I Use Aldi Instacart? is where shoppers can download the Instacart App or go directly to and load groceries into the virtual shopping basket. Next, they select a delivery window, which can be anywhere from an hour to up to a week later, while at checkout. Instacart personal customers then choose, pack, and deliver the orders. September 18, 2018.

    Does Aldi Provide Bags For Instacart Shoppers?

    Aldi will give you bags when you order from Instacart. Aldi provides bags along with Instacart order. However, the bag will be charged for.

    Aldi: Are Instacart’s Prices Higher at Aldi

    A. ALDI offers the best grocery prices every day. Instacart’s prices can be slightly different from what you would find in your local grocery store. In some instances, prices of items on Instacart may be higher to cover the cost of personal shopping for delivery.

    What Are the Earnings of Aldi Instacart Shoppers

    It all depends on the order. Instacart provides an estimate of potential earnings for every order and guarantees shoppers will earn at least $5 for each delivery-only batch and $7 to $10 for each full-service (shop and deliver) batch.

    .Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

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