Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide

Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

Instacart and other online ordering services like Skip the Dishes, Hello Fresh, etc. have become very popular. This allows customers the ability to order online from numerous stores.

  • Are you a Safeway customer and wondering if Safeway orders groceries via Instacart. If so, continue reading this article to see what I found out!
  • Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

    What Does Safeway Instacart Mean in 2022 is a way for Safeway customers and their friends to shop online. Customers can select which groceries they would like to purchase, add it to their cart, and select a time for their purchase to be delivered. Instacart gives customers the opportunity to tip delivery drivers, something that Safeway Delivery currently doesn’t offer.

  • Keep reading to discover more about Safeway Instacart’s operation, the products available through Safeway Instacart as well as other details.
  • Safeway Instacart: How does it work?

    Safeway Instacart orders could be placed using the Instacart mobile app or website. By entering their location, customers can order groceries online.

    The app allows customers to search for groceries that they are looking for. Instacart can connect the customer with their personal shopper after they place an order.

    Once the personal shopper has gathered all the items on the customers’ list, they will have them delivered to their house. Instacart offers both regular and contactless delivery.

    Instacart orders can only be placed by following these steps

    1. Instacart accounts must be created first. Instacart users can create accounts to store their items, but customers cannot order groceries until they have an account.

    2. Customers then need to find the products they are looking for. They can do so by searching for specific products in the search bar or locating them by the department.

    3. Once they’ve found the product that interests them, customers can click on Add to Cart. In order to add groceries to their cart, customers press +Add or Add to Cart. By using the + or the – buttons, customers can alter the quantity of each item.

    4. After choosing their groceries, customers are recommended to check their cart items and total to ensure they have everything they’re searching for. Click the green cart icon to check your shopping cart.

    5. Customers need to confirm the details of their order once they have checked the cart. Customers must choose a delivery date. This can either be one hour earlier or later that day. The delivery options are as follows:

  • Specific delivery window (customized delivery time)
  • Fast & Flexible delivery (Standby for next available delivery driver)
  • Priority delivery (arrives in 60 minutes or less)
  • 6. After confirmation of the order, customers are able to enter their delivery address and pay for it. When these are added, customers will be able place an order and can wait for delivery.

    Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

    Safeway provides same-day Instacart delivery

    Instacart orders placed at Safeway will be delivered the same day. In less than an hour, orders can be fulfilled.

    Instacart users are encouraged to set up notifications and look for messages and phone calls from their driver to make certain that orders arrive on-time.

    Customers are also asked to leave helpful instructions for delivery drivers so they know where to leave groceries.

    Instacart offers safeway products

    Instacart offers most Safeway products for purchase. After customers login to Instacart, they will be able to access the catalog by clicking on the Departments button.

    These are Safeways’ current offerings via Instacart

  • Canned Goods
  • Cereal and Granola
  • Spices and Baking Ingredients
  • Snacks
  • Frozen Meals & Ice Cream
  • Pets
  • Oils, Vinegar & Pickled Foods
  • Milks & Creams
  • Household & Personal Items
  • Frozen Produce
  • Produce
  • Eggs & cheese
  • Dried Goods & Pasta
  • Spreads & Condiments
  • Butter, Sour Cream & Yogurt
  • Babies
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Bakery
  • Drinks
  • Deli
  • Safeway stores may have exceptions.

    Instacart Drivers won’t be able delivery groceries to your home if there isn’t a Safeway nearby.

    Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

    Safeway Instacart: What promo codes can I use?

    Customers can use Instacart promo/discount codes. when placing Safeway orders. Also, first time users get a free delivery when they place their first order.

    To use promotional codes and discount coupons, customers should click on the drop-down menu at the top of their screen.

    Once they’ve selected the menu, they can scroll down to the Credits and Promos section and select the Add Promo or Gift Card option.

    Safeway Instacart coupons can be found on many reliable websites like CNN Coupons. Instacart offers promo codes to support certain seasons and sales.

    Do I have to pay Instacart for my Just For U Rewards Cards?

    Instacart allows Safeway Club Card/ Just For U Rewards members to use their rewards cards when purchasing groceries.

    A pop-up window will prompt customers to enter their Just For U Rewards card information when they select Safeway.

    Customers may also place their Just for U Rewards in the area where Safeway’s logo appears on their screens.

    You can choose to Earn With Only For U Rewards from the menu below.

    Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

    How much more expensive is Instacart than Safeway Delivery?

    Instacart is slightly less expensive for Safeway products, according to Safeway Delivery buyers.

    One customer also reported that Instacart was $20 more expensive than Safeway Delivery when they ordered their groceries.

    Safeway, however, does not require customers who shop at Safeway to spend more than $10.

    Additionally, the delivery fee for Safeway Instacart is usually only up to $6, while Safeway Delivery is $9.95.

    Therefore, while Safeway Instacart charges more for groceries than Safeway Delivery, their other fees and requirements amount to less than regular Safeway Delivery.

    What is the Safeway Instacart Delivery Price?

    Safeway Instacart’s delivery costs are very affordable. Same-day delivery costs start at $3.99 on orders $35 and more

    However, fees may vary for orders that are below $35 or that have a one-hour delivery time. Service fees can also be affected by the delivery time and location.

    A separate charge is made for service fees on alcoholic beverages.

    Instacart Express allows customers to get delivery free of charge. Customers who sign up for this premium account receive no delivery charges and lower services fees.

    Customers have the option of tipping their delivery driver. The amount is added onto their order total, and it goes directly towards the driver who delivered them.

    Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

    What are the differences between Instacart Delivery and Safeway Delivery

    Safeway Instacart and Safeway Delivery are both grocery delivery services offered by Safeway and other Albertsons stores. They do have some differences.

    Safeway Delivery offers a simpler system than Instacart. The Safeway driver arrives usually at the time requested by customers when they place their order.

    Bagged groceries should be kept in a clean, dry place. The cold foods are not frozen.

    Instacart’s app, though, still has some minor issues with fulfilling order requests. Customers might find their orders cancelled without any explanation.

    It is worth noting, however that these problems often occur when customers do not leave proper instructions for delivery drivers.

    Customers who use Safeway Instacart are therefore recommended to leave detailed instructions on their order to ensure that they receive the groceries requested.

    Safeway Canada has not offered Safeway Delivery to Canada yet. However, Safeway Instacart is available in most major Canadian cities.

    Safeway offers a variety of services. You can read more on how Safeway treats customers, whether they tip delivery or money orders and if Safeway will accept WIC.

  • Conclusion
  • Safeway Instacart, a grocery delivery service allows Safeway customers online grocery shopping.

    For orders over $35, delivery fees can be charged at $3.99. Orders may be processed as soon as an hour after they are placed.

    Safeway Delivery charges slightly more for groceries from Safeway Instacart than Safeway Delivery. But their delivery charges and service are much cheaper. As well, their minimum purchase requirement is much lower than Safeway Delivery, requiring no more than $10 spent.

    .Safeway Instacart 2022 Guide (Price, Products, Delivery + More)

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