All Clad Cookware Review

All Clad Cookware Review

All-Clad Metalcrafters, LLC


limited liability company
Consumer Goods
Founded 1971
Founder John Ulam


Products cookware, ovenware, kitchen tools, kitchen accessories


Groupe SEB

all clad cookware review

A selection of cookware

All-Clad produces many products including small appliances like slow cookers, toasters, and wafflemakers, as well as cookware such as pots and pans (pots and saucepans) and ovenware (roasting sheet, bakers) and kitchen tools such tongs, whisks and serving utensils (spotulas).

However, we will only be focusing on their most coveted product line, which is cookware.

Before we get to the specifics of All-Clad’s unique cookware and whether high-priced prices are justified or not, let us first look at the products and their various options.

All-Clad completely revamped its cookware ranges in 2020. The C4 Copper and Master Chef collections were discontinued. FusionTec was introduced by All-Clad, which also includes a new ceramic line, FusionTec and an updated version of D3 Everyday, its most popular cookware.

This section shows you each collection and briefly explains what makes them special.

See our All Clad Buyers Guide to see a full breakdown of top All Clad stainless steel collection.

all clad cookware review

Here’s my all-clad collection, and the way it has held up through 15 years of cooking

My All-Clad collection was built over the years by me buying a handful of items at sample sales. (This is a topic we will be covering on this website, so make sure you keep your eyes open!) You can ask for specific pans for gifts on big occasions. I even bought one pan (without a proper lid) at a thrift store when I saw it.

Credit to Meghan Splawn. First, I purchased the 2-quart saucepan on a sale site. Mostly, I wanted it to cook caramels and other candy in my tiny post-culinary school apartment with a crappy stove. It still looks like new despite the fact that I used a lot sugar in it in its early years. My two children now eat a lot of Annie’s mac and cheddar, morning oatmeal and stove-popped popcorn in it. This pot is what I purchase most often for my newlywed friend because it can make soups, rice and other dishes for just two.

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Credit: Meghan Slawn. When my family grew my All-clad Collection grew as well. All-Clad has called it a “casserole”, and I have added a four-quart souppot to my kitchen cupboard. You can use it as a seconds pot, and you won’t find it flat enough on many cooktops. It is a favorite of mine. I use it to make fudge and create double boilers for chocolate melting. It has a bit of burnt-on blackness that I blame on a batch (or two) of burnt popcorn by my husband. Although it could have been scavenged out with a lot of elbow grease, the base still functions fine.

All-Clad Stainless 4-Quart Cassette – $200 Sur la Table Credit to Meghan Splawn When my internship ended, I received a 12-inch sautepan and was then offered a job as a cookbook manager. It’s the All-Clad pot I use for stovetop-to oven cooking. It gets used as often for Trader Joe’s frozen potstickers as it does for boiling homemade pretzels. My husband calls this “the family pan” because it cooks big meals with ease and he likes that it’s easier to clean than our cast iron skillet. This stainless steel pan needs generous greasing in order to avoid sticking. This pan is just as great as my cast iron 12-inch skillet. It can be used for different purposes, such as acidic sauces or braises with a lid.

Another few All-Clad Pots I own that are solidly made and last through many uses, but I find myself reaching for less of them: an 8-quart pan for pasta that was secondhand, a 1 quart saucier, which can be used to reduce marinades or make sauces for pans. My 1/2-quart cocottes get mostly used by my children as toys. All of them would be great pans to have, provided you could use them.

And perhaps the most important thing, I vote against All-Clads costly nonstick cookware. A nonstick 8-inch skillet I used for regular egg frying didn’t last much more than two years. My opinion is that you can purchase a superior nonstick skillet for far less.

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All-Clad cookware has a long life expectancy. I am 100% certain mine will. You can read my second review after another 15 years. Given the high price point, I can definitely understand the temptation to buy a set to try to save a little money, but I love the way I built my collection over time, getting the pots and pans I truly needed.

all clad cookware review

Enjoy your inner chef by using these sturdy products

Reviewed editors independently select recommendations. Reviewed may receive a commission if you purchase through one of our links.

All-Clad’s products include small kitchen appliances as well as pots and saucepans. All-Clad has an amazing sale on right now, so if you’re looking for quality kitchen products that last, it’s worth checking out. The following are our top choices from the huge range of All-Clad cookware, small appliances and other kitchenware.

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1. All-Clad Tri-Ply 12-inch Fry Pan The All-Clad Tri-Ply 12-inch Fry Pan is our top choice for a stainless steel skillet, beating all of its competitors. A USA-made, fully clad and tri-ply-constructed skillet was raved by the tester. They were able to cook perfectly seared steaks or pan sauces, without any scorching. It’s light, but retains heat beautifully and can even heat up.

Amazon’s All-Clad Triply 12-inch Fry Pan is $189 2 All-Clad Waffle Maker The sturdy, shiny waffle machine impressed our reviewer as it baked four crisp squares with melt in-your-mouth center centers. You can adjust the level of browning by using the customization settings. The machine also has a drip tray that can be attached to the back.

Get the All-Clad Waffle Maker at Amazon for $199 3. All-Clad Immersion blender This All-Clad stainless steel immersion blender is incredibly durable, elegant, and quiet, even though it has a 600-watt motor. This blender excelled at making soup, smoothies and mayo blends quickly. HA1 Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set If you’re shopping for a nonstick cookware set, the All-Clad HA1 10-piece set is the best choice . The set is beautifully made with a black, sleek finish and metal handles. The pans are more crispy than other nonstick sets. Our reviewer said that they were able to create a crisp sear when she cooked chicken skin-on. It is perfect for fluffy rice making, thanks to the tightly fitting lid. It includes an 8 and 10 inch frying pan, two 2.5-quart and three 3.5-quart sauce dishes, one 4-quart saute pot, and one 8-quart stockpot.

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Get the All-Clad HA1 Hard-Anodized 10-piece Nonstick Cookware Set at Amazon for $499 5. All-Clad SD700450 Slow cooker Although this heavy cookware may appear intimidating at first glance, the sturdy handles and ergonomic handle make it easy to move, says our test. Its black, ceramic insert is safe for oven use and cleaning in the dishwasher. As the outer, the insert comes with handles so you can transport it from place to place. It is programmeable, with three cooking modes, Low, High, and Hi/Lo. Once cooking is completed, it automatically switches to Keep Warm setting and will last up to six hours.

all clad cookware review

Set of All-Clad Nonstick Fry Pans Ha1

Justin Park / The Spruce Buy on Wayfair Bed Bath & Beyond Reviewer purchased an All-Clad HA1 nonstick fry pan set to test it in the kitchen. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

All-Clad, an American brand of kitchenware and appliances is made right here in Pennsylvania’s Steel Belt. Though the sturdy and useful cookware from All-Clad isn’t necessarily the best option, the All-Clad All-Clad 1 Nonstick Pan Set is one their lowest-end products. To see if this company’s nonstick pans are as durable and efficient as their higher-end products, we tested them on both 8 and 10. Over several weeks, we tested the skillets’ durability, performance, cleaning ease, and usability.

The Spruce/ Justin Park

.All Clad Cookware Review

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