Does Usps Take Fedex

Does Usps Take Fedex In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

There are many shipping options available to people who need to send something. However, FedEx is the most preferred choice because it offers a fast and reliable service that’s backed up by an international network.

But if you were expecting something FedEx and then saw it being delivered by the United States Postal Service, you might have some questions.

First off, FedEx does USPS accept? This is the real mystery. The answer is in my hands.

Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

FedEx Taken by USPS In 2022

However, in general, FedEx cannot accept parcels that are meant to be shipped by the United States Postal Service. FedEx and USPS share a strong business relationship. FedEx has a vast global network that benefits USPS, and FedEx SmartPost shipping takes advantage of USPS’s local delivery capabilities.

  • Keep reading for a deeper look at FedEx and USPS’s relationship. What would happen if USPS tried to send USPS through a FedEx mailbox? And whether FedEx could deliver packages to your USPS mailbox.
  • How does FedEx and USPS work together?

    In 2001, USPS began a working partnership with FedEx. This allowed USPS to take full advantage of FedEx’s extensive domestic and international reach.

    FedEx Express, which is the largest aircraft fleet in the world and largest non-passenger airline fleet today, facilitates this reach.

    USPS mail, especially that going international, has “hitched a ride” on FedEx Express for years; recently, USPS and FedEx renewed their longstanding contract into 2024.

    FedEx has recently dismantled the second part of its partnership.

    FedEx made it clear that they would not be using USPS ground as a means of covering the last leg of parcels’ travels in Spring 2021.

    This service was known as FedEx SmartPost, where FedEx would get the package reasonably close to the delivery area, hand it off to USPS and then let USPS handle the actual delivery.

    FedEx benefited from this inexpensive solution for shippers not in hurry.

    FedEx drivers wouldn’t have to travel on unfamiliar roads or back roads. USPS is more experienced in the region.

    By closing that branch of services, FedEx has also shut down the entire SmartPost network, moving it to their own Ground Network.

    They finally renamed it FedEx Ground Economy.

    So while for many years we all tracked our packages through FedEx, then switched over to USPS tracking and expected parcels in our mailboxes, that is no more.

    However, FedEx Express Express will continue to deliver your long-distance packages via FedEx Express Express with their extended contract until 2024.

    Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    What FedEx box can I use to ship USPS mail?

    The moment it is time for packing, our homes are searched for the best boxes.

    It might surprise you if it is a FedEx package.

    Perhaps you forgot to drop your package at FedEx and instead dropped it in the USPS slot.

  • If you don’t remember, they will help you recall it.
  • Let’s suppose you just walked off, not knowing what was happening, and that the USPS received the package. says that a kind postal worker may notice the error and grab the package, then hand it to FedEx.

    It can be left behind and later forgotten, or even lost.

    Although it appears the majority of cases will see your box reach its destination safely, there are some exceptions.

    If you’re re-using a FedEx box because that’s what you received a delivery in, and it’s your only good box, you could try taping over or blacking out all the FedEx logos and barcodes.

  • You can’t use the wine box it was shipped in if you don’t want alcohol indicators to show.
  • Or, tape your items to a FedEx Box and take it to the post office. You can then check if it is compatible with a Flat Rate USPS box.

    It’s still possible to get a box from FedEx, or accidentally mail one. Delivery delays could occur.

    FedEx Verified My Delivery to USPS.

    Until very recently, FedEx offered a service called SmartPost shipping.

    For smaller parcels, this shipping method was ideal as it is affordable and doesn’t require speed.

    FedEx established its own network distribution centers for SmartPost. This allowed SmartPost to transfer packages to USPS.

    The “final leg”, or delivery of the parcel, was completed by USPS.

    With SmartPost shipping, then, the whole idea was for FedEx to give a recipient’s package to USPS.

    However, in 2021, FedEx announced it was dissolving SmartPost. USPS is no longer able to jump in for deliveries.

    FedEx Ground Economy, a new brand, will now be handled by FedEx. This is an effort to make FedEx money.

    Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    FedEx is allowed to deliver packages into your mailbox.

    FedEx may not place any packages within your USPS mailbox.

    It is actually illegal for any person, except USPS or the residents of the house to use mailboxes.

  • You are guilty of a crime if you drop off brownies in someone’s mailbox or leave a note inside. You won’t be caught!
  • FedEx (and UPS) and other shippers will have to take extra steps to get the parcels on your porch.

    Yes. They can’t access the USPS-monopolized mailboxes, despite FedEx’s decades-long business partnership.

    For more information about USPS you may also be interested reading whether USPS ships to Canada, updates its tracking and whether USPS sends PO boxes.

  • Conclusion
  • FedEx does not have USPS, although the two organisations have worked closely together since 2001.

    FedEx used USPS ground services until recently for their last leg of SmartPost. However, that aspect of their partnership is now over.

    Fedex packages can be picked up by the USPS

    FedEx package can USPS be picked up by USPS – Quora. Yes. Yes. After the packages have been collected by USPS, the parcels will be combined into larger shipping shipments and taken by FedEx to be shipped back to their original retailers.

    Fedex Does Fedex Give Up To Usps?

    FedEx SmartPost is an affordable U.S. residential shipping choice for low weight, high volume shipment. Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery. FedEx SmartPost returns all shipments to the U.S. addresses and can be used for shorter-term shipments.

    What Happens If I Drop A Fedex Package At Usps?

    The Fedex carrier will drop the package in your Fedex box if it is located in the same place as the Fedex mailbox. If the package isn’t found, the mail carrier will drop it in the same location.

    Fedex Returns Usps

    Customers can drop off packages at any of our 63,000+ locations. U.S. Postal Service tender options. Customers have the option to drop their returned package off at their nearest postal service office.

    .Does Usps Take Fedex In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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