Orgreenic Cookware Review

Orgreenic Cookware Review

orgreenic cookware review

Orgreenic Cookware Is a Scam

If you are like us, you have been bombarded with ads for Orgreenic Cookware : we sometimes receive 4 or more E-mails a day from them. They also embed ads on many sites they visit. Some people have seen their infomercials multiple times.

We set out to compare the Orgreenic pan with the 10″ All Clad pan we bought at Williams-Sonoma in Westport.

The web is littered with fake sites that claim to have information about the products. However, there are positive comments on their cookware. Complaintsboard Chowhound does not like the fact that these cookware products don’t have Teflon coatings and they aren’t sticky. Their ads stress that the pans can be used “without oil, butter, or grease.” We decided to not order direct from because of the negative feedback. Many people were having problems with their credit cards and had to have an entire set sent instead of a single pan. The offer is for two Pans at $19.99. However, shipping costs will apply to the second pan as well as any other “freebies” that they offer.

Their website will require your creditcard number to inform you of the charges they have for you. It is never a good sign.

Instead we ordered the pan on Amazon. The pan actually comes from As Seen in TV Guys (also known Telebrands Inc.). No shipping costs or taxes were added and the price was $26.99. In two days, the pan was here.

Contrary to what Amazon claims, the pan did not come with any recipe or box. Instead, it was wrapped in bubblewrap and put inside an Amazon Priority Mail package. Despite all the claims about indestructibility, it did have a small chip and dent when it arrived. They stated in the materials that they would replace it with a shipping fee of $7.95, which seems incredibly unreasonable. We shouldn’t have to pay them for their error.

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The small insert paper inside the pan stated that it should be prepared for use. Seasoning a pan is an easy but frustrating task. The first step is to put oil on the bottom, then coat the sides with oil. Next heat it until the oil starts to smoke. Next, pour the oil into the pan and allow it to cool. You can then drain the oil. It is recommended that you repeat the process at least once a year.

orgreenic cookware review

Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware Review

April 11, 2014 by Audrey 11 Comments This post contains affiliate links for which I could earn some commission if you click and buy.

This is what you’ve seen in TV: food won’t stick to the pan. People have bought this pan as it has no Teflon or oil, and the food still comes out easily. But is this too good to be true? Do we have enough customer complaints to make this an advertising gimmick? It’s possible to find the answer in this Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware evaluation.

Besides the well-known frying pan, Orgreenic also has a complete range of products and in this 16-piece set, the following items are included:

2.5-quart covered saucepan

6-quart covered storage pot

11.75 inch square grill pan

10-inch frying Pan

orgreenic cookware review


It doesn’t keep – The most common complaint is that the piece won’t hold up. The nonstick coating works well initially but the pans become sticky quickly. The coating may also become chipped and peel away for certain users.

Heat can cause hot hands – Particularly the handles that cover the lids of the pots will get extremely hot. The set comes with pot holders.

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Not dishwasher-safe – You will need to handwash the cookware which may not be ideal for those who depend on the dishwasher.

The reviews by customers of Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware may leave you puzzled about its durability and performance. Many people are happy with the cookware. Others complain about it’s stickiness. While it is easy to cook an egg with no oil in the commercial, buyers have complained that their food sticks to the pan after only a few times.

Seasoning the pans could explain the disparity in reviews. It is important to properly prepare them for use. A few buyers suggested using an oven to cook a thin oil coating on the pans to make sure the nonstick coating stays put.

What are the pros and cons of Orgreenic’s cookware? Ceramic cookware is best if you’re healthy enough to eat nonstick food. Otherwise, move on to stainless steel sets . Ceramic cookware, no matter what brand it is, will still be susceptible to nonstick coatings losing their effectiveness.

In terms of value for money comparing Orgreenic vs WearEver Pure Living 15-Piece set , the latter would seem to be more economical although it does depend on the deals being offered at different times. Instead of having kitchen tools to jack up the number of pieces in the set, the WearEver package consists of all cookware pieces while the price seems to be about the same as the Orgreenic. Therefore, remember to check the deals when you buy to see which would work out to be cheaper overall.

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orgreenic cookware review

Orgreenic Aluminum Non-Stick Frying Pan Review (Comes With A Lid)

Pots and pans come in a wide variety of sizes and styles online as well as in retail stores.

Teflon coated cookware, rustic cast-iron sets, and shiny stainless steel cookingware are just a few of the many options you have.

Orgreenic Aluminum nonstick pans are still preferred by many cooks despite the fact that there are so many other options. The Orgreenic Aluminum nonstick frying pans are reviewed to provide information that will help you make informed choices about your cookware.


Material: Aluminum

Size : 22.5 x 14.5x 5 inches

Weight: 5.9 Pounds

Orgreenic Cookware Is It Safe?

HEATS QUICKLY & VERSATILE: Orgreenic saucepans are oven safe to 500F.

Orgreenic uses Teflon

Many people are hesitant to use Teflon or oil coatings on these products. Dec 12, 2017, 12:12

.Orgreenic Cookware Review

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