Best Stock Pots

Best Stock Pots

best stock pots

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid 12 Quart

Buy Now A stockpot is like an umbrella: You don’t use it often, but it’s invaluable when you need it. It is often forgotten, and usually stored in a drawer. But it’s a great asset when you start to make chicken stock. This large pot is great for making multiple ear of corn on the cob or whole lobsters. It can also be used to cook huge quantities of pasta. It can be used to make stews or chili for large groups. Although stockpots had been tried before, the majority of models have now disappeared. Therefore, we decided to do a retest. The best 12-quart stockpot was chosen because it has the largest capacity and is easy to transport. A total of seven different models were purchased, all priced between $30 and $400. The stockpots were used to boil corn bulky, make angel hair pasta thin, fry onions, prepare chicken wings, and soak the backs and legs in water for about 5 hours. Not only did we make gallons worth of chicken stock, but our efforts also resulted into a favorite stockpot.

best stock pots

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Login Sweepstakes The 11 Best Stockpots for Big Batches of Soups, Stews, and More From All-Clad to Cuisinart, these picks have thousands of reviews.

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Stockpots are essential for boiling large batches of pasta and keeping summer’s bounty in good condition. Even though many home cooks don’t have their bug stockspots on hand every week, it is essential for winter meals when the hearty comfort food of soups and broths are in demand. This tool is essential for those who prepare meals and anyone hosting large parties this holiday season.

Your cooking style will determine the best stockpot. No matter what your cooking style is, you will need a strong pot for slow cooking chili or a large pot to cook a delicious stock.

Stockpots made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel are most common. This allows for equal heat distribution. It reduces cook times and helps keep food from burning. The type of stockpot you choose will affect the size and shape. Stockpots come in a variety of sizes, from six quarts for one cook to 60 quarts for a village. To reduce evaporation, stockpots with narrow sides and tall sides can be found.

We’ve gathered reviews from customers who purchased the stockpots and have used them. These top-rated stockpots are great for anyone looking to save money or make ahead meals.

Homichef 16 Quart Stockpot in Stainless Steel

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best stock pots


There are two types of stockpot handles: round and skinny or flat and wide. There were two basic shapes for stockpot handles: flat and wide or round and skinny. We liked both, but didn’t love them all.

Comfortable, sure handles on a stockpot are important, especially when a full 12-quart pot can weigh about 23 pounds losing your grip on one when it’s full of boiling liquid is a potentially catastrophic kitchen accident. Good stockpot handles should be comfortable to grasp, whether you are barehanded or covered in thick kitchen mitts. You should also feel confident using the pot for transferring the contents. Each empty pot was given to four people with different strengths, hand sizes, and abilities. We asked them each person to give their feedback and pick it up with or without towel and mitts.

We soon noticed a trend: Pots that are uncomfortable to grip when full will become even more sore once they’re empty. Many pots were disqualified for having uncomfortable handles or poor build quality, like loose lids. It was best to place handles 3/4- to 1″ away from the pot walls. They allow enough space for gripping the handles and don’t feel cramped. Some handles could not fit three fingers and were too small to support a large load. We also ruled out a pair of Farberware pots because their handles are welded on, which is a cheaper build than ones attached with rivets (though, it should be noted, we experienced no issues with those welded handles).

After disqualifying roughly half the field, we filled the remaining pots with an equal amount of cold tap water and did laps around the test kitchen holding them with bare hands, with oven mitts, and with kitchen towels. Finally, we tested how comfortable the pots were to be tipped.

best stock pots

How to choose our winners

Picking our winners is based upon handle comfort and boil performance.

What we liked: The fully clad Cuisinart Multi. Clad Pro has comfortable, sturdy handles with a spacious 1-inch-wide gap from the handle to the pot, which is enough room to fit four fingers while wearing a chunky oven mitt. The lid sits snugly and has an easy-to-grab handle. With a 10 1/4 inch diameter, this pot’s bottom did the best job in cooking the mirepoix. Cuisinart water brought to a boil in half the time as the rest of our pots.

What we didn’t like: We’re being picky here, but all that cladding comes with added weight (and cost) at just under eight pounds, the Cuisinart is more than a pound heavier than the average 12-quart stockpot we tested, which might be an issue for some cooks.

What we liked: If you want a stockpot for boiling water or simmering stock, the Cook N Home is a solid choice. Even though it was only three quarters full, the Cook N Home boils water twice as fast as many other pots. The handle is made out of bar stock but the rubber on the inside makes it comfortable. Although the handles are large enough to hold, some testers complained that the pot was too small for their hands.

Our dissatisfaction: Cook N Home had its fond clad only at the bottom. It eventually turned brown during our sweating/browning test.

Tramontina’s 16-quart pot is our choice for larger capacities. It has the same design of the company’s 12-quart model. The 12-quart pot performed very well during our testing, but it did scorch a little at the bottom during sweating, browning, and that was sufficient to make Tramontina the top pick for our 12-quart pots. Tramontina is our best pick for 12-quarts. However, they do not sell 16-quart models. Our only complaint: The pot’s scorching potential is higher than that of our best-selling 12-quart model.

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best stock pots

According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews, these are the best stockspots available on Amazon

best stock pots

Best Stock Pot

best stock pots

Stainless steel: Fully-Clad or Disc-Clad

best stock pots

Aluminum: Raw Or Hard Anodized

Stock pots made from raw aluminum are lightweight and affordable. While they can boil water well, their reaction to acidic substances is not good. Raw aluminum stock pots are not suitable for daily use.

However, stock pots of raw aluminum can still be useful in many cases. You can use raw aluminum to make a huge stock pot. These are lightweight and great for seafood boils, deep frying a turkey, or large canning projects, just to name a few.

The other option is hard anodized aluminum. Aluminum that has been chemically treated to make it stronger and less reactive.

Nearly all hard anodized aluminum comes with a nonstick finish. The nonstick griddle or frying pan can provide a convenient and simple way to cook. However, nonstick coatings are not durable and should be replaced after a few years.

Since sticking is not a big problem for most stockpot uses, I dont think a nonstick option is the best way to go. Although it will save you some time cleaning up after use, it won’t last quite as long than a stainless steel option.

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best stock pots

These are the

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Stockpot With Lid 12 Quart

“>best stock pots for making homemade soups and broths.

best stock pots

Examining the 2021 Best Stock Pots

.Best Stock Pots

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