Does Walmart Take Coupons

Does Walmart Take Coupons In 2022? (Full Policy Explained)

Walmart is known for selling many goods, including groceries, kitchenware and electronics. They also offer clothes at a lower price than their competition.

Does Walmart Take Coupons In 2022? (Full Policy Explained)

Due to how low the costs of their goods are, many people assume that they don’t accept coupons–how else will the discount department and grocery store chain make money, after all? Is that true?

Walmart Will Take Coupons in 2022

Walmart accepts a wide range of coupons at both their cashiers and self-checkout aisles as of 2022. The coupons can be printed coupons or manufacturer coupons. Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow customers to stack coupons for any products.

  • You are ready to have an unforgettable “couponing” adventure at Walmart. Are you ready for an exciting “couponing” experience at Walmart?
  • Walmart has a coupon policy
  • Walmart’s coupon policy is available online. To ensure savings and save time at checkout, review the policy by accessing it online with your phone or make a printed copy.

    Below is a list of the top coupon policies from Walmart’s corporate listing.

    Coupon Type Walmart Policy Manufacturer One paper manufacturer coupon per item. The total amount of coupons that you may use for the entire transaction is unlimited. Coupons should be scanning-friendly with an address and expiration dates. Present coupons to the cashier at the time of your purchase; you cannot apply coupons after your purchase. You must ensure that your product matches the description of coupon (size, number, etc.) Walmart policies cover “overages”, or when the coupon value is greater than the purchase price. The overages will be applied to the total amount of your transaction. In some instances, you may even get cash back, except in cases where they are SNAP/WIC transactions. Internet (Print at Your Home) Walmart allows you to print coupons from the Internet as long they can scan properly and aren’t altered. BOGO (Buy One, Get One): You can take one item and apply one BOGO coupon to get one free. BOGO coupon codes can not be combined to get two free items. Returns Purchased with Coupons If you return an item purchased using a manufacturer coupon, Walmart will reimburse the purchase price (the coupon itself will not be given back).

  • Walmart offers a list detailing the types of coupons that will not be accepted (e.g. digital coupons which can only be used on a phone).
  • If you have questions about the Walmart coupon policy, you can always ask the store manager or call Walmart Store Support at 1-800-WALMART.

  • Walmart Coupons: Tips and Tricks
  • There are a few things you can do that will ensure that coupon shopping goes smoothly. You must do some “homework” on Walmart before you go to Walmart.

    Be prepared to match your shopping list with coupons before you enter the shop.

    You can still “price match” as Walmart stores continue to match the prices offered on However, note that Walmart has discontinued price-matching across stores and competitors.

    Walmart stores often have special lines for coupon shoppers. The checkout personnel at these lines are more familiar with coupon usage.

  • Always inquire at the counter how the customer would prefer to deal with coupons.
  • Think of yourself as the manager, cashier or clerk. Ask questions politely and explain the store’s coupon policy.

    Keep the Walmart coupon policy handy. You can either print it out in hardcopy, or have it bookmarked on your smartphone.

    These are other considerations when you look into using Walmart coupons to save money on your Walmart purchase:

  • Extreme Coupon Prep
  • Although “extreme couponing” has become a well-known term, it is not something you can do. Professional “couponers”, for instance, spend up to 40 hours per week preparing.

    Walmart doesn’t allow you to stack coupons or make more than one use of a coupon for an item. Research can help you find new ways of moving from “casual” coupon use to “extreme”.

  • Self-Checkout coupons
  • Going the self-checkout route can often save you time if you don’t have too many items (or have become a pro with checking out and coupon use.)
  • Scan the coupons just like you scan the items you’re purchasing. There is usually an option to deposit used coupons.

  • Shopping apps can be your friend
  • Walmart does not offer a one-coupon-per-item policy. However, rebates can be combined with coupons for savings. This can be done by checking out rebate apps like iBotta or Checkout51.

    A tool like Brickseek can be used to check stock in advance so you know if the coupons you are using actually work.

  • Keep an eye out for the lowest base prices
  • Walmart Clearance Sale: Prices are reduced at the start of each month On meat and bakery products, the sale ends one day early. Applying your coupons to the lowest base price saves even more money.

  • Catalinas Saved
  • Save all of the brightly colored coupons printed at check-out. One of these coupon codes will be available for you to use when any qualifying product is scanned.

  • Walmart’s Savings Catcher
  • Walmart’s original match with lower competitors was through the “Savings Catcher”, but it has been abandoned since 2019.

    If this is the case, and you are still holding a balance on your Walmart eRewards account, then you may still be able to use that balance for purchases at Walmart.

    Does Walmart Take Coupons In 2022? (Full Policy Explained)

    What are the best places to find coupons for Walmart?

    Did you ever have a family member that used to hand out newspapers and then spend hours clipping coupons from the pages? It’s possible to still do the same thing, but there are many other methods you have for finding Walmart coupons.

    We’re not sure if this Sunday paper is still available. Sometimes you can get the Sunday paper at a lower price if you order it on Monday. Read the ad inserts.

    This one is still being considered. It’s possible to get Sunday papers on Monday for as low as $10. Look for and read the ad inserts. Coupon sites – Below is a selection of popular coupon websites: SmartSource Valpak or Brands carried by Walmart. Online lists are available of some of the top websites that offer printable coupons.

    Here’s a sampling of some of the most popular ones:, SmartSource, Valpak, or brands carried by Walmart. You can also find online listings of some of the top sites for printing coupons. Coupon Apps – Grocery pal (Available in Google Play and Apple App Store) or Coupons App are the two most popular.

    Grocery Pal, available via Google Play and Apple App Store. Coupons App is another popular one. Walmart Sample Displays Coupons: New vendors often add coupons to display, particularly for samples.

    If you want to save money while shopping at Walmart, be sure to check our other guides. These include Walmart hacks, Walmart price match, Walmart hacks, Walmart rollback, Walmart layaway and Walmart hacks.

  • Final Thoughts
  • You can save significant amounts by using coupons on products you own. Imagine saving $1500-2500 annually.

  • U.S. Consumer Packaged Goods Marketers also found that just 1% percent of consumers actually redeem coupons, which means there are approximately $465 billion in coupons that have been unused. Be ready to shop at Walmart for coupons!
  • These guidelines will guide you to using Walmart coupons on the products you shop at. You should do your research before using coupons. Review the Walmart coupon policies and find sources that match your specific shopping requirements. Only use a few coupons at first until you get comfortable with couponing.

  • Your Walmart shopping experience will become more enjoyable if you are able to find and apply coupons more often. Once you realise how much you save, you will be a dedicated coupon user.
  • What is Walmart’s Coupon Policy and how do you use it?

    Walmart isn’t allowed to combine coupons with other retailers. The store has strict rules about how many coupons you can stack. To save even more, you can use rebate apps such as iBotta. Find ways to get a discount coupon or a coupon for the exact same item and score all kinds of goodies and freebies. November 20, 2019

    Walmart Will Still Accept Coupons

    Walmart accepts valid coupons for paper manufacturers to help its customers save time and make their lives easier.

    Walmart Has a maximum number of coupons that you can redeem?

    There are no limits on the number of coupons that you may use in any one transaction. But, if you have more than forty coupons, $50 worth or more coupons per transaction than you need, or a coupon valued more than twenty-five dollars, then you must notify a manager.

    Walmart Accepts Coupons for Self Checkout

    Can you use coupons at Walmart self checkout? – Quora. Yes you can. All you have to do is scan them the same way you do the rest of your merchandise. Once you’re done, go to the bottom of the deposit area and look for a slot where you can place the coupons.

    .Does Walmart Take Coupons In 2022? (Full Policy Explained)

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