How To Carve A Turkey

How To Carve A Turkey

Ray Venezia Master Butcher & Fairway Market Consultant, Shows You How To Carve a Turkey


Ray Venezia, master butcher and Fairway Market meat consultant, shows how to carve a turkey. Credit Credit… Andrew Scrivani

Readers who have watched this video before carving their birdies swear by his method of leaving the legs and hips intact, then following up with the breasts. Finally, slice the birds (not too thin!) to enjoy.

How To Carve A Turkey

Method 1: The Behind-the-scenes Approach to Carving

The best results come from carving the bird prior to putting it on a table. This video will show you how to do each step. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the feature for tips on how to carve at the table.

You will first need to remove one of your wings. After your bird is resting, you should be able to pull the wing away from its body. Or, you could cut through the joint that connects with the carcass.

Slice down where the legs meet the body, and take the legs off in one piece – don't separate the drumstick at this stage.

You can remove all the meat from the turkey by slicing along its backbone. Lift the breast onto a platter or chopping board.

You can take the breasts from the opposite side and place them in one piece.

Place all your turkey joints on a board or platter.

You can turn the carcass to remove the dark meat.


How To Carve A Turkey

You will learn how to carve the turkey with step-by–step photos

This Thanksgiving holiday you will actually be able understand what your cutting board is doing.

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How-to's, Thanksgiving Recipes and More. Cooking beautiful turkeys is simple. The trickiest part about carving a turkey is not to kill it.

Americans consumed 46 million turkeys during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, very few of them are ever carved in a stress- and mess-free manner that doesn't waste most of the precious meat on your carefully prepared bird.

Chef Adam Gabriel from Baltimore's Heritage Smokehouse was kind enough to share his best tips on how to carve the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Get ready to go!

Good luck!


How To Carve A Turkey

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"Just have to carve the turkey, then we're all set!" But it's more of an assurance and a calm voice that I am uttering. And then, I turn to the cutting board. This is the point where everything takes a twist: My beautiful, glowing roast turkey is now as well rested as possible, all its yummy juices stored on the trivets I use for my cutting board. I begin to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Step by step. I began to cut the skin of the turkey breast-meat. I pull off the wings from the turkey breast meat, then remove the legs and drumstick.

At the least that's how it should happen. Before I know what, it's over. The meat end up in dry, unattractive piles. The skin has become frayed but the pieces are still intact. They look like drumsticks that the Flintstones had a go at, both mouth-wise and physically. And before I can do anything to fix it urgent herb garnish?? I awake, speechless.

This is no way to live. To put an end this madness I made the decision to learn how to carve a Thanksgiving Turkey. As a guide, I called on the expert chefs Jacqueline Blanchard of Coutelier, who have been professionally trained as chef and pastry chefs. Here's their top tip:

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How To Carve A Turkey

3. Follow The Order Of Operations.

When you're beginning to carve a turkey, the first thing you want to do is to break it down into those eight main pieces, starting with the legs, according to Cox and Blanchard. According to Cox and Blanchard, "Removing your legs and joints should always be the first thing you do when carving your turkey." When removing the leg and thigh from your turkey, remember to include the oysters! Once the legs have been removed from the turkey's carcass, it's possible to slice through the joint and separate the drumsticks. Then, break down your bird into the remaining pieces in any order: Slice off the wings, cut between the breasts to split them, remove the breasts, and then carve the meat from the carcass to separate the two breasts.

"After the turkey has been cut into eight pieces I often leave the wings intact and the bones in the drumsticks," he said. Next, cut the turkey breasts in half, then remove the bones from both the thighs and chop those. It is possible to simply cut the meat off of the legs, however I think consistent slices create a beautiful presentation. Slices are also easier for people to grab and put onto their plate." These steps can be used to carve a traditional turkey. You want to know how to carve an spatchcock bird turkey?

We have a go-to recipe.

This method removes the backbone of the bird, and then flattens it. The result is almost a half-hour shorter cooking time.

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How To Carve A Turkey


You can learn how to cook a Turkey from Cooking videos You can master this skill if these are the steps. Make sure to allow the bird to cool down for between 20 and 30 minutes before you take it out of the oven. Then, you will need a knife and a large fork with two prongs to help the bird stay steady. A knife with a flexible yet sturdy blade is best for following the turkey's contours.

Placing the turkey breast side down onto a carving plate with the legs facing forward, Cut through the skin from the breast to the thigh with a carving knife. Find the drumstick at the thigh joints and remove it.

To stabilize the bird, remove the breasts. Cut a deep horizontal line from the breastbone up to the bone, just above the hip and wing. You can then remove one-half of your breasts by cutting along the horizontal cuts. Repeat on the other side to remove the second breast half.

To make medallions, cut the breast in half. Do the same for the second.

Remove the thighs and wings Pry each thigh from the joint; then, use the knife to remove the thigh. Locate the joint between each wing and the breastbone and cut through the joints to remove the wings.

Place the turkey on a plate. If desired, garnish with fresh herbs or food-safe leaves.


.How To Carve A Turkey

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