Does Walgreens Have A Notary

Does Walgreens Have A Notary In 2022? [Answered]

If you are looking to apply for loans, change your property title, or sign other legal documents, you’ll need a notary.

Does Walgreens Have A Notary In 2022? [Answered]

Walgreens is accessible to most Americans so you might be asking: Is Walgreens equipped with a notary public? What can I tell you about Walgreens after contacting them?

What is Walgreens’ Notary Program in 2022

Since 2022, Walgreens offers notary services at their stores for contracts, deeds, and other documents. To be able to sign the document, customers need to have a valid photo ID. There will be a charge of $0.50 per signature, or $15 per person depending on your state.

  • You can read on to find out more about local Walgreens with a notary and the steps involved in getting your document notarized.
  • Does Walgreens Have A Notary In 2022? [Answered]

    Find out how to determine if your Walgreens is equipped with a Notary.

    Since not all Walgreens stores have a notary public on staff at all times, you should first contact your local Walgreens store to find out about the availability of notary services.

    To get the contact number of the Walgreens stores near you, you can use the Walgreens store locator and find the details there.

    How do you get your documents notarized at Walgreens

    To get your document notarized by Walgreens, make sure you don’t sign the document prior to visiting the notary.

    It is only valid if the document has been signed before a notary. The following documents should be brought to Walgreens:

  • Document to be notarized
  • A valid document you can use as proof of ID
  • Does Walgreens Have A Notary In 2022? [Answered]

    How much does it cost to have your document notarized by Walgreens

    Each state will have a different cost for getting your document notarized in a Walgreens location. Each state has its own maximum price limit for notaries public.

    Vermont has a $0.50 limit, and California $15. Notary officials are allowed to charge any amount up to this upper bound, so the actual rates may vary from store to store.

    Contact your Walgreens to inquire about the notary fees.

    Walgreens notarizes what kind of documents?

    Notary public officials at Walgreens will notarize a wide variety of documents in-store, including:

  • Legal documents
  • Wills
  • Papers granting power of attorney
  • Documents for medical purposes
  • Mortgages
  • Don’t forget the deeds
  • Diverse affidavits
  • In some states, vehicle titles
  • Contracts
  • Does Walgreens Have A Notary In 2022? [Answered]

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