Best Cast Iron Woks

Best Cast Iron Woks

Best Cast Iron Woks

best cast iron woks <h2

Cast iron woks are extremely heat-resistant and have been deemed an excellent choice for the skillet. Cast iron woks retain heat so you don’t get the same temperature drop as a steel wok. The choice of the best wok depends completely on what you want. All of these cast iron woks are excellent for Asian cooking. You will decide what is best for your needs based on the number of servings, upkeep preferences and whether you use a toaster or induction stovetop. Kaiya Martin is the Founder of KITCHEN BAR. Kaiya graduated with a degree in Communications and Journalism from Fordham University. Kaiya has previously worked in travel and tried different cuisines.

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The Best Cast Iron Woks: A Guide to Buying

best cast iron woks


best cast iron woks

Woks Made of Stainless Steel

The advantages of stainless steel woks are numerous. They can also be used to make acidic or vinegary foods such as our Sweet and Pungent Pork Orange Chicken, one of Judy’s favorite recipes. Wash your wok by hand. You do not need to warm it to dry and coat it in oil, as you would with cast iron and carbon steel woks. Use a sponge to clean it after every use.

What are the downsides? Be careful not to burn food, as these woks transfer heat quickly. You’ll need to clean these hot spots from your pan. Stainless steel woks also won’t have that seasoned non-stick surface, so food is prone to sticking to them.

A major advantage of stainless steel are their non-reactive properties. Therefore, stainless steel works well in cooking acidsic dishes such as sweet and sour chicken or any other dish that uses vinegar or tomatoes.

I also like using this stainless steel wok for steaming since it has a nice glass cover and won’t rust from prolonged steaming. After steaming, carbon steel woks must be cleaned and oiled. A shallow steamer rack on the bottom of your wok is all you will need to put your heatproof plate. You can also use a bamboo or stainless steel steamer depending on the type of food you’re making. Check out our article on How to Setup Steamers Cuisinart Stainless Steel Wok. Included is a glasstop.

Below you will see a photo of the Cuisinart stainless Steel wok. Notice how there’s oil residue left after cooking. It can be difficult to remove this residue. A heavy duty scouring pads can be used to scratch the surface.

It’s unlikely that your stainless steel wok will ever shine like you imagined. This is probably one of the least used cooking vessels in our kitchen (we have many).

While stainless steel may not be the most suitable for stir-frying (in other words, you should keep yours!) It is good for stewing and braising.

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best cast iron woks

8 Best Woks, According To Kitchen Experts And Reviewers

best cast iron woks

Three of the Best Cast Iron Woks

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You can cook vegetables on the grill, or make stir-frys on the stovetop with a cast iron wok. It is durable enough to handle a range of cooking jobs.


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“>best cast iron woks

have a flat bottom to keep them steady on almost any cooktop and come pre-seasoned so you can start cooking right away.

Pre-seasoned cast metal woks will reduce elbow grease and make the wok easier to use. If you choose an enameled, porcelain-finished cast-iron wok, then you won’t have to worry about seasoning. This makes it a wonderful choice for those who love low-maintenance cookingware.

The bottom of traditional woks is usually rounded. However, a cast-iron wok’s bottom will be flat to better support the weight and allow for a wider range of cooking surfaces. Cast iron woks with a flat bottom will work well on gas and induction stovetops, as well as campfires, grills, and other cooking surfaces. Flat surfaces will prevent woks from rocking so they won’t fall of your cooking surface.

Another feature to consider when shopping for a cast iron wok is its size. Cast iron woks weigh more than those made of carbon steel. They are lighter and easier to handle with one hand. Many cast iron woks are about 14 inches in diameter, which is a versatile size that works well for searing steaks or tossing stir frys, but you can also find compact 10-inch woks that are better for small kitchens and tend to be more lightweight.

best cast iron woks

These are the Best Woks According to Chefs and Cookware Experts

Photo-Illustration: Getty/Getty Images/Eye. Although the wok seems like a very specialized piece, it can be used to make stir-fries. Although it’s the ultimate in stir-frying, the wok can be used to cook fish or stews. It even makes popcorn for movie night! Woks retain and conduct high temperatures which allows them to quickly and seamlessly cook large quantities. Brandon Jew is a chef at Mister Jiu’s San Francisco. The whole process takes a lot of time. To find out which woks are best for what kind of meals, we asked Grace Young, one of the top stir-fry experts and a chef, about her favorite woks. Young states that you can find woks in cast iron or anodized aluminum. Young says that she prefers carbon steel for its ability to sear ingredients with precision and give stir-fries that mysterious, smokey essence sought after by Chinese gourmands. (She is not the only person who has a preference for this particular material. Nearly every single wok in this list is made out of carbon steel. Here are our experts’ picks for the best woks for nearly any situation.

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best cast iron woks

What is the Best Wok Material?

Isn’t every wok the same thing? It’s not true. No. We chose to test carbon steel woks for the purpose of this testing. This is because it is what is used traditionally to make woks. It is important that you are familiar with the various types of woks available to help you choose the best one.

Carbon steel: The most popular material for wok manufacturing, it is also the one most loved by wok lovers. Carbon steel is lightweight and durable and heats quickly and evenly. For these reasons, we decided to focus our testing on carbon steel woks. It does require seasoning and careful cleaning – more on that below.

Cast Iron: No surprise to anyone, cast iron woks are heavy. These woks retain heat very well and are capable of surviving extremely high temperatures. Cast iron has a major drawback: it is slow to adapt to heat changes. It also needs seasoning, just like carbon-steel.

Cast iron woks make the most sense for outdoor cooking. Marianne found the Lodge Cast Iron Wok to be very reliable, despite our focus on carbon steel. However, a wok spatula can help you to lift heavy cast iron.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel woks are gaining traction for their even heat distribution and retention. They don’t require seasoning which can be a big advantage for those who are new to woks. A stainless steel wok cannot have a nonstick finish so some food may not stick. Marianne, a cook who is looking to purchase a stainless steel Wok, found that the Cooks Standard model was very reliable and kept the temperature high throughout.

Nonstick is great for beginning cooks. It’s simple to clean and does not require any seasoning. However, you’re not going to get the same sear on meats and veggies as you would with other woks, because the nonstick coatings cannot be heated as high. For these reasons, we didn’t include any nonstick woks in our testing.

.Best Cast Iron Woks

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