Best Electric Griddles

Best Electric Griddles

best electric griddles

What We Did to Test Each Electric Griddler

Rachel Johnson from Allrecipes was our expert tester to help us test and compare the electric griddles. Read on for our top electric griddle picks. Are you able to find one you love? Click the link below each description to grab one for yourself. It will be appreciated by your brunch companions. Our top picks for handgriddlers include brands such Presto, Black+Decker or Oster. Rachel tested different griddles, in order to determine the best one for you. Rachel tried two different recipes on the electric griddles. Fluffy Pancakes or Fried Eggs are two breakfast classics she cooked on the griddle. These two recipes enabled her to examine the griddles’ ability heat evenly both eggs and pancake batter, as well the ease of removing each from the griddle. These metrics were used in each of her tests: Overall feeling: What are the components of the griddle? What parts does it include? What is its functionality? Durability. Is it durable? Is it likely to show signs of wear? Cleanup/storage: How is the griddle meant to be stored and maintained? Performance: Can it heat up fast? Do you think it can cook your food evenly? It is how difficult it is to take food off of the surface.

best electric griddles

Presto 19 Inch Tilt N Fold Griddle: Best Overall Electric Grddle

best electric griddles

The Testing

We didn’t limit the price ranges of griddles that we tested, even though we wanted to find high-quality and affordable ones. We tested griddles that ranged from very cheap ($29.99) to outrageously expensive ($549.95). The traditional flat-top sandwich press model was also available. We looked at models featuring additional features like grill attachments. The results of any panini press model were disappointing. In terms of griddle construction, the manufacturers must heed Ron Swanson’s words, which once said “Never leave out one thing.” “Whole-ass one.” We tested performance by cooking batches of pancakes, bacon, and finally burgers to see if any of the griddles could handle high-heat cooking that we normally reserve for cast iron or stainless steel pans. Throughout testing, we noted ease of setup, use, and cleaning. Every griddle had a different cooking surface. We also paid close attention to how even they heat and maintain the set temperature. The nonstick cook surfaces are susceptible to being damaged. We tracked how often these basic cooking tasks were performed on the griddles.

We started out with the cooking task that any electric griddle should be able to handle pancakes. Both Kenji’s fluffy buttermilk pancakes were made on batches. Stella’s pancake mixture recipe was also used. The temperature of the griddles was 350degF (177degC). Thermoworks Infrared Thermometer was used for monitoring the cooking surface temperatures. This method isn’t perfect. Reflective surfaces and bright sunlight can affect the temperature readings. However, we tried to minimize these problems by testing in dim environments. It is not necessary to have precise temperature measurements for pancakes, as it is for sous vide circulators. However, some griddles were inconsistent in heating the cooking surface evenly. Panini press-style panini presses that are flat enough to be used for griddling struggled to achieve their desired temperature. The hinge also made it hard to move pale or undercooked pancakes using a spatula.

Some of the older flat griddles were more problematic than others. Some got too hot. They reached 100 degrees above their target temperature and burnt the pancakes’ surface. Other had hot spots and cold spots which resulted in flapjacks only slightly browned. Small gaps between the handle and cooking surface meant some griddles got quickly clogged up by pancake batter.

Our top-performing pancake griddles had enough room to comfortably fit eight three-inch pancakes, with enough real estate to maneuver a spatula around them. Presta 22-inch grid-like surface made it easy to flip pancakes. This helped keep them in the right place so that we did not have to chase them.

A pancake cooked to the outside of the Presto 222-inch griddle took more time to brown than one that was closer to it. While the Presto Tilt-n-Fold griddle had the biggest cooking area among our three top choices, there was one issue. The griddle’s center has a cold zone that can produce a pale pancake. I first noticed this when testing blini. Broil King was the winner for pancakes that were well-browned.

We used the top-performing griddles for cooking bacon after we had made pancakes. While the pancake test focused on the evenness of heat distribution, this test highlighted how each one handles grease runoff as well as its drip tray design. These tests were won clear by Broil King, Presto Tilt-n-Fold, and Presto Tilt-n-Fold.

They both have adjustable legs so the griddle can be tilted at an angle. This allows fat to trickle down towards the grease trap. This keeps the griddles from getting too smoky and also makes cleanup a whole lot easier. You can empty the drip tray and wipe the surface clean after cooking.

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best electric griddles


best electric griddles

How we chose our winners

We picked our winners based on their ability to perform the core cooking tasks, while taking into consideration price as well as their size. It was simple to get rid of expensive, bulky electric griddles once we decided that they are best used as a brunch device. It is silly to buy huge, expensive unitskers when you can find affordable ones that do the job just as well.

The Presto Tilt-n-Fold: This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an electric griddle that will make your brunch more delicious. It offers the best cooking performance (253 sq. in.), as well as the largest surface area (233.3 square inches). The legs can also be adjusted for easier grease drainage. The appliance can be stored and cleaned easily, costing only $50 at the time of publication. This is a fantastic deal on an appliance most people only use once per week.

What We didn’t love: Tilt-n-Fold’s griddle is cold at its center, so one pancake will appear paler than others. (Or you could take it as a sign and make eight batches). Although it doesn’t make for a great griddle, we don’t find this to be a major problem. While the Tilt n’Fold legs can fold down for storage, the larger Presto 22-inch model takes up less space (see below). After several rounds of cooking bacon and making burgers on it, grease stained the faux-stainless steel borders. The staining was not easy to remove even with thorough scrubbing.

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best electric griddles

These are the Best Amazon Electric Griddles, according to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews

best electric griddles

The Best Electric Griddle

best electric griddles

Japanese Electric Griddles Best

Zojirushi EA DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler electric griddle One Zojirushi reviewer says that the Zojirushi electric griddle is “impressive” and the best value for money. “The heating element has been designed to cover all the surface of the plate. This leaves a cooler centre or hotter region where the control plug can be inserted. Others love how simple it is to break down and store. A reviewer said, “This is an excellent griddle.” It is broken into three separate pieces: the plastic tray at the bottom, the heating element and the cooktop. This griddle has a nonstick coating that is remarkable. One user writes: “I left my chicken skin side down too long. It seemed like I would have trouble removing it. Cleanup is very simple because of this. “I have used 4 to 5 griddles in my life, but this is the one I love.”

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best electric griddles

The Tests

.Best Electric Griddles

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