Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Walmart & Crypto

There are 200 Coinstar kiosks located inside Walmart stores across the United States that are part of this pilot.

This process is made possible by Coinstar or CoinMe. A voucher will be issued after fiat currency has been inserted into the machine. The user then has to set up a CoinMe account and complete a know-your-customer process to redeem the voucher.

The Coinstar website states that the ATM charges a 4% fee for those who purchase Bitcoin and a 7% fee for those who exchange their assets into cash. Walmart covered the news cautiously after a hoax that claimed Walmart had partnered with Litecoin (LTC/USD) last month. Walmart has, however, confirmed the current news despite failing to issue a press release.

Convert Your Coins Into Gift Cards For Free

Coinstar allows you to exchange your loose coins for gift vouchers from some of the top brands.

Simply put in your money and select the gift card that interests you. The machine will print a receipt with an unique code you can use just like a physical gift certificate.

The best part:

You don’t have to pay a fee to convert coins into gift vouchers.

Coinstar limits how much change you can swap out for a gift card so it pays to know what the limits are for each one.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Coinstar Storytime

Funny story: My kids used to beg for me to take them to Walmart when they were young. Why? They knew that there was an underground treasure-trove for fallen change under the Coinstar Machine!

To retrieve any quarters, nickels or dimes, they would lie flat on their stomachs and extend their thin, long arms under the machine.

Their faces would beam with joy as they took their hauls into the Walmart arcade or to the candy machines where they traded their ‘free’ coins for a brief moment of enjoyment.

Eventually, they learned the value of saving, and they would instead load their pockets with their found change, save it up, and later cash it in at our local bank.

Walmart’s manager soon noticed their antics, and placed a guard at the bottom of the machine. The treasure-hunting days of my children came to an abrupt halt.

They are not asking to go to Walmart anymore, it is obvious.

Self-Checkout kiosks: Coin use

Coinstar kiosks allow you to exchange coins for cash. You may even have seen them while you were shopping in your local supermarket. However, unless you are willing to accept gift cards in exchange for the coins you are trading in, Coinstar charges almost 12% (11.9%) of your money as service fees, which is quite a hefty fee. Therefore, this article presents self-checkout kiosks as an alternative to Coinstar kiosks. I understand that this alternative does not convert your coins to cash, but it is a great option to use your coins without paying a fee or trying to look for a bank branch that will take your coins without making you spend a long time rolling the coins up.

Most self-checkout kiosks accept both cash and coins. Most kiosks only allow coins up to a specified amount. You might want to be careful when inserting coins and don’t dump your entire bag into these kiosks. However, it is fine to pay more in coins than allowed. The coins most likely will be sent straight to your slot to exchange for money and then get back to you.

The self-checkout machine may take a minute or two to count the coins, but it is much less time-consuming than rolling coins. Coinstar kiosks are more expensive than self-checkout kiosks, so it might be worth using coins instead. You can pay any balance using a credit or debit card if you don’t have sufficient cash.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

How Does Coinstar Work?

I get this question quite a bit, so I figured I would address it. Most don’t understand how you can put money in and then it give you money back. Coinstar won’t let you withdraw money from your machine. When you drop your coins in their counter, it takes some time to count each coin. It will even drop out a few in a little tray that it couldn’t figure out (sometimes those coins might not be accepted currency).

Once it counts the coins, it gives you a total. This is after the 11.9% fee is taken out. You can choose to get paid with cash, get a gift card to certain store (see below), or donate to a charity. If you select cash, that’s when the fee is taken out. If you choose the other two, no fee is taken from your coin amount.

By selecting cash, you get a printed receipt from the machine. This receipt can be taken to the counter at the location where it is located. They are the ones responsible for providing you with cash. Coinstar then pays the store. So, Coinstar doesn’t pay you directly. Their machines just count the coins, then give you a receipt to collect that cash.

Who wants to spend almost 12% of their earnings? This guy doesn’t want to pay almost 12% on his money, and that is why I am showing you how to get around it.

How Does Coinstar Work?

Let me tell you, Coinstars!

A Coinstar is simply a handy-dandy machine usually located in your friendly neighborhood Walmart, Kroger, as well as a few other smaller grocery store chains.

It’s big and green, so you can’t miss it. It’s usually located near the store’s customer service desk.

You can cash in coins by simply bringing your change in (no need for it to be separated or rolled), and then the machine will count it. Then you’ll get a coupon that you can exchange for cash or an eGift to any of 29 retailers. The complete list is below. You can even choose to donate your change to charity.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Exchanging Coins For Cash Using Coinstar Machines

Coinstar machines may be one of the most familiar ways to exchange coins for cash. Coinstar was once able to charge less, but now they take 11.9% from any amount that you exchange. This is close to $12 per $100 exchanged.

Thankfully, there is a way to get around this service fee: exchanging your coins for a gift card instead of taking home some cash. The 11.9% fee is waived if you receive a gift certificate, like an Amazon gift card. This fee is also waived if your coins are donated. If you have a small amount of change and do not want to get a gift card or do not think a gift card is worth it, donating your money may be a good option. You can make a difference in the lives of others and also give back to your community.

Can I Avoid The Fee?

Walmart charges a change machine fee. For most people, receiving cash is often their preferred choice. You can use your money as much as you like if you choose one of the two options.

An e-gift certificate is another option. You can use this with any one of the company’s partners, for example, Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theatres, etc.

Consider visiting your local credit union or bank. Although you may be asked to pay an additional fee for not being a member of these institutions, most times it is free.

Below is a listing of conversion-friendly places: American Eagle Credit Union (Cape Bank), First County Bank.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Avoid the Coinstar Fee

Even Coinstar talks about it on their site (it’s under the Help Center).

Do you have to pay a fee for using a Coinstar kiosk

Some Coinstar kiosks may not offer all the gifts cards in the list below. These kiosks often provide updates to the list of retailers and may only offer one option, such as Amazon.

Our most popular article on Amazon Gift Cards is How to Save the Most Money on Amazon.

UPDATE: Coinstar added some e-cards to the mix. Here is an updated version.

These are Coinstar’s instructions on how to get an e-gift certificate from their kiosk.

Coinstar now offers the option to make your coins available for donation to charities via a kiosk. Although the list may be small, it does provide some options. This means you will not be charged a fee for using the machine and all your money can go to charity. It could also be an excellent way to encourage children to give. Coinstar currently has only seven charities. These include:

  • American Red Cross
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Feeding America
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Unicef
  • United Way
  • WWF (World Wildlife Foundation).

The charity representatives indicated that not all charities are available at every kiosk. You can go to their charity page and click each foundation to see where that donation option is available.

*Update – A kind reader took the time to comment regarding Coinstar and Walmart. Their coin counters can be used to count coins and you will receive a receipt that you can redeem towards your Walmart purchases. If you love shopping at Walmart, this is a great way to do it.

How To Avoid The Coinstar Fee

Luckily, for all of us cheapskates (er…people who know that paying extra money in exchange for money is what Dave Ramsey likes to call a ‘stupid tax’), there is a totally legit way to avoid the Coinstar fee. It doesn’t require you to reach under the coin machine looking for extra change.

All you need to do to avoid the Coinstar fee is to choose to receive your earnings in the form of an eGift card!

*Here’s what ya gotta know: Not all gift cards (codes) are available on all kiosks. So, ya gotta do your homework before dumping your coins.

Click here to locate a Coinstar kiosk. To see which gift cards can be purchased at each machine click the link. Enter your zipcode, then click the link for the kiosk you are interested in. Next to the e-gift cards icon click the link for ‘see brands’.

It will display the available offers at each kiosk. Don’t see the one you want? Try another location. Gift card options will vary by Coinstar kiosk.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Your Local Bank

Many banks offer coin counting machines. To have your coins counted free of charge, you will usually need to become a member. Members usually pay an additional fee.

We know of a handful banks that can accept your coins at the moment:

  • Citibank requires coin rolls, and may charge additional fees.
  • Community Savings Banks (requirements may vary).
  • US Bank (no rolls but current customers only)
  • Bank of America (requires coin rolls)
  • Western Credit Union
  • Peoples United

Things to before you go to the bank:

  • Call ahead and inquire if they want coins rolled
  • Ask if they have member / non-member fees
  • Check that coins don’t have any lint or other foreign debris

A local bank will also convert coins. This means that you can easily add money to your account, where it can earn interest. Money in the jar only earns dust.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

You don’t have to count and roll coins if you do not want to. Check with your bank to find out if they will allow you to exchange coins for money. If your bank does not permit you to change coins for cash you could be charged an additional fee. However, your coins can still be used to pay for your purchases. Cashiers don’t like counting coins, so if you give a cashier too many coins they may get glared at by other customers. Therefore, self-checkout kiosks may be the best option for paying with coins.

These stores have kiosks for self-checkout that take coins and cash.

Safeway is not only one of the companies that have self-checkout kiosks, but also one of the stores that accept Apple Pay (this information is for those who want to use contactless payment to pay for their groceries). There are more than 1300 Safeway locations across the United States. If you don’t have a Safeway near you, it may be possible to locate one.

Ah, the famous retailer chain giant! Walmart is not just a retailer that operates in the United States, but has offices and locations in more than 20 other countries. Walmart has more than 3,500 Supercenters in the United States. Most Walmart Supercenters have self-checkout kiosks that accept cash, coins, and a debit or credit card. Some kiosks may not accept cash, but these exceptions will have a sign or poster to inform you of this fact.

According to Target’s corporate website, 75% of Americans live within 10 miles from a Target store. Target has nearly 1,900 stores across the country and is present in every state. Most Target stores have self-checkout kiosks. These self-checkout kiosks accept cash, coins, or a debit or credit card.

Lowe’s is present in every state of the United States. There are nearly 2,000 Lowe’s shops (1,970) across the United States as of May 2020. Although most Lowe’s stores have self-checkout kiosks available, some do not. A complaint that a few people have about Lowe’s self-checkout kiosks is that sometimes they reject money bills, even when they are not counterfeit. Therefore, if you find yourself frustrated with a self-checkout kiosk at Lowe’s because it is not taking your money, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the staff there.

Home Depot is a popular spot for people who want to buy building items or equipment as well as home improvement products. Home Depot currently has more than 1,900 locations in America and nearly 2,000 worldwide stores as of February 2020.

While many Home Depot stores have self-checkout kiosks, it may not always be possible to use them. Unless you are buying smaller items that you can scan like school supplies, you may need to talk to the staff at the store. Home Depot customers often visit the store to purchase items such as dirt and wood. However, it is not uncommon for them to have to make human contact. Sorry introverts! However, if you have a chance to use the self-checkout kiosks, don’t hesitate to use your coins to (partially or fully) pay for your order.

Most CVS stores have self-checkout kiosks, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic to encourage less human contact between customers and store employees. CVS is owned by Walgreens, one of the United State’s largest pharmacy store chain. There are over 9,000 CVS locations throughout the United States, therefore you should be able to find a local CVS store with minimal difficulty. You should be able to insert both cash and coins at CVS’s self-checkout kiosks.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Local Bank Or Credit Union

You may be able to exchange your coins for cash at your local branch of a bank or credit union. This option may not be available at all branches. For example, while one location may have a coin-counting machine, another location will make you roll your coins.

Prior to exchanging coins for cash, you may want to call your local branch to check if they take coins. Additionally, check to see if they will roll the coins for you or if you need to do so yourself. Will you need to buy the roll papers yourself or will it be provided when you get there (you should ask nicely if you can get these papers for free. Maybe they will give you a few free sheets)? Are there any fees if you need to cash in your coins?

Also, make sure to check if coins can be traded in for cash at your local branch by both members and non-members. While members can trade coins in cash at many banks for no cost, non-members will have to pay a fee. They might refuse to allow anyone else to trade coins. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to check.

What is the best way to use a coinstar machine?

Using a Coinstar machine is pretty simple. These are the steps to follow when using a Coinstar machine:

  • Find a Coinstar machine.
  • Follow the prompts on the touch screen to get started.
  • Choose a payment method: cash, eGift card or donation.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, which include the fees Coinstar will charge you.
  • Dump your clean, dry change into the machine’s tray and make sure you remove any debris that may jam the machine.
  • To tilt the basket, lift the handle so that the coins land in the slot.
  • Check for rejected coins in the bottom slot while you watch the machine count and display your dollar amount.
  • Resubmit the rejected change.
  • Once the machine is done, it will print out a voucher you can exchange for cash at the register or will include a unique code you can use to pay at select online/retail stores and restaurants.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

What does Coinstar do?

Coinstar makes cashing in loose change easy. Just pour your coins into Coinstar kiosks and let us do the rest. Points mentioned by Coinstar:

  • First, make sure your coins are dry. Also, remove any dirt or debris that could jam the tray. Add coins to the tray. Grab the handle and place your coins in the slot.
  • For any coins not recognized, check the return tray. After all coins have been counted, you will receive a voucher for cash or an electronic gift card with a unique code. You will be issued a receipt if you donate.
  • Cash vouchers are accepted if you choose cash. The cash voucher must be presented on the date it’s issued. You can redeem the e-gift voucher voucher by using the code on top. If you have donated your coins to Charity, keep a receipt for your records.

How Much Does A Coinstar Machine Cost?

This means that if you have $100 worth of change in your pocket, then you can expect to pay about $12 on top of it once you go through with the process!

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Unacceptable Coins

Coinstar does not require that you count your coins or roll them before you use the kiosk.

However, there are some coins it won’t accept:

  • 1943 Steel U.S. Pennies
  • Bent or damaged coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Eisenhower silver dollars
  • Foreign (non-U.S.) coins
  • Tokens

How Much Does Coinstar Take?

The short answer…yes. Coinstar charges an 11.9% fee if you choose the cash option. This means, if you exchange $50 in coins, you’ll actually walk away with $44.05 in cash.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022?

Once you have tallied the coins, you’ll be given a receipt. your receipt that will have your coin value printed on it. Then you have to given the receipt to the Walmart customer service center and you will be given the coin value in cash.

How Do You Use A Walmart Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar machines are easy to use and efficient.

Just present your receipt at any customer service counter and the coin value will be converted into cash.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Which Coinstar stores are near me?

These are the usual places where you will find coinstar machines:

  • Walmart
  • King Soopers
  • Safeway
  • Winn Dixie
  • Harvey’s
  • Neighborhood Market
  • Ralphs
  • Superior Grocers
  • CVS (West Coast)
  • Vons (west coast)
  • Kroger
  • Randalls
  • H.E.B

What Is A Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar uses a coin counter machine that charges a fee for the “coin to banknote” conversion.

Coinstar offers e-payment kiosks as well as prepaid card terminals.

Here’s all I’ve discovered thus far!

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Coinstar near me: Locate Coinstar locations and other coin machines

Do you have a bowl full of change gathering dust in your home or countless pennies lining the bottom of your junk drawer? It’s time for you to act and exchange your random amount of money for cash.

Coin-counting machines make it easy to count your pennies or any other coins. And if you’re ready to cash your change in, Coinstar may be the easiest way. For convenience, however, you’ll need to part with some of your coins.

Take a look at what you’ll find in this guide to Coinstar services and locations.

This is how it works:

  • Select Cash Services available on the Coinstar Home Screen
  • Please enter the number of your Amazon account.
  • Insert bills into the cash acceptor totaling any amount between $5 and $500 -the cash value is immediately added to your Amazon Balance
  • Shop for Anything

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar

Are There Alternatives To Coinstar Machines?

If there are no Coinstar machines accessible to you or you simply want to avoid paying the entire fee for Coinstar, you can convert your coins into cash at places like First County Bank, Cape Bank, and American Eagle Credit Union, among others.

Non-members may be charged a price, however, most of these institutions provide the service free of charge.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

Walmart is proud to be able offer many products and services for their customers, millions upon millions.

  • You might be curious if Walmart offers Coinstar machines at their stores. This is what I found out.
  • Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Will Walmart have a Coinstar by 2022

    Coinstar Kiosks do exist at Walmart. They are found near the cash registers. Customers will pay 11.9% for using the Coinstar Kiosks at Walmart. This fee can be waived if they choose to receive a free gift card. A maximum of $2,000 can be spent on one coin transaction.

  • Read on to find out more about Coinstar machines in Walmart!
  • How Do You Use A Coinstar Machine At Walmart?

    Coinstar machines are simple and efficient to use. Drop a few coins in the tray and allow them to go into the machine.

    Coinstar machines will scan your coins and calculate their value. Therefore, try to keep the coinstar machine occupied and limit the number of coins that you are able to feed.

    You will get a printed receipt containing your coin price once all of the coins have been weighed. Take this receipt with you to the customer service counter. You will receive your coin value in money.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Walmart: What Does a Coinstar Machine Cost?

    Coinstar machines require a fee in order to be able to use them. This fee currently amounts to around 11.9% of the actual value of coins that you’re exchanging.

    If you have a coin worth $100 or more, the fee will be around $12. After the transaction is complete, $88 will be issued to you.

    Walmart: How can the Coinstar Machine Fee be avoided?

    Coinstar machines will automatically count and deduct any fees. However, customers are given a few extra options instead of simply receiving cash.

    Customers can opt to donate their funds to charity, or opt to receive an e-gift card which can be used with specific retailers and restaurants, such as Amazon, AMC Theatres, Starbucks, and even more.

    If customers select one of these options, they are not charged any additional fees and receive full payment for their transaction.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Are there any other options to coinstar machines?

    You can convert coins into cash at banks such as American Eagle Credit Union and Cape Bank, if you don’t have a cointar machine or want to avoid paying the coinstar fees.

    These institutions may charge an extra fee for non-members, but most offer the service for free.

    Are There Any Walmart Stores With A Coinstar Machine Available?

    Coinstar machines are found at almost all Walmart locations throughout the United States. But not all stores have them.

    Customers can now access Coinstar Find A Kiosk’ via their phone or computer. The service allows customers to search zip codes in order to locate their nearest Coinstar machine.

    If you are interested in learning more about Walmart, it might interest you to see if Walmart provides ATMs or MoneyGram.

    Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

    Conclusion: Is Walmart a Coinstar Machine Manufacturer?

    Yes. You can access a Coinstar machine at most Walmart stores across the nation. Although these machines can be used quickly, they do come with a charge. Coinstar’s website will help customers locate machines nearby.

    .Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022? [Full Guide!]

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