Swiss Diamond Cookware Review

Swiss Diamond Cookware Review

swiss diamond cookware review

Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews

Swiss Diamond cookware was invented by researchers at a facility exploring non-stick materials and coating surfaces in Switzerland in the late 1990s. Originally, the HORT Coating Center produced titanium-reinforced PTFE items. Swiss Diamond came to be after they discovered that diamonds were better for strengthening nonstick coatings.

Over the years, I have reviewed many nonstick cookware items and this article will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Swiss Diamond. It is their most-popular product so this is where I’ll concentrate.

In order to create this Swiss Diamond cookbook review, I spent 10 hour collecting feedback from customers, going through the product specs, and comparing them with similar products. This review will help you save time, stress, and have a good idea of the features and benefits that these pans can offer.

Swiss Diamond cookware offers unexpected durability in a category with a reputation for being short-lived. Many homeowners report that their Swiss Diamond pans have remained functional after 5 years of frequent use.

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swiss diamond cookware review

Swiss Diamond Cookware Review

December 12, 2018 Audrey 1 Comment

It’s a fact that nonstick cookware doesn’t last. It is easy to replace a nonstick fry pan, which can cost anywhere from $20 to $30. If you don’t have the luck, you can get a brand new nonstick fry pan in six to twelve months. If you are fortunate, it might last you 2 or 3 years before you need to replace it. Is there a premium nonstick cookware available that you like better than others? Do you think it is worth taking the risk, since quality usually comes down to price? Take a look below at our Swiss Diamond Cookware Review to determine if it’s worth it.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Review. Nonstick Cookware. Price. Shown is either the Ultimate Kitchen Kit or 10-piece Swiss Diamond set. If you only need a specific pot or pan, it is possible to buy the individual pieces instead of a complete set. This 10-piece set includes:

8.25-inch skillet

9.5-inch frying pan

A 3.2-Quart saute pan with lid*

1.4-quart saucepan with lid

swiss diamond cookware review

What Should You Do With The Swiss Diamond Cookware

Overall, the Swiss Diamond cookware ratings from different buyers are positive. You can see this from retailers’ websites all over the web. You’ll also see that your complaints regarding the surface after cooking will start much later. Some found that it gave problems within months while others could use it for a couple of years before it started to stick or flake.

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Even though the complaints rate isn’t high, and the coating lasts longer than nonstick cookware this makes it risky to buy. The nonstick coating won’t lose its effectiveness regardless of how much you pay. A $20 fry pan can only last for one year. However, a $100 purchase will last 5 years. What about a Swiss Diamond frypan? Will it last you five years?

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Nonstick cookware is not something we like. We are pleased to see positive Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews online. But, we can’t ignore the fact nonstick cookware is more likely to be damaged if they are used repeatedly over the years. We don’t believe the Swiss Diamond pan’s coating can last longer than five years. If you are looking for non-Chinese cookware, this might be worth the investment. Blue Diamond cookware may be more affordable if your goal is to use a diamond-infused pot.

swiss diamond cookware review

Swiss Diamond Cookware: Beware!

I’ve been meaning to write this post since 2013. Because it’s an important one. But I stepped away from it for some time so that I could calm down and write about it without too much negative emotion poured into it.

It’s more fun to share my Swiss Diamond experience as a sequence of facts, than as an argument.

My usual review layout will not be used this time. Instead, I will copy and paste my email exchanges to Swiss Diamond’s global PR & marketing manager. The following will provide a detailed overview of our Swiss Diamond products and what I expected based upon the lifetime warranty. Swiss Diamond won’t back their products.

To make sure that I don’t forget to mention William Ashley before I send the email, though, I must first thank him for the place where our Swiss Diamond cookware was purchased. The store doesn’t carry Swiss Diamond any more (hmmm, why …),), but they were extremely helpful in helping me reach Swiss Diamond’s representatives. Also, they generously gave my family an interim set while our Swiss Diamond set was back at the warranty folks to be inspected.

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William Ashley provided us with a credit for purchase of new pans and pots after Swiss Diamond had failed to fulfill its warranty promise. To boot, we were able to donate the interim cookware set to a needy family. Wow, William Ashley just WOW; Swiss Diamond could learn a thing (or eight) from you.

Set-up: We purchased our Swiss Diamond cookware, a large pan and saucepan as well as some smaller pots in January 2007. Apart from the pot, there was flaking. We were informed that this happened only with expensive Swiss Diamond cookware. Through 2011, 2012, and 2013, it got worse. The combination of motherhood, work and a long-winded blog career made it difficult for me to finally contact Swiss Diamond in the latter half of 2013.

swiss diamond cookware review

Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Review

Finding kitchenware that does not break down and is still as durable as the original would make any chef’s kitchen a pleasure.

However, it is a fact that kitchenware can get worn and cracked over time.

However, how about a product that is guaranteed to outperform the rest and provide you with a longer service life? Are you willing to take on a risk and try the claims?

This concludes our in-depth review on Swiss diamond kitchenware.

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Swiss diamond cookingware comes as a 10-piece set. Each of the pieces has its unique uses. If you only are interested in specific pieces, each piece can also be purchased individually. The ten-piece set cookware includes:

8-inch skillet

swiss diamond cookware review


Didn’t brown steak evenly

Exterior stained during use

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Line: You can prepare a delicious breakfast scramble with this line. Do you want to add cheese? Go ahead and pop the cast-aluminum skillet in the oven it’s safe up to 500degF. The lids of this line have vents that allow you to adjust the steam escape rate. Pans in this series have helper handles so you have a firm grip while you bring a pot of chili to your table. The pieces are also dishwasher safe, but count on doing some extra scrubbing to get rid of tough stains.

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We tested 72 types of cookware. On electric and gas ranges, we tested how the pans spread heat evenly and whether they were able to brown steaks. It was important to see how pots held a steady heat and didn’t scorch when they were heated. For nonstick cookware, we tested how well surfaces released eggs and pancakes, and how easy they were to clean. All cookware is evaluated on how simple it was to use. This included whether any handles were hot or not, as well the safety of each piece in the dishwasher and oven.

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What is the best Diamond Earth cookingware?

Diamond Earth Cookware Reviews is rated 4.8 stars out 5, which seems pretty high. Most of the consumers are happy and said kind words about it. It doesn’t matter what quality you are referring to, it all is good. Aug 8, 2020

Are Swiss Diamond Pans Durable?

It’s extremely durable. Swiss Diamond is a durable nonstick cooking set. The average lifespan of these nonstick pots is 5 years. With regular care, it’s much longer than the lifetimes of most nonstick alternatives.

Is Diamond Infused cookware safe

This pan is safe to use for safe cooking. A layer of ceramic-infused diamonds covers the cooktop. Diamonds are 4x more efficient at transferring heat than copper. … The pan is safe for use in the dishwasher or with metal utensils.

Are Swiss Diamond Coatings Safe?

Swiss Diamond’s nonstick coating has been manufactured without PFOA since 2008. However, Swiss Diamond’s nonstick coating has been manufactured without PFOA since 2008.

.Swiss Diamond Cookware Review

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