What Is An Ikea Family Card?

What Is An Ikea Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Founded 28 July 1943

; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
Number of locations
445 (2021)


Area served

Middle East

North Africa

East Asia


Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products
Revenue Increase

41.3 billion (












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IKEA is a place that sells a lot more than just furniture. You can visit IKEA for food or coffee, as well as to purchase a brand new desk.

  • If you’re a regular shopper at IKEA, you may be wondering about their loyalty program and if it’s right for you. I have been researching the IKEA Family Card for this reason and I am happy to share what I found.
  • What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family Cards 2022: What’s the Deal?

    IKEA’s family cards or accounts are IKEAs loyalty program. These account types offer members benefits and discounts that differ from regular accounts. IKEA’s family card offers customers free workshops and other events that help them learn about home furnishings.

  • IKEA family cards cost about $80. Learn more to see if you qualify for free shipping with an IKEA family account.
  • IKEA Family Card: What is the Cost?

    An IKEA family card and account costs nothing apart from the time it takes to create an account.

    IKEA has made sure that its loyalty program is completely free to sign up to, whilst offering great benefits (sometimes even free offers).

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family Cards: Who can apply?

    To get an IKEA family member card, you don’t have to be married. To get an IKEA family card, you only have to be 18 or older and possess a valid email.

    You can also upgrade your existing IKEA account by signing up for IKEA Family.

    You can update personal information, such as your preference store or communication preferences.

    IKEA Family Coupon: What Are the Best Discounts Available?

    You can get exclusive discounts for IKEA Family Card members on select items.

    If you find a blue IKEA Family label beside an item in-store, online or both, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of its price and buy it at a discounted rate.

    An example: A top-of the line LAGAN freezer fridge retails at $599. Under the IKEA family discount, however, the price is reduced to $479.

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family Card: Which Benefits?

    You get multiple benefits from signing up for an IKEA card family, along with rewards and other deals via IKEA partnership families.

    Simply by using your IKEA Family Card, you’ll receive a complimentary hot beverage every time IKEA is visited.

    You can also give your children extra time at Smaland. This is dependent on what the facility has available.

    IKEA Family customers can get price protection, so they don’t lose out on any deals.

    IKEA’s price protection policy allows you to bring in your receipt and get a refund if the item you have purchased suddenly becomes available for sale.

    Additional benefits include monthly prize draws for IKEA Family Card holders. Simply by shopping in the store, you can be entered into these draw.

    Every month, you’ll be eligible to win $100 IKEA gift cards. All that is required to enter the contest is to scan the card at checkout or to check in at an IKEA shop.

    In the event that you win a monthly prize, IKEA will email you with all details.

  • The IKEA planning room has a Spin to Win feature where you could win even more prizes.
  • IKEA Family Card also offers workshops, tutorials and other events that help customers to learn about furniture and improve their homes.

    The birthday surprise you receive will remain valid through the whole month.

    Can You Use An IKEA Family Card Online?

    IKEA Family coupons can no longer be used online. They must be used only in-store.

    You can use your IKEA Family Card on any blue IKEA Family labeled items in store simply by scanning your card at the checkout.

    What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

    IKEA Family Card: Can you get free insurance?

    IKEA offers those with an IKEA Family Card something termed “Oops assurance”, to ensure purchases against any accidental damage.

    You can simply swipe your credit card when you purchase your products and it will cover your expenses.

    For a replacement, your receipt can be presented in-store if there is an error or accident.

    IKEA Family cards allow you to receive free shipping

    IKEA Family Card members cannot qualify for free shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on how large the order is. Small orders are usually $5.99.

    Delivery rates start at $69 for items delivered to a specific room (e.g. a sofa in the living room). Prices will increase depending on how large the item is and what room it’s being placed.

    You can read our posts to find out more information about IKEA. These include whether IKEA accepts check, Apple Pay and do I need an IKEA membership.

  • Conclusion
  • An IKEA Family Card is IKEA’s loyalty program which is free to sign up to with no prerequisites required.

    Members can enjoy discounted items, free drinks, entry into prize draws, insurance on their purchases, birthday gifts, and invitations to workshops.

    Members will not be able to use their IKEA Family Card on online items as of 2022, however, they can use them in store on any blue IKEA Family labeled item.

    Ikea Family Card – Do you qualify for discount?

    IKEA Family, unlike some other clubs that are only for the wealthy few, is available to all. There are those who have homes that are their passion and others who need help. Just by being a member you’ll receive discounts on many products and we even treat you to a free hot drink every time you visit.

    How do you get the Ikea Family Card benefits?

    IKEA family members receive discounts on selected products, foods, and services. They also get free tea and coffee each Monday through Friday. We also host regular member-only events in store such as free home furnishing workshops and previews of new ranges.

    What is the Ikea Family Price?

    IKEA family cards offer exclusive discounts for select IKEA products. If you spot a blue IKEA Family label near an item in-store, or online, it will allow you to take advantage of the price and buy it at a reduced rate.

    Do You Get 10% Off With Ikea Family?

    Get over 10% off with the latest Ikea Family Member deals 10% off or more.

    .What Is An Ikea Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

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